Gender = Personality?

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How many sexes are there?

There are a few things to keep in mind when talking about biology and psychology besides and beyond that people generally conflate the two. First, keep in mind that this is not a new mess. We could talk about the people who have been promoting how fluid gender can be. When they say "GENDER," they are really talking about "PERSONALITY." Yes, there are, specifically speaking, psychologically speaking, as many personality (NOT GENDERS) as there are people, AKA billions of genders, ehhh, I mean personalities. Gender is not a spectrum, is not determined by how we feel but by what we are, physically, with only a few exceptions, subjectively, allegedly, apparently, to an extent, at times, it would seem, and not objectively speaking. But back to my first point, this big maze of infinite variations of gender, of sex, is not a new phenomenon, historically speaking. How did the Roman Empire, not the Roman Catholics, fall many centuries ago? Look at what a binary neutral Q wrote about 2,000 years ago in Romans 1 on homosexuality which is almost like a personality disorder and a transition towards more Gender Delusion, as subjectivity overrides objectivity.


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Personalities vs Genders

Second, keep in mind that people are always redefining words for their own benefits and without your consent, without your notice. So, people who win wars, historically, generally, have been writing a bunch of history in many countries, continents, regions, geographically, in different religions even, all around the world. In the Middle East for example, the Muslims, I mean, hehe, the so-called barbarians and others would and have been burning books, artifacts, antiques, of the different people, cultures. We know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. As we study the patterns found in history, we see reoccurring themes and problems that comes up every once in a while. In recent history, we have seen a push for tolerance towards the gays, I mean homosexuals. In the past, "GAY" would mean "HAPPY."


Gay Meant Happy?

But progressive liberals changed the gender to that word, if a word were to have a gender in the first place, haha, hypothetically speaking. But that is what they did, gradually, slowly, over time. As cultures tolerate something, they begin to propagate it. As Dan Anderson of ABC, my second college, would say, "What one generation tolerates, the next generation propagates." That loop, that Tom Cruise Edge Of Tomorrow Greyhound Groundhog Day Movie Dream Thing, keeps on spinning like an old record player, like one of the episodes in Star Trek Next Generation, season 5, episode 18, Cause and Effect. Will you sit there and do nothing as our enemies neuter our words, cultures, families, communities, nations, like they are doing in Europe? The good news is that individuals all around the world are doing things to counter this. For more information on that, visit the forbidden frog forums and join in the global revolutions before it is too late.


Evolutionary Downfall?

Questions concerning History, Mutation, Patterns


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I totally agree.

Is a complete hassle what we are living these days with people forcing others to pretend they are something that isn't true. It resembles some aspects of Orwell's 1984.

Meanwhile here in South America they expect to change the gender definitions of the Spanish language since they believe isn't inclusive... Like if Spanish/Castillian had the fault of their dissorders.

I enjoyed reading this post @joeyarnoldvn! Thanks for it.

You and the author are abhorrently wrong and human rights aren't up for you to debate. Gender is socially constructed and entirely arbitrary and you should try talking to more people in your lives before trying to make up disgusting conspiracy theory garbage about them. Fuck you.

Yes of course, the gender is a social construction and the chromosomes are just some silly letters, right? I love your logic, I can already understand why it's a fad!

3rd grade called, they're sorry for failing you.

@emperorhyspania, you can see that @cyberdemon531 has been flagging, downvoting, my posts, which describes history, psychology, which must be a bad thing, right? We should all burn books and flag history and patterns that we find from the past. We should become like animals, right?

Even animals behave better, they aren't making a fuss about the male taking the lead of their soceity sometimes. Still great post @Joeyarnoldvn, keep doing work of this excellent quality, and if people like the one above your comment throws tomatoes to you, then grab all of them and make tomato soup! Good work buddy!

Two Genders?

I am getting downvoted for saying there are only 2 genders. Click here to see who is attacking me. I am being flagged for making this meme about Caren who was at GameStop on Friday, the 28th of December, 2018. The viral videos went all over the Internet. This post was downvoted for describing biology. Did you see that show on YouTube, the Radical Cram School (RCS) and what they do to little kids?

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