#STEEMGIGS: I will some Engineering tutorials specifically Electronics Engineering Field of studies.

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Engineering Courses seems exciting to studies nowadays, with the advent of technology, Learning is now mandatory.

Goal-oriented individual pursuing to contribute and share more knowledge about Electronics Engineering field. In the other hand, effectively utilizes the related electronics skills to sharpen my know-how by learning self – growth and development.

  • I'm able to share my knowledge in:
  • Mathematics
  • General Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Electronics System and Technolgies
  • Basic Networking
  • Basic Programming


The pricing is not really fix, since having tutorials are depending in the time allocation. Also, degree of difficulty of the subject matters. Also, I can give it free for students who are willing to learn basic Mathematics and basic Sciences.

Price: Starting at 0 STEEM

Delivery: 0 day(s) 1 hour(s)


No Requirements needed as long as you will have the eagerness to learn. Sometimes, getting some tutor help us in understanding easily. Also, never hesitate on asking any clarifications and misconceptions. You can also have your own sample problems and let's try to answer it.

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nice idea. I look forward to it and teach me some technique for my incoming board exam 😂


In any available time bai no problem.