My Steemit Photblog Series has hit 500 Episodes!!!

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That's right the big 5-0-0!!! 500 episodes of my steemit series titled Something From My Bar Whenever I Fell Like It Series. It all started on Aug 16, 2016. 1 year 3 Months and 17 Days from the first to the 500th Episode. There has been at least one episode every day except one. Can't believe it's been that long. Unfortunately I don't know how much longer I can continue the series. If you saw Episode 500 then you know I still have a bunch of cars for episodes but I'm running out of everything else. Some bottles left to go still too but not many fancy ones left. Some day it will come to an end but for now it will continue for at least a few more weeks.


Episode 500 Wall NASCAR Car Case


Episode 403 2 Rusty Wallace Mobile Clean 7500 Autographed
Episode 406 24 Jeff Gordon Foundation Speed Racer
Episode 413 3 Dale Jr. Busch Series Photo Car
Episode 420 50 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's Motor Speedway Autographed
Episode 427 5 Mark Martin Carquest/Pop-Tarts Autographed
Episode 434 24 Jeff Gordon Foundation Poker Challenge
Episode 441 24 Jeff Gordon Foundation Sesame Street 35 Years
Episode 448 8 Dale Jr Bud Born on Date
Episode 455 24 Jeff Gordon Foundation Underdog
Episode 462 6 Mark Martin Ameriquest Autographed
Episode 470 48 Lowe's Metallic
Episode 4776 Mark Martin Pennzoil Platinum Platinum Autographed
Episode 481 5 Kyle Busch Kellog's Cars
Episode 484 5 Kyle Busch Kellog's Gold Autographed
Episode 491 98 Digger
Episode 498 6 David Regan UPS Autographed


Episode 404 Arrow Vodka Cossack Bottle
Episode 411 Log Cabin Syrup Bi-Centennial Bottle
Episode 418 Don Cossack Vodka
Episode 425Old Fitzgerald Four Seasons Decanter
Episode 432 Commander St. John 1947
Episode 439 Arrow Vodka Crown Bottle
Episode 446 Mogen Davide Limited Edition Decanter
Episode 453 Schenley Reserve
Episode 460 Gold Wire Bottle
Episode 468 Calvert Reserve
Episode 475 Holland House Side Car Mix
Episode 492 Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
Episode 489 Tim McGraw Wine
Episode 495 Blue/Gold Decanter Candy Dish Set
Episode 496 1998 Domaine Maury Merlot


Episode 401 Ohio State Alma Matter Glass
Episode 408 Flag Glass
Episode 415 Dog Glass
Episode 422 Ohio State Buckeye Glass
Episode 429 MOO-COW Creamer Dispenser
Episode 436 T-Rex Jelly Glass
Episode 443 You Glass
Episode 450 Ohio Buckeye State Glass
Episode 457 Penguins 30th Anniversary Cup
Episode 465 This is Buckeye Country
Episode 472 Blackburn's Jelly Jar Mugs
Episode 479 Purple/Green Serving Set
Episode 486 Steelers ICEE Cups
Episode 493 Bengals/Browns Drink Cups

Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

Episode 407 Color Crystal Castle
Episode 414 Chinese Dragons
Episode 421Clear Crystal Castle
Episode 428 The Messenger
Episode 335 Tall Pewter/Crystal Castle
Episode 442 Guardian of the Crystal Dragon Wizard
Episode 449 Tiny Castle on Globe
Episode 456 Gryphon Statue
Episode 463 Merlin
Episode 471 Large Pewter Castle
Episode 478 Large Crystal Castle
Episode 485 Crystal Geode Dragon
Episode 492 Pegasus
Episode 499 Gold Eagle


Episode 405 Mogen David Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy
Episode 412 Southern Comfort How to Make the 32 Most Popular Drinks
Episode 419 Chambord Special Cocktail and Cooking Recipes
Episode 426 AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide
Episode 433 AD&D Monster Manual
Episode 440 AD&D Players Handbook
Episode 447 AD&D Fiend Folio
Episode 454 AD&D Monster Manual II
Episode 461 Assembler Language Programming for the IBM 370
Episode 469 TV Guide Star Wars A Special Tribute
Episode 476 Discover Magizine On the Origin of Amazonian Species
Episode 483 Machinist's Ready Reference
Episode 490 TV Guide NASCAR Dynamic Duos
Episode 497 National Geographic Neanderthals


Episode 402 Slot Machine Bank
Episode 409 Drakkar Noir Thermos
Episode 410 Chemistry Beaker/Flask
Episode 416 Drink Stirrer/Straw Holder
Episode 417 Bud Light Lighters
Episode 423 Canadian Goose Figurine
Episode 424 Owl Figureines
Episode 430 Gold Slinky
Episode 431 Ash Trey/Lighter Set
Episode 437 Owl Radio
Episode 438 Red/Gold Set of Something
Episode 444 glass Penguin
Episode 445 Lenox Ceramic Whales)
Episode 451 Glass Marlin
Episode 452 Glass Pelican Eating Fish
Episode 458 Purple/Blue Glass Paperweight
Episode 459 Blue Glass Fish with Orange Fish
Episode 466 Crystal Apple
Episode 467 Resin Coasters
Episode 473 Pink/White Glass Fish
Episode 474 Glass Fish Tank
Episode 480 Blue Glass Squirrel
Episode 487 Kings Island Ash Trey
Episode 488 "Buckeye" Bowls
Episode 494 Blue fish

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