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2013 March Massage at Charity Clinic 526586_579121735440502_1139939215_n.jpg

Between Worlds.

Was a bit lost in Saigon, the biggest city of Vietnam at that time with around ten million people in and around what was called Saigon, which was renamed Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in 1975, or officially by 1976. Saigon resides in the Ho Chi Minh province. I began that third month, March, of 2013, living in District 8 since 2013-02-20, Wednesday, to 2013-04-08, Monday. I began teaching for the Tan Van Language School, AKA Trung tâm Ngoại Ngữ Tân Văn, on Friday, the first of March to like June. Tan Van would contract me to kindergarten and elementary schools all over the city. Kathy would drive me on her motorcycle to a few schools each day in March of 2013. After that, I started riding a bicycle, generally, to teach all over the metro. Each class I taught at was generally thirty minutes long. I also began teaching at New Star, AKA Trung Tâm Ngoại Ngữ-Du Học, @TTNEWSTAR on Facebook, at 169 Độc Lập -Quận Tân Phú, HCM, around the 2nd week of March to like August. I got a massage at a clinic place. Kathy got me to buy an electric bicycle for around 1.800.000 VND, which was almost $200 USD. Then her mother gave it away late in March or early in April. We would go swimming on Sundays with other Couch Surfers. We would visit random cafes and restaurants all over Saigon every few days.

My Vietnam Adventures 2012-2017

2012 - November - December - 2013 - January - February - Kathy - March - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - Drawing - Fun - Hat - Name - Oatmeal English - Outline - Pop Culture - Resume

me kathy

Movies & Crying

2013-03-01 - Friday - 03:46 AM PST - JoeyArnold7 shared my Facebook status on Facebook. The email doesn't say what the status was but I apparently shared my own Facebook update from one profile account, JoeyArnold7, to another, maybe Original Oatmeal. 04:19 AM PST - Hung Pham Van commented on my link, "i cry when i see this clip!" 04:32 AM: Gordon Jones: "Makes me sad." 05:14 AM: Suong Dinh: "This movie could not be played :-((" 06:49 AM: Phương Thanh Hoàng: "something more." 07:56 AM: Facebook: "Sofia Yang wants to be friends with you on Facebook." 09:18 PM: Orchids Do: "Hi." 09:45 PM: Thanongsit Souliyavong: "aha what r u doing?"

Couch Surfing Problems

2013-03-02 - Saturday - 10:05 AM PST: Facebook: "Donna Robinson wants to be friends with you on Facebook." 10:51 PM: Couch Surfing: "Hello, We received a request from you at this email address. You submitted this request when logged out, and we need to verify you own this email address. Please click here." Sunday, March 3rd, 07:07 PM PST: I replied, "why did you delete my account again?" They may have terminated my accounts a few times. They may have reactivated some of those accounts later on in 2013 or at other times, unlike Facebook as of 2019. 10:56 PM: David Sheppard: "Is this real life!?" 11:02 PM: Crystal Gail Welcome - The Giver: ":( your gf is beautiful. YOu still over there?"

Devil's Music

2013-03-03 - Sunday - 07:40 PM PST: Kathy Dương Phương Thảo: "Why?" I must have responded. 07:44 PM: she replied to that, "Let it go!" 07:51 PM: Gordon Jones, "Quaker Oats, don't let it get you down. Turn all things to Jesus Colon." 07:56 PM: "Devil music! Turn your voice and heart over to Jesus." 08:20 PM:"Oatey, you need to confess your sins, and turn your life over to Jesus Christ! Please get saved."

Repetition; Learning English

2013-03-04 - Monday - 03:18 AM PST: Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc: "Hey man, make a new change on your topic on Couch Surfing bro! Please stop posting the same thing all the time!" He took me to his church on Sunday, the 17th of February, 2013. Met him online and then met him offline for the first time that Sunday, same day I met Kathy, the first day back to Saigon after Tet. 08:11 AM: Suong Le tagged in a post, "Ve Sy Vanhieu Pham Trần Đức Long Lê Bờm Original Oatmeal Zen Luu Quang Dũng Đào Quý Tử Nhà QuangThọ Quỳnh K Cơ Kậu Buồn VìAi." 08:53 AM: Matt Dooney befriended me on Linkedin. 10:38 AM: Phj Korloff: "I have trouble doing my english homework. Can u help me? Thank u so much." 11:50 AM: "I have an english exercise. It's rewrite sentence." So, I wrote back, since, February, trying to help. 12:16 PM: Marilyn Mitchell: "I don't understand your question." 10:45 PM: Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc: "So, you can't just see that problem happens to you, and you begin to say it's evil. Things come from 2 sides. And somehow, in their email, they said sorry to you, (I guess), so just shake it off, and let it go!" 10:48 PM: "I have no clue then! Maybe you created so much at a time, instead of create one topic, and ask all your questions there! :) like about your laptop, your phone, and your job stuffs! Try to put them all in one topic..."

