The Daily Curie (12th Oct - 13th Oct 2016) - Part 1

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Project Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto and other whale accounts, Project Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and many others.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Project Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

The following table is continued in Part 2.

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 12/10 12:00 UTC and 13/10 12:00 UTC. Project Curie voted on a total of 144 posts by 141 unique authors. This number is an increase over current trends, however we expect this to rebalance itself with a lower number of upvotes tomorrow. SBD 3,757 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 26 per post. As expected, the average has declined and will continue to do so till the Steem price feed increases.

@michelle.gentHouseplants and Fairies69.055 SBD
@lesliestarroharaINTERGALACTIC CLICKBAIT - 4 Planets Whose Governments are Based on Absolute Insanity61.823 SBD
@villainblackSteemians Daily-Sketch: @victoriart60.452 SBD
@rynowCheetah Bot!57.084 SBD
@fat-like-buddhaMarriage, Traditions, & Superstitions of the Philippines48.341 SBD
@fitmamaBeginner Circuit & Stretch47.705 SBD
@pgarcgoOne month Proyecto Cervantes (Vol.20) : We have reached 200 quality posts written in spanish!45.184 SBD
@rigaronibDaily Holi-Art #21: Too Much Lasagna38.284 SBD
@vannourHello steemers, this is the real me38.537 SBD
@decimusHow to Find The Right Teacher for Anything -- Kung-Fu Lessons for Life #236.831 SBD
@johnjgeddessuperman in disguise34.545 SBD
@grandpereCould Steemseniors be a Council of Wise People?34.503 SBD
@atomrigs망중립성(net neutrality) 과 큐레이션 보상(curation rewards)33.410 SBD
@yangyangThe Love story of Butterfly & flower drawing 蝶戀花 접연화33.889 SBD
@jg02Game Design 101- Step 5: Test32.578 SBD
@charlotteblackerPost12 Day 21 - Felt textured poster I designed for Children's Film Festival Seattle + progress on film31.796 SBD
@stansmithGrapes are ready for Harvest.31.661 SBD
@tygergamerMy Thoughts on Samsung Gear VR31.154 SBD
@schattenjaegerHow Privatized Education Could Look Like30.742 SBD
@steemkatChristmas Beach in New Zealand30.018 SBD
@kkpostsAnimal photography - Turtle (EXPLAINED)30.046 SBD
@michelle.gentI Worked as a Bouncer – 430.275 SBD
@lehardHappiness in Simple Things + Original Art29.370 SBD
@gonzoRental Agreement – An Original Poem29.847 SBD
@martinmooneyIn Cappadocia: a photo essay29.163 SBD
@levinskayaMy third post on the project. It is devoted to Portraits. And Emotions.29.292 SBD
@hanamanaReflection of My Childhood 2: Eating Better at the New Orphanage starting age 7 in Seoul, Korea.29.712 SBD
@kafkanarchy84@kafkanarchy84: "New November" Exclusive Album Release Only on Steemit!29.833 SBD
@thjInktober: Dexter & Dee-Dee, Demon Vampire Chick29.633 SBD
@voronenkaExperiments with drawing on the tablet29.353 SBD
@artist1989Cozy Allure E-Magazine - Premier Issue Oct 12th A Steemit Exclusive!29.175 SBD
@pilotEarly misty morning Portland Daliah Fields29.669 SBD
@kbedoskyPin Up Photography - Impromptu Shoot in the Vintage Shop29.687 SBD
@uuuhha🌄 Touching the Sky – Climbing volcano Aragats in Armenia. Part 2 (Original Photos) Eng/Ru28.001 SBD
@aldentanSometimes the sole, entrepreneur life of awesomeness ain't so awesome after all...28.134 SBD
@slickwillyExploring Wineries Near Charlottesville Virginia Pictures & Ratings28.866 SBD
@jacobcardsTo You (An Original Poem)28.630 SBD
@strangerarrayDtI: Part III28.531 SBD
@rebelmeowOriginal Fiction: Lip Gloss and Power Chords, part two28.884 SBD
@iamwneCreating Architecture With Industrial Materials - Recycle Reuse28.332 SBD
@zaebars😼 Cat, who has not seen snow27.667 SBD
@pairmikeHey! Can I interview you? This is how I started....27.486 SBD
@boosje123Being visually impaired: Follow-up 2: Answering your questions - What would you ask a visually impaired person?27.719 SBD
@surfermarlyTravel photograph story: FAMARA BEACH. An idyllic, sweet little beach village and hot spot for wild surfer souls. Nature is beautiful!27.732 SBD
