Sorry Baby, I will use the earnings of this post to make a surprise for you and to say sorry. - Teardrops SMT Token Reward

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Recently we had a misunderstanding of my girlfriend @ eynjhel-desilva. As much as we do not control our emotions and feel that it leads to endes our relationship


I received painful words from her. As a man I have to accept all of that besides my fault also why he was angry with me.


In my previous blogs here on steemit you will notice that I made a post about our fight. I was so sad by those times until now that I was feeling too much sorrow. I do not know how to explain her how I can explain my side. In her very angry she blocked me on messenger and text so all my messages were not readable.


We have many memories built together. I know when a woman is angry there is no good word that will come out of her mouth. Now I just think of all the sacrifices he has made to me so I'll be very sorry if I lose her in my life. That's why this post will offer me all of this post I will use to buy it because I intend to make a surprise for her so I can apologize for the sins I committed

I hope that you can help me my dear co-steemians by just simply upvoting this post for me to surprise my girl

I would like to thank:

@beanz: Thankyou very much mam for your nonstop support to me and my mom @baby07 your voice is very influential to other steemians to have a good heart like you. You deserves to be voted as witness

@surpassinggoogle: Nothing can compare you sir terry in terms of doing and helping others. I feel so sad today so this is my entry to your @teardrops and i believed as you say that every teardrops would be rewarded


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so cute, keep it up.

Thanks sir @bobiecayao

Amazing post and funny pic 😊😊😊

Thankyou po :)

Your welcome 😊


Thankyou :)

Awww.. :( :( Sana magka-ayos na kayo.. MAg effort ka lang.. For sure, di ka naman matitiis niyan eh :)

Opo salamat po sana nga :)

Haha.. go go go lang.. isip ka na ng pang surprise mo sa kanya :)

Salamat po. Ano po name nyo sa FB? Sir following you

Carlos Reyes. But, it's his girlfriend using this account now. :D :) I'm Christine Jane Paler :D

you are a man who accepted your mistake and failure. you are a man who knows how to value the worth of your partner. you are a man who love you significant other despite the troubles you guys are facing right now. congrats for being a gentleman to the lady you love most. done upvoting you.

Thanks @unwanderer every woman deserves to treat like a princess

it's good to know that you accepted your mistakes...just give your girl little time to heal her broken heart ...and you will see everything will be alright:)

Thanks for the advice