Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum As She Fights To Hold On To Life. Steemit/Steem: Don't Quit!; "The Cheating In Life Must Abate".steemCreated with Sketch.

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Steemit; "don't quit!" Steem: "keep on!" There is so much cheating in this life!

Life is something else! I wonder how i cope. I do wonder especially, how i manage to stay sane. I wonder how others cope. "It is something else!"

Half the problems in the world are so-so-so avoidable, even very-unnecessary, yet people do this problems like crazy and eat on it like daily-bread and cling on to hope, in an endless incessant cling; but why is there this so-strong inclination to hold on still, when half these problems that turn many into clingers were avoidable and unnecessary in the first place. 

In many nations, half the problems, even ailments, can have been avoided but in these nations, intense very-unnecessary suffering, seats itself like curriculum, so much so that "suffering" becomes extremely normal.

Why are we so half-human, when it comes to a true fight. Even when it comes to clinging, why do many have less-than-half a fighting chance; "there is so much cheating in this thing called life".

Why do we fight in the first place; really? Why do we get to make things so complicated, when life in itself can end in a jiffy. Seriously, why do i have to be strong and do "strong-man" till eternity, when indeed, there was never a fight altogether. "We are weaklings!". If you want to argue it, let's go! "We are mere dust". When it comes down to it, we are sillyly weak.

Why do i have to rise again? Hahaha, i have done workloads of that. Hahaha, why do i have to have fallen and fallen and fallen, like its a job. 

If probabilities is either "a yes" or "a no", why do probabilities like to tend towards "a no", in the case of many? There is so-so-so much cheating in this life!

Now, i try to figure things out and perhaps, many many "no(s)" can start to equal "a yes" but why does figuring these things out, have to be a portion for many in the first place? Why must many have to have their entire life's jackpot, in the hand's of another; in the form of "one yes" and why the heck is this anonymous Yes-man hoarding this easy utterance ("yes") for ages?

Yes, why why do i have to rise again, when the fall was caused by intense very-unnecessary, very-avoidable, almost-useless suffering; and when this valueless-suffering, we keep doing, like night and day; why is it so so so hard to want to depart Earth still?

There is so so so much cheating in this life. And when it comes down to a fight; one last or second-to-the-last giant-big-fight for life itself, we can't go for even this battle, like a full human. "Even that one luxury is taken away from us!" (Very silly stuff!)

And who says, you must do ages and time in intense suffering, for you to learn to be strong? "Silly consolation!"

A ton of the world out there don't do these things. A ton of the world, didn't have to pass through these phase, yet we chew on silly-suffering like yum-cream-cone! "Silly stuff".

When all we spend ages doing is "wells of tears"; what's left of us? When we have done "time", wailing all the juicy part out due to intense very-unnecessary/very-avoidable suffering, do we ever get to experience "tears of joy" ever, like others do?

I tell you, many of the "tears" you have cried, that you call "tears of joy" aren't really "tears of joy". Many of the news, that appear like jackpot-goodnews, aren't really that jackpot. 

"When you suffer, suffer, suffer, every tiny new news is suddenly jackpotty".

My mum fights like crazy; i watch it! She has suffered like crazy. She ate suffering like food and now, when she has got hopes that she will rest and suffering can abate even a bit by means of us (kids), she fell to illness and the fights resume; but why? 

Not even that; now in the very giant battle, why are our legs cut? Why can't we at least be given that one luxury of fighting like complete humans, even in this one big fight? Why do we have to re-re-re-eat consolation all over again and be told, "don't sweat it, you are half-human"; so its okay and normal, if you can't get to fight and cling on to life, like other whole-humans! 

Nobody is whole and nobody is half; there is just so so so much cheating in this life.

Hahaha, so why do we complicate things and be good and noble at all? Why can't we just merry and be hurtful and ask forgiveness afterall? And who says, we would be forgiven? "I would forgive you" because life is something i understand and life is something else!

I tell you, my mum's illness was very-avoidable and too-unnecessary and my dad's too but we were half-humans all along, tied by invisible ropes. "No we weren't half-humans!" We were great humans but have had unnecessarily (even unfairly), to battle against life itself and in this life, there is simply so much cheating! 

For some however, there is no choice but to fight still. We push and i will. 

I watch it. I watch her suffer but she fights like crazy. "Unnecessary battles" but we battle like crazy still. 

