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Try This "Must See" Magical Site Now!

I came across an amazing website today that punched all my "gotta share this" neurons.

Life on our planet has so much to do with global weather; here's an image from a website I just found that provides an amazing amount of current information in interactive, visual form:

Earth Data

Earth Data, Beautifully Visualized - Credit: Cameron Beccario and https://imgsafe.org

I'm Blown Away!

I have absolutely nothing to do with http://earth.nullschool.net; I'm just the messenger. The site was created by Cameron Beccario, and featured on NASA's wonderful APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) page.

The site is an ideal combination of "beautiful" and "functional."

You can use your mouse to "hold the world in your hand," zooming in for a closer look, rotating the globe to any orientation that suits you.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew, Closeup - Credit: Cameron Beccario and https://imgsafe.org

What are you seeing there?

When the Earth appears in your browser window, you are seeing a supercomputer forecast of global weather, updated every three hours.

You can "take control" and view other things like ocean currents, surface temperatures, and waves. An incredible amount of detail is available, either through a menu or through keyboard shortcuts.

Hurricane Matthew

Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) View of Matthew - Credit: Cameron Beccario and https://imgsafe.org

How Can You Use The Site?

Go to this page for a complete list of what you can see and how to look at it. Just click on the word "earth" in the lower-left corner of the page to access the click-able menu. You can also find a link telling how you can purchase artwork to support the site.

I've only begun "fiddling" with the site, and so I am not an adept at using it - but I wanted to get it into your hands at the earliest opportunity. I hope you'll soon be enjoying http://earth.nullschool.net as much as I have been.

Bravo, and Thank You Very Much, Cameron Beccario.

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So this is pretty cool! I was playing around with it and looking at CO2 currently around the planet.

The lighter the color (more white) the more CO2, so its clear that the greatest amounts of CO2 come from the eastern coast of the US.


Yeah, it is really cool!

I'll bet your CO2 picture would match pretty well a satellite composite of night time artificial lighting!

How about that... Yes, yes it does:

Thanks for sharing... ;)

Excellent and interesting article, I liked.

alt text


Thank you for noticing and liking, @siams.