T E A R D R O P S : My Step by Step illustration @teardrops @surpassingoogle

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Good day my fellow steemians in all over the world! Today I'm gonna show to you my very own step by step TEARDROPS drawing. A very simple drawing. Hope you'd like it!


To express my gratitude of how TEARDROPS important to steemit community is, by simply drawing it would help to understand everything.


1st stepIMG_20180410_173322.jpg

2nd stepIMG_20180410_174833.jpg

3rd stepIMG_20180410_174912.jpg

4th stepIMG_20180410_180245_HDR.jpg

5th stepIMG_20180410_180301_HDR.jpg

and ...


So, that's all! Please be patient if I did not do it well because I'm not really good in drawing. Atleast I've done everything if wheres my ability was got.

I hope you all understand how I did the TEARDROPS drawing. It's simple but you have a lot of significance to say a words based on it.

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Please support his project as well, which is @teardrops Smart Media Token.

Thanks again for visiting my simple blog. Thanks for the little time. Cheers!

Best regards,


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swertea ah! :D gratz Bert...


Haha! lamat ..

Galing niyo sir try ko din mag drawing ang pangit nga lang hehehe. God bless


Salamat bro, medjo nahirapan nga lang ako jan kasi sa mukha ang mata talaga ang pinakamahirap para saakin. Pero kinaya ko naman hehe!