Stay alive mama, for we have got "steemit/steem" now and some of these cheating will abate. It's decentralized and gives everyone a fighting chance and a voice and this voice of ours, will reach the nooks and crannies of each ear.

The doctors keep running; keep saying "a no" but they most definitely don't hold this "yes"; for this particular "YES" is kept safe for us in Jehovah's bosom in Jesus' name amen.

"Don't leave mama"; not yet, for i want you to stay! Hang in there, let's do steem/steemit together and let's start to fixing some of the cheating in this life, even on behalf of others and let's watch and drool in this new-found beauty, where each person at least has a fighting chance in the big/small battles. 

"Steem/Steemit; stay as well". No shaking, no competition, no setback! "We can't see these things". You have allowed me to dent this piece of my legacy into you, so hang in there for the testimonies that follow.

I Pray My Mama Lives

Chemo is going to be dangerous for her, so we are starting out alternative medicine. She is drained and her blood count is a low and platelet count is extremely low, her eyes has blood in them. 

Two doctors assessed her and they aren't positive and its painful. Deep down, i wish by now, we (the kids) had the means to fight for her like complete humans but there is a ton of factors that tie us. Well, there are no ropes, so for now, we hope to try; to pray and hope that her blood count can pick up again. "She won't take blood!"

I am with hopes that next week, we can start alternative medicine under MDs. I don't get to talk this much, please bear with me. Words can't cover the true context of stuff like this and how i process them. If you have any ideas, about alternative medicines for leukemia, kindly leave a comment with tips.

All I Do Now And Have Done On Steem/Steemit, Is Dedicated To Her.

Underlyingly, the reason for setting up a full RPC node "wss://" for steemit, is to start dedicating things to her, by loving humanity even more. 

"The steemgigs interface" and etc as well, that i am trying to haste into existence in the coming weeks, is also being hasted upon, so i can dedicate something, a produce of me, to her

I so so so want to show it to her, as something of me, that we will gift to humanity to fix matters a bit and lift some of the suffering. 

She will have some more valuable tears in her eyes even amidst her pain, when she sees it and of that i am sure.

I need to rush these things, so as too show her. Everyday at this moment, counts like crazy. 

Deep down in my heart, i know she will stay! When she gets strong again and back to life. My dad's case will be next. 

This is an era of fixing and it won't stop. I won't. Jehovah keep our lives in his bosom and i won't stop loving you and when i use the word "love", it is not just a word; "it is a heftily weighty word, staunch, proven and fully felt!" 

It is not theory; its practical.

Your Boy Terry


I do need strength

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms of giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and most utmostly, i get to have awesome YOU.

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses.

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Hello ....
Thanks for the info on the witness thing, ill vote!

I feel you.
the struggle is there, life is unfair to see how things happen again and again, these misfortunes.
I see why u work so hard.
as i read this, i see how my future will be with my mom, and her being sick, I dont think I can handle seeing her suffer as well. and this is the first time i will talk about this here. but we have to deal with things that are already here and settle with what remedy we can do.
Chamomile tea can combat cancer cells, try it.
you are well equipped with intelligence and independence and youre using it for good.
To why The Life allowed this to happen to your mother, there may be explanations we never can explain.
But now that its there, be strong and accept it and never forget to fight the good fight. that way you lose nothing.
You never lose, just learn.
As viewers and readers, we will never understand the intensity of your frustration and pain.
I will pray earnestly for you and your family. Thank you for being an inspiration.
Heart strong.

Yes sweetie. Your earnest prayers will not go unanswered by Jehovah in Jesus name amen

PRaying for your mom Terry.
Try "malunggay" or Moringa, you can buy it in local market or ask your neighbor too, malunggay is everywhere.. Boil the malunggay then drink it like a tea.

Stay strong Terry! God will make a way amen.
hugss to you and your mom.


Thank you. Will do. Someone said sambong leaves as well

You can try that too. One more, "guyabano fruit" or soursop. There's plenty of this in the provinces or market. Your mom knows this fruit. Try also raw diet, only 100 % raw veges and fruits.

love and prayers xoxo

get well soon to your mother @surpassinggoogle🙏... Stay strong po.

Hi @surpassinggoogle.
"Chemo is going to be dangerous for her, so we are starting out alternative medicine. She is drained and her blood count is a low and platelet count is extremely low, her eyes has blood in them.

