[Completed!] Making Your Way on Steemit - A 10 Chapter Full Steem Guide for New Users - Minnows - Make their Way on the Steem Blockchain!

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Hi Steemians,

After a few months of work I finally completed the first 10 Chapters of the Full Steem Guide for New Users - Minnows - Make their Way on the Steem Blockchain!

I want to give a big shout of appreciation for all of my followers, and several steemians, such as @teamsteem , @blocktrades , @lukestokes , @steempower , @starkerz , @cryptographic , @stephenkendal , @extrospect , @enki , @alexis555 , @ebargains , that have been supporting with all their best to make the chapters be reached to the most possible hands.

Making Your Way on Steemit - A 10 Chapter Full Steem Guide for New Users - Minnows - Make their Way on the Blockchain - copia.jpg

Chapter #1: What you need to know to be more confident and set your way on Steemit

[Posted on December 27th 2017]

1- You just signed up, whats next?
2- How fast can I earn rewards on steemit?
3- 3 ways I can earn rewards in the steemiot platform (Posting, Commenting, Curating)
4- What is an upvote, comment, resteem, follow?
5- Lets learn about the wallet area: Basics

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @teamsteem , @cryptoctopus, @timcliff (The voice of the community), @cryptogaphic , @blocktrades , @elear

Chapter #2: Focusing on the Wallet to learn as much as possible about it

[Posted on December 29th, 2017]

1- How to use the Steem Wallet?
2- How to transfer funds from my steemit wallet to a cryptoexchange?
3- What are the 2 cryptocurrencies on the Steem Blockchain?
4- How to convert steem or sbd into Bitcoin, Eth, Ltc or other crypto?
5- Amazing Bonus: The crypto managing spreadsheet and calculator by @lukestokes and Pablo Yabo

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @cryptos , @stanleyfordyale , @steemitguide , @mindhunter , @billbutler, @blocktrades , @thecrytotrader , @ilyastarar , @timcliff (The voice of the community), @steempowerwhale , @steempower , @glennolua , @jesta , @dan-atstarlite , @lukestokes and Pablo Yabo

Chapter #3: Where do Resources Funds on Upvotes come from?

[Posted on January 1st 2018]

1- What is voting power?
2- What is SP (Steem Power)?
3- What happens when we power up? And what happens when we power down?
4- How much votes can we do per day so that it can get recovered at 100% again in 24 hours?
5- Steem applications to check the steem blockchain transactions + check voting power remaining
6- Where do resources for votes come from?
7- What does the reputation number next to your username at the top of your blog means, and what is it for?

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @tuck-fheman , @inventor16 , @blocktrades , @cryptographic , @dantheman (the brilliant blockchain visionary), @penguinpablo , @boxmining , @donkeypong , @rulesforrebels , @steevc , @roadscape , @dan-atstarlite , @cerebralace

Chapter #4: Keeping your Steem cryptocurrency Safe - Understanding the Steem Wallet

[Posted on January 3rd 2018]

1- How can I help keep my steem account safe/secure, by using the different private/public keys on steemit, and keeping safe the ones that do not need to be used?
2- Example of using @blocktrades to keep your Bitshares account safer, when converting/transferring crypto from an exchange or Steemit to Bitshares.

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @blocktrades , @jerrybanfield , @pfunk , @steemitguide , @thecryptofiend , @dantheman (the brilliant blockchain visionary)

Chapter #5: Other ways to earn on the Steem Blockchain

[Posted on January 8th 2018]

1- Make Contributions in @utopian-io
2- By delegating SP to minnowbooster
3- By investing Steem, and Powering Up on the platform
4- By delegating being a sponsor in @utopian-io
5- By promoting steemit in your country, city or town with #promo-steem created by @starkerz and @stephenkendal
6- By purchasing a delegation of SP from @blocktrades and curating content on the website. This will not only give you more rewards for the curated content, but will also provide more influence on the platform for the delegated time.

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @blocktrades , @lukestokes , @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @aggroed , @minnowbooster , @timcliff (The voice of the community), @terrybrock , @steemit , @starkerz and @stephenkendal

Chapter #6: The Vision of its Creators, and the Power of the Steem Blockchain (Current Developments and the Ones in Process)

[Posted on January 12th 2018]

1- What's the vision of Steem and Steemit?
2- Why is the Steem Blockchain so powerful?
3- What are SMTs, and what are they planning to achieve?
4- What is @utopian-io?

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @blocktrades , @lukestokes , @cryptographic , @extrospect , @starkerz , @teamsteem , @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @exyle , @cryptoctopus , @jerrybanfield , @mooncryption , @aggroed

Chapter #7: Using bots to upvote quality posts you want to be reached by more people

[Posted on January 18th 2018]

1- What are upvoting Bots?
2- How to use them with quality posts and to gain more visibility?
3- How to use Bot Tracker by @yabapmatt to help you choose the best bidding bot
4- Important bots to reduce spam and double posting, like @cheetah created by @anyx
5- What Important people on Steemit think about voting bots.
6-Some important projects about voting bots are @smartsteem / @smartmarket as well as @minnowbooster

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @yabapmatt , @jerrybanfield , @anyx , @blocktrades , @lukestokes , @extrospect , @cryptographic , @elear, @inquiringtimes @therealwolf

Chapter #8: How Making Connections with other Smart & Creative People that have our same likes make steemit and our way on steemit better

[Posted on January 23rd 2018]

