Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet

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Published in August of 2018

2018-08-06 Monday 12:21 PM LMS | Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet
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2015-11-30 JA N Girl Hood 23Park CROPPED ABOUT ME FOR STEEMIT 2.pngBANNED MEME HITLER DOG 2018-07-10 TUE.pngFREE TOMMY 01 2018-07-10 TUE.png

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Thanks for linking this to me.

I have posted as follows, on

Biggest News Network Banned From The Internet

A large post on the subject. I do not know how many of the videos are still working...but I suspect most will stop soon, if not already. Download all you can and upload on all 3 platforms or post Torrents

Am also doing a resteem and I hope everyone who sees this also resteems. This does not only affect Americans, it affects all of us all over the world.

In the end, those who believe in freedom will have to decide how they fight. Some by cancelling their subs to all these platforms that censor, and some by using their membership to post messages protesting what is happening. It does seem to me that protesting on the platforms will not achieve much, they will not allow you to, while it is a little like supplying an invading army with the bullets they need to shoot us.

Awesome. Agreed. It is an ongoing thing that makes us all stronger through it all, through storms towards rainbows.

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