Two doctors assessed her and they aren't positive and its painful. Deep down, i wish by now, we (the kids) had the means to fight for her like complete humans but there is a ton of factors that tie us. Well, there are no ropes, so for now, we hope to try; to pray and hope that her blood count can pick up again. "She won't take blood!"

The above are your words, but the following are the word of Jehovah for Mama. He said that chemo or no chemo Mama will live. Blood count or no blood count Mama will live. She will not only live but will live to fulfill purpose and see his children's children even to the level of great grand children. He said with long life will He (Jehovah) satisfy her. The only song I can sing to you now is the above that MAMA WILL LIVE TO DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD ON EARTH.
I know you are scared ofr her but i need you to keep believing in Him for perfect healing. The Doctors can give their own report. But the biblw says whose report would you believe? Is the report report of the one with BALM OF GILEAD. Please this is the time to put you faith to work Terry and you will not regret. I know Mama will join us soon and we shall all enjoy the testimony. Her full recovery will be another post (testimony) on this platform. We shall rejoice with you and your entire family.
@surpassinggoogle you need to stay strong and expect a miracle from Jehovah alone. He will do it. Just keep confessing good as an incurable Optimist like me. One love bro.


Sending your Mom light, love and blessings @supassinggoogle a.k.a Sir Terry. Hold on we are supporting you all the way. God bless you more.

And so shall it be

I'm so sad for you terry. I know nothing is replacement of mother in this world. So I am worry about the health of your mum (Which is no doubt a mum of every steemian). I collected some beautiful posters for you @surpassinggoogle. I hope my little effort will come a smile on your face:
From Mum:

From Terry:

From all The Steemians:
Dear mom, seeing you sick and lying on your hospital bed is hard. Please remember that we are all here for you, whatever happens. We can’t wait to see you back to being lively again, we love you!

source 1
source 2

"Don't leave mama"; not yet, for i want you to stay! Hang in there, let's do steem/steemit together and let's start to fixing some of the cheating in this life, even on behalf of others and let's watch and drool in this new-found beauty, where each person at least has a fighting chance in the big/small battles.

And mama will surely live!
I weep with you, I feel the pains, the aches, the fight, the struggles, the prayers to heaven. You are not alone in this. Jehovah is there with your mama and she will smile again. Be of courage Terry.

Yes Edith. She will get well. Thank you for adding your being to this fight. Jehovah bless you and us all in Jesus' name amen

Sir, first of all good morning. Secondly, I'm sorry if it took me a day to comment because I was busier yesterday to prepare my little sister's birthday.

I feel you. The time we see our parents laying in bed at the hospital, we keep on wishing they'll be okay and they can finally go out. My mother was placed to the ICU 8 years ago. I was afraid and cried often to see her not stable and it was painful when she talked to me but never knew me. When I went home, my sister and I prayed together that she will be okay. Then for the greatness of the Lord, she is okay now.

Our Lord is our healer. I know your mother will be alright. We are here to pray for you and your family because your sad moment will be our saddest day. Your happiness is our happiness. Your downfall is our downfall. Your mother will be okay.

I have heard so many times on Facebook that the scientists have discovered the new possible treatment for leukemia. My aunt is 60 but she is very active and healthy because Sambong leaves is her supplement since she is young and her treatment for herself when she had stage 3 Leukemia. My friend is also active eho has leukemia because she supplies herself the same plant.

I pray for your mother because it's not simple to lose one of our parents. It happened to me last year that i don't want you to feel the same. God bless you. God heals your mom. Keep the faith.

Thank you for everything in this comment. Jehovah will heal this case of my mama and us all in Jesus' name

I cried. I hope you know so well that we are with you during this battle. I couldnt say much as my heart felt like it's being ripped off. I could feel your pain and I must say, this is what I fear most in life. I hope this won't happen to any of my family member. I'm praying for your mother Terry. I hope the alternative medicine would work on her. Be strong Terry! Sending love and prayers to you and your family

Yep switie, thank you for letting go of tears of behalf of us. These are valuable tears. Even Jesus in perfection gave way to tears. Add prayers to those tears and these will work. Twill be testimonies. It is all complicated, life. I am still young and i already fear that part of life even with my sisters who are still young. I get haunted by it too. Let me stay speechless. Loving you. Stay awesome

we are vulnerable at some point of our life. love can't exist without fear. so what we're feeling is pretty normal I guess especially that when we love, we love deeply. hope you're doing fine Terry. Much love ❤

Lord we come to you today
As we gather here and pray
For we have known a tearful eye
and we ask you Lord, ' Oh why?'
As we thank you for what you give
We ask now that Mum can live.
Please take suffering and the pain
We place her in your car and gain
Bring her comfort and your peace
For your love will never cease
Thank you Lord today
In Jesus name now we pray.

