Alex Jones Banned From Youtube, Itunes & Facebook..

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This appears to be Alex Jones' last video on Youtube and other mainstream platforms. He is only able to publish to Twitter currently as far as I can see. He has repeatedly stated that he wants others to spread his videos and upload them on social platforms, so I don't think he will be against me uploading here.

While I have certainly not been able to get behind Alex in many of his thought processes and claims - he does have a history of highlighting important facts and stories which really are being heavily denied and blacked out by the lamestream media. His early documentaries are still worth watching (before he made a lot of money and lost whatever balance he had in those early days).

In any case, maybe he will start publishing to D.Tube and Steemit - given that he cannot be censored here.. I'm not sure what that would do to this blockchain - but it will certainly increase sales of popcorn for a while!

My video is at DLive

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It's back to 1984!


Eventually though, these social giant behemoths will drive everyone out and will become irrelevant; it's only a matter of time. People are hungry for the truth and they will migrate to where it is not suppressed.

Well said 🤘😎

What do you disagree with Alex on? I am linking your post here in a new article I am writing. I have been following Alex each day since 2016. People say they disagree with Alex on some things but then they don't say what they disagree on.

I think I first started watching some of his content around 2005. Back then he would put out documentaries that were fairly well edited, not hysterical and would often bring together evidence and paint a picture that stood up pretty well. His 'infiltration' into bohemian grove, for example, is one that still deserves WAY more attention than it has received.

Some points I disagree on:

  • The idea that nations and patriotism can save the day and are not themselves part of the problems.
  • The idea that global unity is not beneficial and MUST somehow automatically represent a form of global enslavement.
  • The constant presentation of threats without any workable solution.
  • The selling of products on waves of fear based mentality, while never pointing out the manipulation involved (which is also, often, a tactic of the people/groups he attempts to discredit).
  • The habitual shouting about alleged conspiracies, which may or may not be real conspiracies - but WITHOUT putting together water tight cases.. Which results in people associating possible conspiracies with him and his unscientific approach.
  • I disagree that the best approach is to act like a broken record / spoiled child / aggressive bafoon / closed minded enforcer of belief systems - rather than a true liberator who dives deeply into the full depths of the spiritual and psychological/emotional reality of the situation to look for valid and new directions from which to draw real solutions.

I could go on and on here, but maybe this answers your question enough?

The basic problem with Alex is he is controlled opposition, like most of the alt-right media. They are Zionist Neo-Con funded tools which are trying to foment a clash of civilizations between Islam and Christians while ignoring the real people's enemy i.e. central banking.

The following short video highlights the problem rather well. The most important part of the video is BNP leader Nick Griffin's comments on the attempted subversion of the BNP by Zionist Neo-Con Americans.

Note: Zionism is a policy not a religion. Being anti-Zionist should not mean you are anti-Semitic. Many Jews are anti-Zionist, see @AuthenticRabbis on Twitter for a flavor of Jews who are attempting to separate themselves from being Zionist pawns. They emphasize how the political movement called Zionism does not accord with Jewish teachings.

Muslims believe in Jihadism.

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What almost everyone is forgetting and nobody is addressing though is the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.

I've just made a post explaining what it is and what we can do about it:

Mass Censorship: The Real Root of the Problem...(and what to do about it)


Is Steemit can grow up from spambots, dodgy crypto advisors and whale wars, maybe just maybe this will be the platforms big opportunity. I have my popcorn and comfy chair ready

Pointing out the flaws or ridiculousness of an argument will always be more effective than censoring it all together.