Third Tattoo Session: "Meaningful-naked Face"

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Hello Steemians! Somehow you've missed my tattoo session right? However just an apology for you guys due to some busy schedule I have. And know I'm back then again to share another tattoo session I've done just this April 14, 2018.

Supposedly, I don't want yet to have my tattoo work because I haven't finished designing my shop, but due to some recommendation by my cousin Kayle so I tried to leaned some time for her.

In this 3rd session of my tattoo art, as I have said my costumers name was Kayle, my super duper enthusiastic and joyful cousin. Compared to other girls out their, she's too different because she likes to act as a boy. Definitely she is a lesbian. However we are always supporting her for all she wants for her life.

Kayle loves to have tattoo and really wants to fill her body with tattoo. So cool right? Well, with the glance of her wants, we never let her feel objections above all. We always lift her up for all the times she asked for something. No wonder why I didn't rejected her wants to have a tattoo right now.

Actually, she wants to add design on the tattoo in her legs. She wants to put more arts on the past tattoo art she have. So to start with.

Overview of the Final Output


The Process..

Sketching with Stencil


I then started to add some art design she wanted to have. I am the one who choose what design fits for her. To make a chemistry with the first tattoo design in her leg I think of somewhat like a face of a human above the head of a tiger. So then I directly layouted the design in the stencil and then sketched it on to her leg.


Inking of the Design



She was gripping and groaning after I started my tattoo session. She said that, it feels like it was her first tattoo since she wasn't tried it for more than 2 years then. She felt like crying because of the pinch brought by the needle. So I took time to have a rest just to lessen the ache she felt.




I then continue to work with her tattoo and immediately shaded it thoroughly. The groan from her gets more louder and it was like difficult to control because she keeps on moving. So I let her calm down and it was so funny to think after I did the tattoo, the girly sides in her started to flourished. I was really laughing and teased her about she acts a while ago. She punched me and let me continue to finish the tattoo art.

The Final Outcome



Few hours had passed, more over 4 hours exactly, I then able to finished my work. She was so happy after I finished it. And yet I felt delighted too for my cousin. It was a tiring day for me because I have first some painting for my shop but she just came and destructed my work just for her wants. Though, I love my cousin and supports for her always and I will always be happy for all she wants in her life.

Thank you for appreaciting my tattoo session. I hope you will always give time to read my tattoo blogs. Have a fruitful day everyone.

For more information just visit my fb page: [email protected]

Sincerely yours,


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

It was a tiring day for me because I have first some painting for my shop but she jist came and destructed my work just for her wants.
It should be gist instead of jist.