Like will always answer in Nigeria "Amen! Amen!! and Amen!!! in Jesus name. This all you need for now. Jehovah sees and Jehovah knows.

You continue to stay strong, Terry! The rest of the family are here to support you and Tita Wilma. It is very nice to see that our relatives are coming over to visit her since they havent seen her for a very long time. Hoping and praying that the alternative medicines will work for her.

In Jesus' name amen

I also join you to say a big to that. Jehovah will show Himself forth.

So i have seen WAY too many holistic doctors being killed over the speculation that most of them were going to come out and say that there is a cure for cancer ; the only reason it is not on display and it is being supressed is because you can treat cancer over a life time at a cost of over 200billion per year .

But if you can cure cancer then you have lost a coustomer .
Vitamine B17 is found in the bitter almond tree and is known to be a very good cure for cancer ; BUT its banned by the FDA ? ..
Avoid sugar as cancer feeds off sugar - change the diet to alkaline foods ; NO DISEASE at all can survive off an alkaline environment ; thats why a burger cost $3 and a salad cost $8 .

I would also suggest THC oils as they can be known to cure not only cancer, but tumors and seizures and much more .
Although this is ridiculed as being against the law as well ; only because it not only destroys the medicine industry but the lumber as well as most plastic companies .
Hemp and THC are medicine and the government has the proof to this .
Patent No. 6,630,507

this is a huge issue for many people with cancer or anything else ; and i feel like this needs to be known to everyone .
I hope you will take this into consideration to help your loved ones in the future if anything else comes up - but you can document how well this works and prove the speculation that it is a bad drug / gateway drug - is VERY wrong ; especially if the government is holding the proof .

Yes will take all into consideration and document progress. Thank you for your love, care and effort here

Of course ; it is not a problem, love should be spread just like information - for free .

Hi Terry, I know that your mom is proud of you. You just have to remember that whatever happens it is NOT in your hands. Whatever happens you need to continue with the good work that you have been doing. Just be grateful that you have this time with her and be sure that she will always remember what you are doing for her but mostly what you are doing for others. You need to look after yourself too. Just give all the stress away and believe that things happen the way they are supposed to. Our lives are not in our hands and we are not in charge of living and dying. Just pray and believe. I think of you every single day and although we don't chat anymore just know that I am here if you need to talk. You know where to find me...BUT you have to look after yourself too...that is the most important, if you don't then you can't look after anyone else. xx

Hi giantbear, you have so so so much love thinking of me. I think of you too. As for talking, we will talk. Life has just been really tough but you can't leave my mind

Hi @surpassinggoogle, I am really saddened to read this about mama again but I believe the Jehovah that has everything including all humans life would surely keep her alive and I pray she will emerge a winner in this battle she is fighting

The word of God to us is to live so as to proclaim His goodness and I decree that shall be your mama's portion

I join my faith with yours that your song at the end of mama's battle shall be that of victory ... He has been wounded so that we might be healed , therefore every form of illness are uprooted from every parts of her body because it is the temple of God and sickness or anything unclean cannot be found in God

The grace and the healing hand of God will be upon her. It is well with her soul body and spirit in Jesus Name.


Thank you for heartfelt love

You are welcome
All you need now is your strong faith that God can heal mama

Stay alive mama, for we have got "steemit/steem" now and some of these cheating will abate. It's decentralized and gives everyone a fighting chance and a voice and this voice of ours, will reach the nooks and crannies of each ear.

This is one of the reasons I wake up with a smile every day! Suddenly life begins to have meaning again...

Be Strong, Mama. You're our mother now and our hearts are with you... Get well soon and join us here. We will love to read your stories.

Be Strong @surpassinggoogle... Mom will be alright soon!

Everything will be alright. Stay blessed.