1- How to make a success path way on Steemit?
2- Getting to know smart and creative people on the platform
3- Collaborate with your knowledge and experience, to help the platform grow
4- Get to know the needs of the Community and see were your knowledge fits in order to help it be a better place

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @lukestokes , @cryptoctopus , @timcliff , @terrybrock , @bigsilver , @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @theaustrianguy, @aggroed

Chapter #9: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of specific topics on Steemit

1- Trading & Investing Experts
2- Cryptocurrency Early Adopters
3- Steem Blockchain Experts & Developers
4- Steem Marketing Experts
5- [What type of Expert advice are you interested in? There is almost expertize on every industry]

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @lukestokes @starkerz @blocktrades @cryptographic @extrospect @stephenkendal @therealwolf @teamsteem @trogdor @timcliff @stephenkendal @boxmining @g-dubs @donkeypong @adsactly @elear @jesta @trogdor @anarcotech @terrybrock @jerrybanfield

Chapter #10: Useful apps on the Steem Blockchain

1- Steem Now by @penguinpablo
2- Steemd.com by @roadscape
3- Steem DB by @jesta
4- Steem World by @steemchiller
5- mysteemitfriends.online by @magicmonk
6- Steem Reports by @andybets
7- Rating by @t3ran13
8- eSteem by @good-karma
9- Steem Invite by @Pharesim
10- SteemIyt by @emptyname
11- Steem Ocean by @ura-soul
12- Steem Filter by @vitkolesnik
13- Tool.Steem.World by @segyepark
14- SteemViz by @ausbitbank
15- Steem Cool by @blueorgy
16- Steem Dollar by @mauricemikkers
17- EDD Steem by @recrypto
18- Steem PacMan by @netuoso
19- Who Muted Me by @oflyhigh
20- AnonSteem by @someguy123
21- STEEMER.NET by @cryptomonitor
22- MinnowSupport Project by @aggroed
23- Steem Files by @leprechaun
24- Steem Supply by @dragosroua
25- UpVoters by @elviento
26- D.Pics by @wehmoen
27- SteemSpot by @originate
28- Steem Who by @mikehere
29- SteemGar by @igster
30- Steem Alerts by @tabris

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @penguinpablo @roadscape @jesta @steemchiller @magicmonk @andybets @t3ran13 @good-karma @Pharesim @emptyname @ura-soul @vitkolesnik @segyepark @ausbitbank @blueorgy @mauricemikkers @recrypto @netuoso @oflyhigh @someguy123 @cryptomonitor @aggroed @leprechaun @dragosroua @elviento @wehmoen @originate @mikehere @igster @tabris


This post and all of the posts I make are NOT investing advise, and it is not a motivation to invest. Its just my research and opinion on the Apps. As always DYOR (Do your own research).

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Thank you, this looks nice. And here is a list of tools that I develop so far ^_^


Hi @justyy ! I will definitely present some of yours, thanks for sharing!

Regards, @gold84

This is an exceptional series of articles. They are also very useful. It would be very helpful for our community to translate them into Romanian, if you allow us. Obviously by specifying the source and linking to the original article. What do you say about this idea?

Wow, you deserve much more for what you have done here, you have all my respect!


Thanks @mejustandrew for your comment and support and for noticing the work placed here. As usual, lots of trash content is on trending and hot, and when content is good and can help the entire ecosystem, it gets a few votes.

I am not saying this because I have done it. Its because I got more than 500 comments on the 10 chapters combined, with people glad they found the guide.

On the first chapters I got the attention of @blocktrades and @steempower as well as other whales, and the main reason was that it was getting above 150 comments, and this was due to the reason I posted it on introduceyourself tag were many new users check. And I did it because they would benefit of this, and indeed they had. But the steem cleaners came and said I could not use that tag more than once. I understand the rules and have not used it after they told me, but, there are cases were I think exceptions count. In this case, because of not using it, the amount of viewers and comments were reduced to 10% of what I got by using that tag.

In any case, I have done a quality thing to add value to the blockchain and that is what counts for me.

Regards, @gold84


I find this to still be undervalued and still lacking visibility, I will try my best to pass it on with each opportunity. Well done here, you were very dedicated with this one!

Great! Resteeming this as it was my basis to starr as well! Thanks for the great content and information which has gotten me started. Although I am still learning and have much to do, I feel I have your guide as a backdrop in case I am hesitant before starting any new initiatives. Thanks!

Very informative sharing thanks

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Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;



haha, it is not that simple to gain followers, especially important people to follow you. You should write real comments instead of copy-pasting the same one to everybody :)


Ok thank you

Great job! Thank you! If only I'd read this a little earlier...)

Thank you so much for this very in depth and informative post.

I just completed my 90 days here on steemit but still I feel new. In fact compared to some of the older users, I am new. The thing is that I haven't really found my footing here and was looking for some kind of a long running guideline to help me out.
This post popped up in me feed thanks to @lukestokes and I am thinking of giving this a try. Thanks.

This compilation of resources is fantastic! Thank you!

So many useful apps!

O man, just great! Will defenitly read a few chapters of these! For sure the ones about security and the apps.

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Awesome set of resources, thank you for compiling!!!

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Wow... must read this post carefully...
I look for post like this since i joined Steemit a month ago...
Very big thanks for this very very useful knowledge...😍😍

Great job, and so extensive! Too bad posts like this gets locked out. Would you be updating the resources via this comment section if there's any updates or changes to your content?