Making Friends

2013-03-06 - Wednesday - 09:22 PM PST: Chuot Lun confirmed my Facebook friend request.

Pen pals International

2013-03-07 - Thursday - 06:57 AM PST: Crystal Gail Welcome: "Hey a 12 year old is looking for a international pen-pal. Know if any kids who want to write her. She really wants to share pictures too." I'm not sure if I ever got back to her on that.

Events, Eating, Getting Together

2013-03-08 - Friday - 08:13 AM PST: Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc: "Alright, see you tonight at 6pm at 5 Oysters! Please bring a gift with you! Hope to see you all there! Enjoy!" This was a Couch Surfing event. Not sure if I made it. Kathy would take me to a weekly Sunday morning Couch Surfing swimming event for a few hours each Sunday for like a month in like Tan Binh, HCM. That was a think she wanted to do.

Chronology of My Biography

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mea omnia
Mea Omnia = Pre-Steemit Website - My Everything

Mea Omnia

2013-03-09 - Saturday - 05:13 AM PST: Mốc Xịt: "To protect your car :))." 06:16 AM: Kathy Cỏ Ngọt accepted my Facebook friend request. 06:25 AM: Bett Bonyo: "Because all peoples need money." 04:58 AM: I wrote to Brent Groth: "You don't like our name Mea Omnia? Why not? I like it. But we can brain storm for new ideas if you want. You are the one that picked Mea Omnia. It was my favorite from all the names we looked at. I wanted to spend more time but we ended up going for Mea Omnia. It means My Everything. I still love it. But we can still brainstorm for other ideas. Maybe we could do AZ.com. Bob.com." 07:50 AM: Brent Groth: "It is fine for now, as I have been multiplying many names in my head, and nothing really clicks that is too great. So Mea Omnia will stand. But nothing is permanent, and I just would like you to be accepting of another name if that is decided down the line. Meaomnia is fine for now, and may stand inevitably as it has been the first name as the building block domain for the site. AZ is pretty darn good as well, I saw that in the url as a logo kind of and liked that. Originally we wanted a .com, and not a .org, or co, or nz, etc. etc., and a lot of the domains we ran through were already taken.. Meaomnia was unique, and we choose that, and it has been a pretty good name so far. It was scarce choosing the name in the beginning. We also talked about maybe, if the site ever makes money, we can buy any name, or names we want eventually. We'll see. Meaomnia i fine, let's keep building that name. Not bob.com. "

Getting Things to Work

2013-03-10 - Sunday - 12:51 PM PST: Marilyn Mitchell: "there are limited spaces to park. scarcety creates cost." 11:34 PM: Brent Groth: "I just established connection with the database, and the file manager. It was shorting out, and not working in previous time since the site broke again about 4 days ago or so, but now I am able to access file manager again. I can kindof remember the name of the theme that I connected, or downloaded that triggered it to dis rail. So now, I'm trying to sift through these themes, and look through the database, the content folder in the ftp, the themes folder in the wordpress folder, the http docs folder, and will search through the Meaomnia folder and see if that is any different. So i'm playing musical chairs, but not sitting on anything winning when the music stops, so the rounding will continue until daylight of the site again."

Sniffy 15078714_955075581264352_4424072073868644446_n.jpg
Snif Petite Phuong Raboutot Sniffy:

Lights Turned Back On

2013-03-11 - Monday - 05:09 AM PST: Brent Groth: "Site is fixed, and I fixed it and have been switching themes. So it is fixed now." 06:45 AM: Rob Ngo: "wow she is sooooooo cute and you are really great with her :)." 03:58 PM: Maria Arnold wanted to be my FB friend. 11:42 PM: Kathy: "Xin Chao mean Hello , Gay Go mean Diffucult" 11:58 PM: Candy Snif Petite Phuong Raboutot Sniffy "hihihi i bet that you have good teacher @ Duong Phuong Thao for your vietnamese skills"

Being Open Minded

2013-03-12 - Tuesday - 01:24 AM PST: Jess Franklin: "Oatmeal." 05:16 AM: Kathy: "I just think you should can do like my mother - she also beginner by the Christian and coming to Buddhist - but your life is your - you can change and can't - "just do if you really want to do" again!!!" 12:35 PM: Naomi Naomi Nguyen: "Not bad and you?" She was responding to my message.

Getting Money

2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 08:50 PM PST: I wrote to Marilyn Mitchell on Facebook, "Brent Groth left me money again at my dads house." She replied saying she would have to ask my sisters for my dad's number in order to coordinate getting me the money. And eventually, I probably got the money that year, somehow. She said she married Larry on the 20th of April, 2012.