Amen Bro. He'll turn everything to Joy soon

@surpassinggoogle Jehovah will give her the strength to endure in this system of things. Lets look at the future with hope and confidence

Sweetness. This system of things have a ton of flaws. There will be good news in this case though and more to come in the new system. For now, hope and confidence, we keep unshaken. She wants to live and she will. Jehovah will pay attention to this particular plea out of His underserved kindness in Jesus' name amen

True words, my friend!

may God bless you and your mom...

It is hard to be sick @surpassinggoogle
I am sick all the time myself. Only now I am getting some medicine that is healing my bones but not completely as years of bone hunger made me like this today.
I wish your mother well. May God heal her.

May Jehovah heal us all in Jesus name amen. I took one doctor tan medicines for ailment and 24/7 pain and surprising it worked. But location is in Manila and one has to be physically present

To tell you the truth @optimistdehinde
A few miracles are happening to my body right now. I should be anemic because I am a dialysis patient but I am no longer requiring blood transfusions or medicines to raise my Red bloood celll count. I am very thankful to God about that, it is a miracle and all these bones in my body, they too are healing. Glory be to God really.

@cryptopie. I just want to say this to encourage you that all. The bible says" the power of life and death lies in the tongue" also"as a man thinks in his heart so is going to be". I feel you should do more positive confession by saying something like " I don't sick at all because i have God backing me up". Claim what you want and that bone hunger will disappear. That is what Jehovah can do. Try it.
Confession is what @surpassinggoogle is doing as well because that is the only way out of this situation. Thank you for allowing me to say this to you through this platform. One love

Dear @surpassinggoogle, A Hope On GOD is great thing, so never be hopeless. After knowing the condition of your sweet Mother and your inner condition and feelings, I am so sad and worried that a most popular, generous and kind person who lived In our hearts is in pain and in problems.

Deep down in my heart, i know she will stay! When she gets strong again and back to life.

Terry Dear,
Faith on GOD and hope in your words show your confident so our prayers also for your mother, she recovered soon,, AmeN.

In Jesus name we pray amen

The one that i fight for everyday.
At the very young age i've experience so much suffering from chemo therapy and radiation. It was doom for me and i have nothing else to do.
But my family never gave up and my friends, everytime i see them gives me a reason to fight more of this curse.
God my saviour never abandoned me all my journey. This is why i'm here writing this for inspiration. We are one, we continue to fight for only one purpose. The thing called LIFE.
@surpassinggoogle. We claimed it! The fight is ours!

Yes, we fight. Wish i knew more about your experience. Stay strong and awesome. It is well

My mum fights like crazy; i watch it! She has suffered like crazy. She ate suffering like food and now, when she has got hopes that she will rest and suffering can abate even a bit by means of us (kids), she fell to illness and the fights resume; but why?

A lot of people have asked similar questions and humans have given different answers but the main person who can answer the question is God but he wont or maybe he is answering with signs and we cant see them because we are humans. I dont have an answer to yhur question but my prayer is that whatever yhur problem is and no matter how big it is, yhu will find a lasting solution to it. i know what it feels like to have a sick mother. i was once in yhur shoes only that my mum discovered hers at an early stage and went through an operation. though she has other health issues but with the help of drugs she is staying strong. only that they cost a lot but i believe there is God.

I am happy yhu are a christian and yhu believe in God. i hope this is just to test yhur faith and everything will get better. just continue to stay strong and be fervent in prayers.

for the fact that yhu are a source of Joy to a lot of people, God will answer yhur prayers

i wish yhur mum a miraculous recovery. stay strong brother.

steemigigs all the way

you are saying absolutely right. all of us should do prayers for Terry's Mom, hope she will get well soon. GOD Blessings. Amen.

Hang in there bud. Cancer is a horrible experience having watched it second hand with my own mother. I like the alternative medicine approach as I'm pretty sure the chemo and the radiation my mother had made her condition worse. Many blessings of health to you and your family.

Thank you very much for the effort and especially love here. Sorry about your mama. Jehovah will take care of us in Jesus name amen

Too many questions you've raised. More questions than answers that life continually hurls at us.

Do we really have to suffer so much pain?
Do we have to hurt so bad in order to know what true healing means?
Will our probabilities fall on the negative head always?
Do we have to think so much and work so hard, and fall, be disappointed and downtrodden?

Too much questions already. But your mum is in my heart and prayers, she's strong, else how did you get so much grit.

Keep keeping faith and holding on. I don't have too much capacity apart from my ability to extend hope. May Mum recover fast.