@ejaredallenHow to Build a Bus- Episode 1127.369 SBD
@charlie.wilsonOpen Mic Night Week 2 -- The End of Yesterday by @charlie.wilson27.998 SBD
@leahmchenry❤️ My Cover of The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel27.394 SBD
@olivera-despinaThe Lady of Snow and Sorrow - 9. The Troll-Maiden27.183 SBD
@aishwaryaHow Travelling Changes You and Why You Should Do It More Often27.337 SBD
@benjamin.stillOn the quest for the elusive Justin Beaver and the discovery of better things27.973 SBD
@xyanthonHere there be dragons - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons27.471 SBD
@steemingnowThe Miracles of Breath: Joga and Meditation Discoveries27.636 SBD
@lamoutheAlternative medicines : when good things can lead to charlatanism (part I)27.046 SBD
@whiskylover#3 [Whisky Club Tasting] Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky26.304 SBD
@chessmonster"Jemez River" Step-By-Step26.042 SBD
@egzoskiReview of movie "Laid in America" - 2016, Stars: KSI, Caspar Lee26.702 SBD
@infinitorImmortality - An original poem by me.26.026 SBD
@creatrWould You Like the World In Your Hand?26.046 SBD
@tinalyngeBlue Phoenix - Chapter 33: Apology26.174 SBD
@psitornThe Effects Of Modern Day Advertising On 21St-Century Society26.332 SBD
@s0u1Awesome day out26.030 SBD
@cryptofarmerThe CRYPTOFARM project: a vision of interdependence // Where are we headed26.755 SBD
@martin-stuessyThe man26.916 SBD
@foxxycatAll about CHOCOLATE in this BROWNIE - 5 reasons to try this recipe26.845 SBD
@orcishHot to the touch ☆original art☆26.414 SBD
@holgermarkgrafSacred Geometry #01 - Spirals, Fibonacci Sequence & Golden Ratio26.155 SBD
@bkkshadowMy Trip to One of the Greatest Football Stadiums on the Planet - La Bombonera26.739 SBD
@annesayaA Thief Behind A Tuxedo, a poem (original)26.509 SBD
@customnatureDaily Nature Fix: The Black Rock Sea Arch - Gatklettur (Original Photos)25.205 SBD
@dekIn the Restaurant's Kitchen: Chef's Delight (Vegeterian Approved!)25.676 SBD
@sulevEditing Your Photos #225.682 SBD
@ben-erringtonAlicia (A Trans Short Story)25.543 SBD
@patjewellDo not judge a book by its cover - fib or fact?25.675 SBD
@gekeGRENDEL'S AUNT (an original poem) - Part 1424.834 SBD
@sgnsteemsPollo con Vino Blanco (Spanish)24.498 SBD
@unhorsepower777Why the guava fruit has a crown (Original translation of Filipino fiction)24.002 SBD
@maryfromsochiStretching for everyone. Lesson 324.243 SBD
@lunnettikI'm a Button (Original Poetry)24.048 SBD

This table is continued in Part 2.

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Thanks again for your dedicated hard work searching for quality work and helping increase the quality of our internet environment, especially the site. Namaste :)


Thanks you too @eric-boucher for being involved with the community! Namaste!

Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate your report. I re-posted.


Thank you too @michaelstobiersk ! Please, join us in #curie at as well, or submit any good posts / accounts that you come across :)


I will. Thank you for the invitation.


I clicked on the link

The page does not load in my browser on my phone.

Any suggestions?


Oh if you want to use mobile, you will need to download Rocket.Chat app (or search rocket chat) and enter


Ok. Sounds like a plan.

Great articles :-)

thank you @curie..your the best! :-)

Thanks for the information!

Once again project @curie have uncovered some very interesting stories. Well done.

excellent after the selected congratulations to all the winners of the day

congratulations to all!

I love these curie posts. I actually use these now more than the "hot" or "trending" listings to find some good worthwhile content. Thanks for your work.


Thanks for the kind words, please join us the the curie chat channel if you're free. We welcome any good submissions, if you happen to spot great accounts / posts that are left in the wild :)

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for your attention and support, @curie!

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