#STEEMGIGS: Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge

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Greetings Sir! First of all i would to congratulate and thank you for this challenge!

I bought my phone last February 2018, but before i bought my new phone, my old phone is already malfunctioning and i cant use it anymore so i ask my wife first for her approval to have my SSS loan, this is were i get the money to buy my new phone.





My new phone is an OPPO A83 it has a 32Gb ROM and 3Gb RAM, it has an 5.7" screen and 3,180 mAh batt with 13MP Rear camera and 8MP Front camera, it is octa-core with a clockspeed of 2.5ghz.

I am very happy right now with my new phone because it works really well, and last but not the least i also used this phone for steeming and this is where i used to create my post on steemit.

Steemitly yours



Things to be considered in your post are the following!

Your mobile phone’s model How you acquired it like it’s a gift or you purchased it yourself Any other story associated to your phone And of course a striking photo of your mobile phone


Write a post about your mobile phone The post should be 100 words only, no more no less Tag 5 of your friends to join the challenge Leave your post’s link in the comment box below Last day of submission is April 20, 2018 Re-steem this post

For More Info!

Here's the link of the challenge by @long888



I invite my following friends;

Thanks for reading my post


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Oppo is a very nice cell phone. Thanks for joining!

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