May she by Jehovah's grace in Jesus' name amen

Yes i will bro. Thank you for your comment

This is tearful
Its more painful to me cause i have been there
Watched my mum fight cancer
I pray for your mum
She would be healed and give yield to a new steemit tag that would be celebrated
You will remember this day smeday and Praise God for your present
I pray for you
May God give you all you need to fight this
And may he answer your prayers
Be strong

what more can I say Terry but just keep on going be strong . We all need to be strong in times of hardships and problems. My prayers for you and your mom, We are all behind you and support you. Alternative Medicine is ok as long as you keep on with maintenance of the doctors. She will be with you on Christmas I pray she will. @surpassinggoogle, we support you and love you.

Thank you very much

hello @surpassinggoogle, I pray Jehovah give your Mum the strength and bless her with good health. I put you in preyers

In Jesus' name amen

Reading your post is giving me tears. I can feel your pain. I can feel the battle your family is fighting. I have been through similar situation, and I can feel how much you love your mama. Just like you, I love my mama so much. We never gave up on her even she's terminally ill. My mother never gave up as well. All I can say is don't give up, just like the theme of this year's Regional Convention. I pray to Jehovah to help your mama and your family.

Meanwhile, my mother was afflicted with cancer before and she took alternative medicine. I hope it can treat leukemia as well, though I am not that sure. It even helped one of the Bethelites, who's the husband is my dad's friend. The doctor's name is Allan Landrito. We lost our contact with him because ot was ten years ago. But I think Docto Kuizon knows him. I hope Doc Allan is still here in PH. He's a brother in faith too. Another one is Chelation Therapy.

Thank you for giving way to tears. Will look into the tips. Thank you alot

Why do i have to rise again? Hahaha, i have done workloads of that. Hahaha, why do i have to have fallen and fallen and fallen, like its a job.

Oh, i dont know how u manage it. You are in such a state and still manage some laugh. I know what those laughs must sound like. Nonetheless i couldn't help smiling over here (silly smiles alright) But those show you are kinda strong. Pls keep holding up.


😢 I felt the emotions in these lines..

You perceived aright. It is well

Stay strong sir Terry! Your mom is a strong woman. I claim that Jesus will shower his grace and guidance to you and your family.

Dear Papa God,
May You heal those who are pain. I pray for her full recovery that she may continue to live by Your grace and love. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ your son. Amen.

dear friend Terry @surpassinggoogle be strong ....we are with you and will be with you for ever I will pray for your mum to get well ....and you are right when my mum was getting die I felt that there is no need to need to suffer need to be sad ..... I lived as dead for a long while but with the support of people who loved me I could continue ....we are with you till the end....I love steemit becouse of you...god bless you and your mum....I upvoted but unfortunately it's not worthy

Your vote is worth. It is you and your act that counts. Sorry about your Mama. There will be a time when death will be no more

I feel exactly what you feel but I know that you are stronger ...with people who loved you and feel sorry for you and pray for your mum just because you are kind and support each one of us @surpassinggoogle she will smile again trust god

Your mum will have full recovery it is all about time, i have once say this before now am repeating it again.
She will gain her full strength and later become an inspiration for you to keep going on steemit.
One love brother

I claim it. For sure i believe. She believes too.

Yes brother i will still come back here to give comment when you will give testimony of your mother full recovery.

I will also come back and give comment of thanksgiving when he will be giving the testimony of what God has done. Well said @mayowadavid

I will surely read and praise God with you when you share that great testimony concerning your mama total recovery in Jesus Name

I agree with you..

For your mother and your family. I hope this song will help to comfort when our words fall short. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong, us Steemers are behind you.

I love you Terry. I am praying and will continue to pray and send loving healing energies to your Mom especially but to you & your family as well.

I love you too. Thank you for this particular love

I send you an upvote + some energy, my friend! :)

Jehovah is a stronghold. He does not forget his loyal ones. I read about Jonah's experience the other day in service, though he disobeyed Jehovah, he was not forgotten. Jehovah rescued him, even when he thought there was no hope.

Terry, Jehovah God is with you. He provides for his loyal ones. Try to be strong for your mum, spend all the time possible with her. Love helps too. She is our mum too, send our love from the worldwide association.


I saw a video about the Jonah some days ago as well.

Yes, love.

