Color Challenge - Yellow Wednesday - Clothes

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye Oatmeal in Vietnam.

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas as seen in this photo.

People Are Beautiful

Regardless of your country, you are beautiful.

Government doesn't like it when we the people meet.

When you meet people on the other side of the world, you fall in love with them.

That is Christmas in July

2012-12-11 Kim Me 01.jpg
2012-12-11: Papa Foods, Bac Ninh, Vietnam: Kim Kardashian & Kanye Oatmeal.

Waffle House Shooting Hero Raised Money in a day.
Waffle House Hero.png
If he can be a hero, why can't you be a hero?

Riots in France.

France Riots.png

Osama Bin Laden Body Guard gets $1,300 USD/month in German welfare.
Bin Laden Body Guard Gets German Welfare.png
He has to report to police daily but still gets welfare.

But Germans are Dying in Poverty

German HELL We in Poverty.png
Screenshot at 2018-04-25 16:43:34.png

Color Challenge - Yellow Wednesday - Clothes

2012-12-11: PF BN VN Kim JA
2018-04-25 Wednesday 05:31 PM LMS: CC YW Clothes
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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Very nice... very rich in content... Thanks for sharing... Have a @funworlding time :)

We live in a Fun World for sure.

Followed u👍

How are you?

Yes I totally agree with meeting people from different countries, different languages, different skin tones, different religions different whatever.... It doesn't stop every one of them, smiling, laughing enjoying the understanding and support of another human being.
When I was backpacking through Africa, I couldn't speak the language of one tribe in Malawi but I spent the day, laughing, playing, smiling and sharing each others company. It finished with us having a fire on the beach that we sung and danced around when neither of us knew more than a couple of words that the other understood.
A great memory. 😃

Awesome, you were in Africa, I was in Vietnam, Hawaii, Canada, & humans share in so many ways & we can support the free speech of people we do not like, people we hate, ideas we dislike, things we may label as hate speech, spam, terrorism, unsafe, bad stuff, anything e do not like, scary things, scams, etc, and again, keyword on the word "UNSAFE" and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg says they ban anything that can be or might be UNSAFE or this thing or that thing and YouTube does it and Twitter does it and Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many are doing it, and we the people are against excessive, unfair, unchecked, unsupported, unelected, unrepresented, centralized control.


Looking so beautiful in you first photo of this post.
All videos are great, very funny and informative.
You are doing well.
Great job, I am impressed.
Keep it up, and thanks for sharing this nice post.
May you live long, happy with your sweet wife and family.

Take care.

You look healthier in your photo here. Christmas in July? Why not :D

I was getting fat in that photo.

Helloooo here!

How are you?