"Cousins Are Friends That Will Love You Forever"

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So many words can say about cousins are awesome and definitely it's yes! Cousins are connected heart to heart, distance, and time cannot break them apart.

As a reality, having cousins is truly a blessing because they are best friends and they are part of the family too. It may be pure friendship and it may be family matters that count. It's not like our typical friends or barkadas that they usually come and go. But cousins are there indeed to stay forever.

Chelsea 😍 Naenae

Katie 😍 Niki

Aside from these photos inside, here are the cousins for life...

Nigel, Pete, JR, Eros, Niki, Katie, Boom, Ian, Edric, Andrae, Marce, Naenae, Chelsea, Nathan, Jadie, and Cody boy.
Did I forget anyone?

Actually, Katie and Jadie are my kids and the rest are my nephews and nieces at my side and I hope to make the side of my husband too. Inshallah.

"Cousins make the best friends and perfect friends too"


Quotes credits: sayingsimages.com

Photos are mine

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I agree with you the cousins are more than that they are brothers


Yes bro.. that's how I feel to see cousins as more than friends indeed. Thank you :)

wow kids grow so fast now a days. congrats for having a wonderful family. keep sharing and done upvoting yah.


Thank you bro, I know that you have a wonderful family too. God bless :)

Hi ckadie! :) Cousins are awesome! and u two look very nice! :) yay!

im following u and upvoted now.


Thank you bro for upvoted me. It's nice to know that you follow me too :)

i have cousins , too and they're awesome! :)