2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 01 Screenshot at 2019-01-10 21:09:32.png
2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 02 Screenshot at 2019-01-10 21:10:06.png
2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 04 Screenshot at 2019-01-10 21:10:30.png
2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 05 Screenshot at 2019-01-10 21:10:39.png

2013, March 13th, Wednesday - Mea Omnia Website Update

Measuring Sticks

2013-03-13 - Wednesday - 06:31 AM: I wrote the following Mea Omnia Website Update: "Here is a status update on the website named "MeaOmnia.com."The President of Mea Omnia is Brent Groth. The Producer is Joey Arnold, the Original Oatmeal. You will see updates here and other places as well. We will be blogging and writing about what is going on with the site here and other places. Stay tune for the latest news and tips and facts and data. We are keeping this journal for ourselves. This place serves as a measuring stick or tape measure to measure our progress and results and growth. We will talk about which plugins and themes and code we like and what we do not like. Feel free to contact Brent Groth at [email protected] or Joey Arnold at [email protected]. This place will keep track of everything we are doing so that we can learn from our mistakes and excel (EXCELL) in our strengths and weaknesses. Join the debate. Give us feedback. Write to us. Help us. We are currently hosting our site off GoDaddy.com through the WordPress.org web builder (and a MySQL Database) via the Plesk Parallel Panel in a Dedicated Server.Tell us what you think. Ask us questions. Come to our site to see it yourself. Mea Omnia seeks to be the best of everything. Join us as we take over the internet. Update: 2013-03-13-Wed: Posts: 436; Pages: 47; Plugins: 1,195; Themes: 184; Categories: 6; Comments: 94,855; Tags: 1,179; Posts: All (438) | Published (436) | Drafts (2) | Trash (10); Pages: All (48) | Published (47) | Draft (1); Plugins: All (1,195) | Active (31) | Inactive (1,164) | Recently Active (1)Search Installed Plugins: Bulk Actions Deactivate Update 31 items."

Making Friends & Measuring Sticks

2013-03-14 - Thursday - 10:46 PM PST: Albane Ferre - Bouboune Dupré added me on Facebook.

Uniqueness of the Resurrection

2013-03-15 - Friday - 06:38 AM PST: Rick Arnold to me about Kathy: "Tell her that when Buddha is raised from the dead, like Jesus was, then you will gladly become Bhuddist."

Defining Paths

2013-03-19 - Tuesday - 02:18 AM PST: Peter Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc: "Hey, then you should look at the terms of use, privacy policy, Trust & Safety again! I don't think they have those parts for no reason. And maybe they don't respond because there's nothing new for them to respond bro. If you eat one thing for a lot of time, you will feel boring of it. Then don't keep posting something again and again. And CS is somehow for truly travelers who wanna find a host, not for someone who wanna do any business around there. This is my last message for you. Since you've become annoying bro, I will be silent and ignore all things around here. To be honest, I am really sick of it... I hope it's clear! I am truly sick of it..."

Monsters, Everything, & Nothing

2013-03-20 - Monday - 12:56 PM PST: Kaitlin Woods Thomas Monster: "Nice! Are you enjoying it? Do you have a good place to stay?" Wednesday, the 27th of March, 2013, 09:56 PM PST: I responded to her email: "Yes. I am staying at a friend's house. The school should be paying me April 5th. I have not been paid yet. I started working March 1st. I work for the one school. I signed a 6 month work contract with them. The school sends me to different kindergarten and elementary school in Saigon, Vietnam. This is the biggest city of this country, Vietnam. Saigon is also called Ho Chi Minh City. I am paid $16 USD per hour. That is almost 400.000 Vietnamese dongs VND (money). $1 USD equals to around 21.000 or so VND. I work 10 - 20 hours each week, mon - sat at around 8 - 11am and 1 - 5 pm. Everyday they send me to different schools. Sometimes I walk to the schools. Sometimes friends ride me on their motorcycle (motor-bike). Sometimes I pay $1 - $5 for a taxi motor bike man to drive or ride me to school. This city is split into districts. This city is much wider and spread out than Portland. This city may have like 8 million but many building are only 3 or so stories high. But there are some buildings here and there that are like 5 - 60 stories high or whatever. So I may find my own hotel or room or place to live in a few days. The most expensive place to live in this city is district 1 where most foreigners hang out at. Right now, I am at KFC. They have a Pizza Hutt and a Burger King and a few places like that. I think I will try to find a hotel or apartment that is like $150 USD per month or less. That is about 3 million VND per month. I may be paid like around $1,000 each month. So, I should be fine. I was able to get a 3 month visa extension for around $140 USD. When my visa expires in April I may have to take a bus to Cambodia to make a new visa. I went to a place with sport things, fields, courts. I had to pay about 25 cents per hour to play basketball at this place. I bought a $5 basketball. I kind of do not want to have to rent out a court to play basketball. I miss the USA because they give you free parking and free basketball courts and free water and free a lot of things."

