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"I'll show you a sir."

This NPC He-She Swamp Creature named Caren was at a GameStop store. He claimed that the clerk misgendered him by saying "Sir" because we all know when Robin Williams dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire, that, as the song goes, "Dude looks like a lady." Tom Hanks dressed up as a woman in not Blossom but Bossom Buddies. Don't get me started on the actress that played, wait for it, woah, you know, not Joey, which is my name, and which could be a girl's name, but Blossom. My computer's spell-checker has a red line under that word, "MISGENDERED." I hate it when people say, "That's not a word." And it's even worse when programs do it. Likewise, people don't like it when other folks say, "That's not an argument," which is what @Stefan.Molyneux likes to say. Better yet, people really don't like it when they're told, instead of "That's not a word," they're told, "That's not a gender."

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It depends on who makes up the rules to life. If there is no absolute, objective, eternal, truth, principles, guidelines, of reality, of objectivity, of rules, of specified, defined, terms of service, for morality, for gender, sex, for the meaning to life, religion, philosophy, purpose, destiny, Hope Over Dope, Joy Over Circumstances, and especially Original Green Oatmeal, then anything goes as written by smart people over 3,000 years ago. Back then, people were doing whatever that was right in their own eyes. History repeats itself like skaters loop around and around going nowhere like a mouse on and in a wheel.

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He-She Male Woman Meltdown

Back to the Male Woman Video, which was published on Friday, the 28th of December, 2018, we saw the man yell out profanity to other customers and to the cashier. He said, "It's Ma'am," and began walking away like Michelle Obama on a Catwalk. Then the clerk said "Sir" to him again, he exploded, "Take it outside, if you wanna call me sir again, I'll show you a sir." The Critical Cracker did a great video review on this man on Bitchute. If you talk like a man, you are a man. If you look like a man, you probably are a man, generally speaking.

Male Woman

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