When you hear "I don't like me today" inside you

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

I know I placed the word "Optimist" as a word to describe myself here in Steemit, but to be honest, I still succumb to the dark inner voices. Tonight is one of those moments. It feels like I'm not liking myself as of this writing. No, I'm not "hating" me. It's a totally different thing (I think). I just feel "off" about me.

Generation of "good" and "bad" vulnerabilities

Today's generation has entered a stage where we are becoming more vulnerable to discoveries about self, life and the life of others. It has become a double edged sword that can play to our advantage as we figure out more of who we really are. The problem is, by baring ourselves and letting down our defenses we begin to be more susceptible in getting lost in the process. Sadly, we see more and more people getting sidetracked.

Light shines and we will be found

The good thing is, it is impossible to forever be lost. Just like the parable of the lost sheep, someone will go in the depths to find us. Little by little light illuminates our path and guides us back on track in discovering our self.

This is why I want to share this song from Dear Evan Hansen which is a constant reminder that "you (and I) will be found". This song often leaves me slightly teary -- tears of joy and hope that there is goodness in this world.

In order to learn how to bike, we fall, we get hurt

Getting lost is part of the process. Just as when we were learning to bike, we had a few fall (maybe even bruises or scratches). But eventually we learn. We adapt. And the next thing we know, we are enjoying the cool breeze as we speed our way.

Life can often put us down, but why not instead of life acting on us, let's be the one to act on it? Are you in? Let's!


I love to tell stories about travel, food, art and etc. You may want to follow me at @anotsopopularkid. My discord ID is anotsopopularkid#6016. Hope to connect with you!

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I still do not understand the song and we know it by the language I will try to find it on the internet, I like how you write and that is how there are days where we wake up with the spirit and maybe we believe that life is unfair but we must continue to always fall and get up


Thanks for dropping by @yesslife and for the continuous support. Rest assured I'll also do the same. :)


I know it's not much but you always have my support, I've taken care of you

I know and believe that you'll get through that phase! Just keep on trusting yourself! We may have a break or pause in our lives but we will never give up on chasing what life has to offer to us. Keep going! :)


Yes, and sometimes the encouragement from others is what helps us keep going. Thank you for that @johnarvee12!


True! Let's keep encouraging each other to keep up going! Thank you too!

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