Work Update

2013-03-23 - Saturday - 12:31 AM PST: I emailed Tyler Capp an update on my life, "I am now working teaching English at some kindergarten and elementary schools in Saigon, Vietnam for $16/hr, 10 - 20 hours per week." 02:46 AM: Tyler: "Good for you man. Did you tell Andy the good news?" 06:25 AM: Joey: "No. Not yet. I did not tell Andy yet. What is his email address or phone number?"

Screenshot at 2019-01-10 20:29:36.png
Screenshot at 2019-01-10 20:29:48.png

2013, march 24th, Sunday - Amputation Repairs

Amputation Repairs

2013-03-24 - Sunday - I wrote: "Amputation repairs, recovers, enhances disadvantages. How can we make the world a better place? It is about amputation, appearances, character, reputation, progression, character development, continuation, bravery. Wrong assumptions can lead to wrong amputation. This post, below, is about the appearances of websites. Me & Brent Groth are building Mea Omnia, a website that is set to be the best multi-purposeful social networking websites of all time, surpassing Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, GoDaddy, Google, emails, video game websites, Pandora, Pinterest, Weebly, Couch Surfing, & all the other websites out there. For now, you can visit my main website at this link below: http://OriginalOatmeal.WordPress.com."

The Way You Think

2013-03-25 - Monday - 08:06 PM PST: Ngan Nguyen: "like the way you think ;)." I wrote concerning Kathy: "​http://www.facebook.com/phuongthao1984 http://vn.360plus.yahoo.com/duong_pthao/ http://me.zing.vn/katiefoung/home http://www.tagged.com/duong_pthao Born on November 10, 1984. Dương Phương Thảo. Employers: Phụ kiện Ohkia. 091 725 07 58. 090 339 11 84. 753 Nguyễn Duy F12 Q8 , 274/5 Bùi Đình Túy F12 Q Bình Thạnh HCM Saigon, Vietnam. duong_pthao(Yahoo! Messenger). Email: [email protected]."

Sexy Ladies

2013-03-26 - Tuesday - 07:19 AM PST: Sue Trang Nhi: "Original Oatmeal. Its very intereasting for you. :)" 10:14 PM: Nicholas Littlejohn: commented, "I would consult with PSY. Gangnam style."

Getting Back To The Joy

2013-03-27 - Wednesday - 03:48 AM PST: I emailed to Joy Sanchez: "I'm in Saigon. I started working for Tan Van on Friday, March 1st, 2013, $16 USD/hour, around 20 hours a week. A 6 months contract from March to the end of August. I will be paid on Friday, the 5th of April. Tyler Capp probably still works for the Atlantic school in Bac Ninh, Vietnam; he probably still lives at Papa Foods as did I. Oh, Leo was his boss." I had an instant messenger email chat with Joy. Those were my responses to her questions. 08:37 AM: I wrote to my mom, "Kathy threw me outside and locked the door but then her mom came home." 08:42 AM: mom replied: "my, oh my. Some of my pea plants started to come up. Bill made me live in the garage for a while, I couldn't keep any of my things in his bedroom; that is similar. God had to protect me. One time Debbie attacked me physically when I was very tired. She kept accusing me of things to try to get Bill to be against me."

Work Schedule Changes

2013-03-28 - Thursday - 11:35 PM PST - Yenmai Nguyen Phuong, at [email protected], emailed me, "You still work tomorrow. But you won't teach on Saturdays for next month."

2013 Bui Screenshot at 2019-01-10 20:23:21.png
2013, March 31st, Sunday - What Are Ads?

What Are Ads?

2013-03-31 - Sunday - What Are Ads? On Facebook, I responded to something that Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc wrote: "What are ads? What are you really allowed to do in life. Here is a discussion about these topics and more. It is about facebook and couch surfing and other things as well. I am from United States. I live in Saigon. I met Peter Bùi Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc in person. He longer wants to be my friend. He blocked me on facebook. He thought I was arguing. I was not disagreeing with him. I was adding information to the discussion." He responded: "You don't have to do things like that, you know? Are you truly a man when you do that? you are the 1st person that I meet doing things like this. Plus you are older than me, and you are really such a coward!" Oatmeal: "Cowards run and hide." Bui: "And cowards use these kind of way to ruin people's life. Coward uses people's word to attack people. I regret of meeting you bro. I was so nice and stuff. And you are changing it into this way." I responded, "I'm not attacking you." That last messaged failed to send as he blocked me on Facebook.


2013, March

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