The deepstate are now REALLY shitting themselves!

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Anyone's personal views on Alex Jones are completley irrelevant here. (shill , Zionist etc).

It is totally besides the point.


Infowars was, and is, the gateway drug to the highly addictive 'Red Pill' -for millions, and millions of people.


This is the deep state in action, and is highly indicative of just how threatened they are now feeling.

As in any draconian measure to stifle free speech - it only works when you are the establishment - and then only temporarily.

When you have the President of the United states as an ally, the US military, and with a growing number of US citizens, -and worldwide citizens backing you, its a whole different story...


We know this, and so do they - which brings me back to the level of desperation the deepstate musy now be operating under.

I hope Infowars now comes over and says hello to steemit!


Big tech is censoring libertarian and conservative voices all over the place - Infowars, Tommy Robinson, Ron Paul Institute. Its clearly a coordinated campaign.
Because its coordinated campaign by competitors to refuse supply to other competitors in the marketplace for online attention it is an illegal cartel.

Infowars began redpilling, especially in 2016, and Alex Jones promotes free markets, and I am for that.

Wouldn’t that be something else if Alex Jones and Infowars comes over here to Steemit! I’ll bet that’ll add at least 10% in market cap to Steemit overnight!

I just hope this draconian action continues to be yet another action, that ends up by them shooting themselves in the foot.

It will. Might I say that while I wouldn't do anything to help the PEDO's if they where being silenced, I most certainly would end hostilities with my worst enemy to support their free speech. I know that is the case for most people and to tell the truth I don't think it can end well for them. Now is the time to invest in rope.

...and to tell the truth I don't think it can end well for them.

I think this illustrates just how close 'they' are, to it not ending very well for them -at all!

Happy days soon...

I think this will INCREASE the total popularity of Infowars, myself.

I have the feeling other conservative pundits will be on the chopping block before we know it. I’m not a Conservative, I’m a libertarian, but watching the way conservatives are being treated on matters of this nature infuriates me.

It seems like you can get away with almost anything these days as ong as you subscribe to the “correct” political ideology.

I think this will INCREASE the total popularity of Infowars, myself.



Agreed. Infowars is on Minds and Gab, it would seem.

You tube have been on this censorship trip with google and fb for over a year now, dwinblood writes some good posts regarding it and the totalitarian approach all 3 companies are using, he likens it to the burning of books, twitter and others are also doing the same.

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