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in g0fig •  9 months ago

i have been on steemit for a few days. you start with a reputation score of 25. for some unexplained (jack-t-ass-k-t-a-r-e-d-) reason, i have been down voted to 3. apparently you need 10 to upload a picture. now the problem with this is, i have disagreed with other posts and people, however i did not down vote, instead, i extended myself with my thoughts and conversation. this silent stalking is basic lie advocating n0 w/(h) 0/m e/n d can be (a) d ew/(h) e (a)d -debt - among t-hie-ven-d- this will be posted on steemit next, and i have sent communique to ned at steemit, one of the founders, if i remember what i read. then this excursion will be part of www.g0fig.is

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https://www.facebook.com/Xubrnt/photos/rpp.468230276541922/1862039327161003/?type=3&theater quochuy a witness, downvoted me for contacting him to bring witness !

what is your right to down grade my expression, based on not actually investigating the person before you even d . jack-t-ass-(k-t-) a-ye- (a-) t- ass- (k-) t- a- r- e- d/d- he-ye- (a-) t- u- b- Lack- t- a- p- ass- (k-) t- greenstar, lukestokes, quochuy, samuel douglas THESE ARE YOUR WITNESSES PAID TO KEEP JACK-T-ASS-K- T- A-BE-AD-0F-T- H-C- 0/M-P- (L-) E- A- T- (B-) U/N- E/E- (D-) K- T- HIE-VEN-D-E/B-T- A- RE- D- E/B- T- ASS- (N-) E/E- K- T- https://www.facebook.com/Xubrnt/photos/rpp.468230276541922/1862039327161003/?type=3&theater
YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY investigating the person before you tu b e/e n (d) ea.r (t/h) d your witnesses are jack-t-ass-(k-) tu-b- Lack-t-

I know it's your artistic license and all but you might come across better if you didn't write so... artistically. Most or all people aren't going to understand what you're saying, and it comes off as nonsense.

i voted for you and you should also vote and follow for me.