Yes, the video was very faith strengthening. It was just the spiritual food I needed at that time. Have the doctors triedd blood supplements/boosters? It really helps over here.

Nope they haven't. I am going to be injecting her myself. I am no nurse though. They aren't very open-minded.

I would suggest you contact the hospital liason committee. They could help you reach a hospital that will cooperate fully with your requests.

You injecting her by yourself really sounds very wicked on their part. Jehovah is with you, do not forget that. Greetings from your brother.

Hope is life so be optimistic and strong
God made life in us difficult and difficult times to test whether we are patient or not
And do not forget that after hardship is easy
We ask God for the speedy recovery of your mother

you are welcome my friend @surpassinggoogle

I see your mother is a strong person, even though in sick pain in still able to activity .. with your dedication to your mother by risking all your steem is very noble thing .. I hope .. good mother good and fast recover so healthy back.

This is really heavy. I'm so sorry for your mum's ill health sir.

Honestly, since u dropped your latest contest, I haven't had the slightest pull to make an attempt at it. The excitement it once gave just seem to have dried up all of a sudden... perhaps because you had been hinting on illness/hospital which we all mistook to be your case. Had to leave that write-up pending for an indefinite time while I nurse my emotions. .. but with this load... well...

I fervently pray God restores her to health. AMEN.

Life is truely cheating! I can attest to that.

Nonetheless, it is well. Pls keep strong.

Tell mum we wish her to recover soon. Tell her we love her. Tell her "IT IS WELL WITH HER SOUL"


I just gave a sweet kiss for you. Jehovah bless us all and fix us in Jesus' name amen.
Will try to drop an untalented contest in a bit but not the regular one. Though 3 and 4 have been ready all along, i have not been able to enter the right frame of mind to pull in off. The last untalented contest was a different format as seen on #untalented-steemit

And about the proposed contest, I'm sure it would be a distraction and mum needs all your attention.

Plus will we be able to respond well with these weighted hearts?

I think it would be much ok you bring it on when mum's health has improved. We are certain it will before long.

Don't worry it is not a distraction. The contests help my recovery. I have been going through these trauma all along. since i was young. So the contests and people's participation helps. I m currently beside my mum doing this comment etc

I just gave a sweet kiss for you.

Thank u so much sir. She is in my prayers.


Jehovah bless us all and fix us in Jesus' name amen.

Yes, Amen


Oncologists of orthodox medicine only know about chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. So their prognosis on the evolution of their mother's health is only focused on what these therapies can do. Indicates that it is time to seek help about other options, always under the care of experts. For discord chat I send you some information.

Okay switie, will check in a bit

She is healed and nothing can change that. It is a finished work of Christ. She is coming out strong and we will all celebrate her victory in Jesus name. Stay strong @surpassinggoogle

I believe.
Let's go.

I hope your mother get well soon and will pray for her.
What about trying some herbal medication? It works too and not painful at all like chemo and other medical stuff.
I pray whatever medication you go for, she has to face less pain and sufferings.
Stay blessed!

Started trying some today. Thank you much

give her any kind of medication but also pray for her heaith all . God bless you and your mom

You understand life in a way that not a lot of people do. I pray that your mama survive this and get well just as hard as I did for my own mama before she left us in 2015. She lives though... In me, in our kids, in all the suffering we endure with humanity she lives.

I don't know that I can tell you to be strong, there were no words that would have been enough to do that for me at that time. I am just glad you are keeping faith, for even that was hard for me to do.

You're mama must be really really proud of you, not of @surpassinggoogle, or of @steemgigs, or what you have developed in #untalented, and you new node, those are just aspects of "you" you brought to life.

Hello @suppassinggoogle, i tried to imagine where you get the strenght to write even in your present state.
After reading this, i am still finding the strenght to stay strong for you. You got my love and prayers. Stay strong brother!!!!

Yep switie. Will stay strong

I'm happy that your mother has a strong son like you by her side, there is time for everything in life, my mom is also in same condition for three years now, struggling to retain life, what do we do? We do the necessaries that are within our power. Life is only but a two sided coin, who can predict it!?

