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i have been on steemit for a few days. you start with a reputation score of 25. for some unexplained (jack-t-ass-k-t-a-r-e-d-) reason, i have been down voted to 3. apparently you need 10 to upload a picture. now the problem with this is, i have disagreed with other posts and people, however i did not down vote, instead, i extended myself with my thoughts and conversation. this silent stalking is basic lie advocating n0 w/(h) 0/m e/n d can be (a) d ew/(h) e (a)d -debt - among t-hie-ven-d- this will be posted on steemit next, and i have sent communique to ned at steemit, one of the founders, if i remember what i read. then this excursion will be part of www.g0fig.is


https://www.facebook.com/Xubrnt/photos/rpp.468230276541922/1862039327161003/?type=3&theater quochuy a witness, downvoted me for contacting him to bring witness !

what is your right to down grade my expression, based on not actually investigating the person before you even d . jack-t-ass-(k-t-) a-ye- (a-) t- ass- (k-) t- a- r- e- d/d- he-ye- (a-) t- u- b- Lack- t- a- p- ass- (k-) t- greenstar, lukestokes, quochuy, samuel douglas THESE ARE YOUR WITNESSES PAID TO KEEP JACK-T-ASS-K- T- A-BE-AD-0F-T- H-C- 0/M-P- (L-) E- A- T- (B-) U/N- E/E- (D-) K- T- HIE-VEN-D-E/B-T- A- RE- D- E/B- T- ASS- (N-) E/E- K- T- https://www.facebook.com/Xubrnt/photos/rpp.468230276541922/1862039327161003/?type=3&theater
YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY investigating the person before you tu b e/e n (d) ea.r (t/h) d your witnesses are jack-t-ass-(k-) tu-b- Lack-t-

samueldouglas, greenstar, lukestoke, quochuy downvoted me as witnesses for my post to bring them as a witness. w-t-f- further, sam mule douglas said Don't randomly spam people, unless you want to get downvoted further.
xubrnt2OP2 hours ago
i am not randomly spamming, you are, without sound presence to return debt ass t a r e a.d.

this is my tweet to steemit @ned
my account has been downvoted, such that i cannot load a picture.
there has been no explanation. please see my comments. here, i disagree, i explain why, and i did not downvote. i would expect the diplomacy to be inherently extended. in that it is not, i am both necessary and valid to seek tooth ass (t) aught, and being denied the opportunity among -(L-) ew/e- d-

"gew-gaw" is a showy worthless thing, gaw : guaranteed annual wage - (re-) d- e/b- t- ass- p- (L-) at- e- ye- (a-)t- for all you "w/- i/t- ness- t-" can bring t 0/d at e

i have been flagged by a bot, that said i am "bad" the bot is made tu-b-(e-) ad- 0f- e-(e-) t- e-ye- (a-) t- you are bad for not carrying 0 value t 0/0 t/h e (w/e) L/L (h) a (n) d ew/e


i commented on the witness themarkymark, on his article about "repairing your own hard ware" he down voted me. the point is, he-t- is- i-re- e- L-e-ye- fiction-nail-t- 0/0-t-he-re- (a-) p- (t-) a- (i-) r- e- d- i'm saying, he thinks i am whimsical in displaying, what, a desire for witness t, and markymark-t- caste me d-own- no seriously, w-t- (a-gratuitious-) f- (b-) uck-t-be- d- h- a-ve- i- d- 0f- t- (ass-) augh- t- 0ff- h- (b-) 0ugh- t-

i voted for you and you should also vote and follow for me.

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