#STEEMGIGS: I will Create GIF's to fit your Personality, Organization and Reputation.

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GIF is like a short movie(without sound) depicting a basic or key information .

Or it could be used as a source of brief advertisement to capture people's attention.

GIF's can provide alot of information within a few minutes and that's what i aim ti achieve creating GIF's .

To make your blog attractive also.

It could be images, writting, etc.


Pricing ranges from 3 to 10 sbd depending on the complexity and level of combination GIF you desire.

Price: Starting at 3 SBD

Delivery: 0 day(s) 4 hour(s)


I will require the specific Images you want to be displayingin your GIF and in what manner.

I will require the words you desire to be dusplayed in your glorious GIF.

I will also be needing also colour preference.

Will it be red background, blue images or white background yellow and red letters 🔤 etc.

or the client will allow me to choose.

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