Stay strong terry because a mother only want's one thing in this life and that his childs remains happy and strong no matter how worse the conditions are, so if you stay strong then your mother surely get's more encouragement and she also feel's good, i wish & pray for her speedy recovery my friend, i agree with your words about life, life to me is just like a question paper and we all have to solve it in a right way and then in the end it would be a great news for us, god tests us with different situations and the person who went through these situations with patience and believe surely win's in the end, this life is not the last one there is another life after this in which god makes no pains, no troubles, no tensions for the peoples who spent this life on a god's described way, who tightly holds the rope of the god in this world will surely gains access to jannah. I hope each day brings your mum renewed strength and that much closer to recovery. Stay strong

Chemo? Oh dear. I really hope she makes it. Watching a loved one fight for life when you have virtually nothing you could do to help is one of the heart-rending moments of life. I sincerely wish her quick recovery, I have been down this road and I wish yours would be a better story than mine. Keep hope alive because when all hopes are lost it becomes futile to have belief in things. I hope the hospital where she's at are doing the best they could. Keep hope alive. Gracias.

I am so sorry for the struggles your family faces. Please look into a ketogenic diet for her. I do not mean to butt in, but my husband is an RN and I am a retired MA, and we have adopted this as a lifestyle in part to avoid cancer. I have included a link, but basically this is the concept: Cancer cells eat sugar. Starve them.

Thank you very much. My major worry for now is her blood count and especially platelet count drastically dropping. If those we stable, one can buy more time to act. But will try different stuff at this point. So no sugar basically but how about carbohydrate? And how about high doses of vitamin c, does that work? That looks to be the principle of one alternative meds place, i just inquired about. I am thinking of taking her there. Most hospitals take bills and do mostly nothing. But i am considering taking her to that more of nutritive and immuno-fortification type clinic

You want to keep all carbs to a minimum, and make the ones you eat very high quality. We eat a HUGE salad every day, leafy greens and cruciferous veggies, and cover it with quality fats. Cheese, good low-carb dressing (ranch and vinegar and oil are both great.) The protein we eat is either eggs, a nice veggie filled omelet, or chicken we raise or beef raised by a neighbor. "You are what you eat" and you need her to be eating HEALING foods, so she will be healing... :) And yes, the vitamin C works if taken by IV.
I would not delay in taking her to healers... Doctors seek to "treat her cancer", healers seek to heal HER.
God bless and good luck!

I will try to be fast with the healers thing. Here, many things aren't very fast. You have to wait for results for instance for so long and when there is holiday, it affects matter and when you go to a new hospital, they may start the tests all over again, even in the midst of past test. They don't haste much and basically, doctors appear used to cases, that i don't think they haste much as much as we who aren't doctors do. Is IV vitamin c administrable at home or it has to be by a doctor. I mean like worse case scenario

Anyone CAN administer it, what the law in your area is I can not know. Here, an RN can do it, but it varies state to state. You want pharmaceutical grade vitamin C, intended for IV use. You can get it here:

Good luck to you and her!

she will recover soon amen ..

"The fire that melts butter is that same fire that strengthens the steel"

Be strong, have faith, God will hear your prayers.

yeah be strong and never feel helpless .... we all are with you

In Jesus your mom will be healed. With the hands of God holding her. She will be stronger. She will overcome. She is a daughter of yours.

In Jesus name amen

Reading post Terry, I marvel at your love for your mother and this deserves a lot of respect for you and your attitude towards her. I completely agree with you in this, because only my mother will understand and support you like no one in the world. You pray for her health and rest assured my friend, God will hear you and everything will be fine! Thank you for your revelations @surpassinggoogle

well said i think hope never die. best wishes for her mother.

Totally agree with you, for mother is holy!

Yes, things will be fixed and made fine, Thank you for your prayers and awesomeness

I will always be in understanding and support to you, my friend!

I know you think you're fighting but the battle is fought and won. She had you. If that's the only thing she has done so far, in my mind she has won. But I'm certain she has done so much more. Of course she will be there to see you keep triumphing because the real battle is that of love and hate. In the long run, love wins.

I wish her a steady and eventual complete recovery. We are keeping out fingers crossed for her. She may still be fighting but she has won.

All the best Bro.

Try the yellow ginger sir, commonly known as Luyang Dilaw. According to the cancer patient who refuse chemo this herb help them get better. Just boil it and drink it as water. Prayer do impossible things. I pray for your mama for her to get well soon.

Okay. Will look for it. Thank you very much

now pray is the most essential thing . It can do wonders .. God bless

Staying alive is a dedication to ourselves and to the people who loves us. I salute you! Godbless and continue to be an inspiring person that