JOURNAL| Fourth: I am the rainbow in other's cloud

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Hi there, everyone!

I am here again writing my journal. But this one's a different one than the others I made before. This is my entry for the #motivateme quote of the day challenge by @theluvbug



"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou

Here's the reason why this quote inspires and motivates me.

Life is not always a beauty because a beast is always lurking somewhere. Like the weather, not always sunny because the rain will fall any time soon. Or that newly blossomed delicate florets but will eventually wither soon.

We tend to complain a lot even about little things. A housewife who needs to do household chores but the baby is crying. A busy as a bee businessman who is trapped in that snail's pace traffic jam. A student who needs to do her homework but has a school project that needs to be finished before the deadline on the next day. Your mother is nagging at you because your report card says badly.

We easily get depressed with something disappointing. We cry in things that terrifying. We are in grief when someone we love dies. And, we frown most of the time for nothing. Do you know that you unconsciously frown for nothing? I bet not.

So, when was the last time you smile? Or laugh? Who was the last person you gave your smile or your laugh with? Did you make someone smile or laugh recently?

I am not a comedian, not even a humorist, so most people see me as a very serious person. They think that I am always that small pot that need not be taken care of because there isn't a planted plant on it. Yes! I am not interesting and funny. But I always make my family happy, basically, smile and laugh in my own way but I difficult for me to do that with others, especially people who aren't close to me. I remember when I was in college, my close friends would mostly talk noisily and I was their listener and audience. Whenever I would quip a remark they'd be quiet and would laugh hard at me. Yeah, I get it. I'm really not funny nonetheless they still laughed, at least I said something that made them laugh. Well, neither we're comedian nor a humorist, we should still try to be a rainbow in other's cloud. There are already too many worries, pain, and fights... name it. Why can't we give them our simple smile? There are many ways to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Even just listening to them is one of them.

How about you? What did you do to be a rainbow in somebody's cloud?

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Spread "LOVE"!

Loving you all, Steemians.

Loudette 😘

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This is a wonderful piece for meditation. I love to listen to people when they are burdened, even when I feel the same too. If half the wold had this mentality, we'd be healed!


Aw, thank you so much @wakkylyon for appreciating this piece. True! If everyone loves to give a smile even though we are also suffering, this world would be a better place to live in. :-)

Awww I love that quote! It's important to be the rainbow in someone's cloud but it's also important to be the rainbow in your own cloud :))) You ARE interesting and funny in your own way. And that's awesome!

Rainy or sunny, there's always a good way of looking at things. If we find the positive side of everything, everything becomes easier :) x


Thank you so much, Juli. Your thought is something and I agree with you. The only thing to make things easier is to find the upsides. Though, most people always see and focus on the downsides of everything.

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I would love to be a rainbow in your cloud hehe.

Very well stated Maya Angelou is one of the more quotable people of the past few generations that is for sure. Her ability to overcome adversity and rise to monumental heights was no accident. John Lennon once had a very controversial song he sang on a show here in the United States called Captain Kangaroo. I saw footage of it with my jaw to the floor, until I realized the point he and spouse Yoko were making. Their point was in my opinion, that real oppression is allowing others to define you that don't know you or think in generic terms of you, or are lazy in their thoughts of people in general. So they often miss totally in their ability to diagnose a person and what they are all about fundamentally. If you want to find the song, I won't even type the title, but if you search "John Lennon Captain Kangaroo offensive song" you will likely have the title of the song along with a caption of his explanation of the song, which is really the thing of substance, at least in my opinion. Wow, another novel of a comment, my posts aren't even this long. Great article again @loudetteiam, I get the impression you are definitely the rainbow, before during and after cloudy days of those you are close to.