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Never forget your family.

That is what borders and priorities are all about. Treasure them. Protect them. Beyond that, prepare them as they begin to take on their own choices, responsibilities, and/or lack thereof.

Safety versus freedoms?

The Arnold Family

Here we are as a family, us for kids (siblings) in this family portrait taken in Forest Grove in the Fall of 1991. Wow, my glasses were so big. Four eyes. We went on to travel the world.

Arnold Island

In the back is Ricky. I'm Joey, the smaller boy, the one with glasses, in the front. The bigger girl, the firstborn in 1980, with glasses, is Katie. The youngest sibling, the lastborn in 1990, is Crystal. Our parents: Donald, Marilyn. We grew up and were homeschooled in Oregon in the 80's and 90's on juice, VHS tapes, & dirt.

Siblings Photo (Fall of 1991)
1991 Fall Family Photo 4 Kids.png

Arnold Four Siblings 1991 Fall

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Dad & Rick: Camping (August, 1991)
Dad & Rick 1991

Ricky & Dad in our backyard (Summertime, 2016

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Crystal & Aaron: Age 2: First Love (Summer, 1992)
Crystal Aaron


The Family is the greatest gift we have got in this world.

You have a great family!

It is beautiful how you used just "f" to stand for "family" in your post. I think it has a better meaning. Lovely memories! @joeyarnoldvn, thanks for sharing this thoughtful and wonderful post.

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