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There is almost endless money-making opportunities in the leisure industry. Some of them are ideal for exploitation on a quick-return basis, one prime example being in organizing special holiday break weekends.

One idea you may have heard of is 'murder' weekend, an established venture where a crime is restaged at a hotel - and the guests play detective! There are many simply versions, that offer a great scope for a business project. I can guide you through a brain storming session to come up with the best idea to work on for your optimum profit and pleasure. 


Basically, you can expand this idea and use it without contacting me. But this is an idea I could offer my clients for reasonable offer. Please if you find it useful and you wish to appreciate me for sharing it here with just a little reservation, you may want to donate to encourage me. Please send SBD or steem to @desmonddesk. Thank you. 

Price: Starting at 5 SBD

Delivery: 1 day(s) 1 hour(s)


What You Need

• Organizational ability. 

• Ideas for hobbies or leisure interests that could be covered. I can provide you with a plateful of ideas. 

• A Good hotel Guide, this will be a good source of venues to chose from.

• Good communication skill. 

I will guide you to decide on a them for your weekend. It would preferably follow a hobby or interest, e.g. a theatre weekend, a fishing weekend or steem camp and so on. You will contact a suitable hotel and arrange to hold the venture there. Perhaps in a conference suite. Out door interest weekends is highly seasonal else, losses possible if the weather isn't favorable. 

You may need to think of a program for the weekend, perhaps a dinner dance on the Friday evening, a Saturday morning film, a demonstration on the Saturday afternoon, a quiet dinner that evening, and Sunday free for leisure and interactions. You'll bring in quest speakers, demonstrator and performers if that's what you want. 

Advertise the weekend thoroughly using different media. If you contact me, we can work on expanding this idea by analysing and duplicating successful events in other regions I will introduce to you. 


1. Decide on a theme - preferably a fairly popular hobby, interest or course.  

2. Contact suitable hotel and make arrangements to use the hotel as venue.

3. Organize programs around your theme, bring in expert speakers, demonstrators or performers if necessary.

4. Advertise the weekend 

5. Try to ensure there are no hitches.

Image Source: https://www.pixabay.com

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