Thirty-ninth week in pictures (39/52)

in photography •  5 months ago

Good Night!

Catching up. I will need to do these quickly I think. ;)

One photo every day: Miro and the long-wave transmitter.
Miro and the long-wave transmitter.

Creamed creativity
One photo every day: Creamed creativity

One photo every day: Shakers

One photo every day: Something in my sleeve
Something in my sleeve

One photo every day: Just an idea
*Just an idea *

One photo every day: Multi-vitamin drink
Multi-vitamin drink

One photo every day: Palm Sunday – Easter witches
Palm Sunday – Easter witches

For some reason I ended up neglecting the weeklies, and now the whole project is ending. Maybe if I push all these weeklies one after another and flood spam the blockchain with updates for a couple of days I can get them all published in time. Or not. :D

Anyway, I hope you like this batch of memories!

More to come...

Public OPED Project Announcement:

One Photo Everyday is not just a challenge nor just a series of posts on Steemit but it’s our way of providing valuable pictures everyday to our amazing community in order to promote the storytelling through the lens of the cameras.

Feel free to join our discord server.

We've created channels where people can find other like-minded photographers wanting to pursue a daily routine, and create their own 365 project. If you fall into motivational or inspirational problems, there'll be a channel where you may seek help. There's also a channel for sharing tips and advice in photography.

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Clouds (360/365)
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The Box (363/365) + Ninnun metsäretki // Ninnu in the forest

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I have got a little bit busy weekend! So I think I have missed few of these photography this week! All are so great!


I've tried to do a daily photo series but I keep getting sidetracked. How did you stay so disciplined to do it for a whole year? Great Job!


I wonder, I can't say what happened, because I'm normally the kind of guy who gets bored and sidetracked very easily.

Maybe it's the audience, the reception that my photos got that eventually gave me the strength and tenacity to continue.

Hi gamer. You have had to be really creative to keep the photos coming. you have done really well and the end is now in sight.

Week 39? You missed a few posts in the last few weeks....

You had a lot of time if you made a report like this one.

I remember a lot about the shaving cream, I confused it with a typical sweet in my country, in yours you told me that it is called merengue.


Hahaha, I surely need a lot of time doing these as my mouse is failing on me and keeps disconnecting all the time! ;D

Yeah I remember the merengue!


Okay good a suggestion for closing, make one with the best of the month, bone with the twelve best photos of the 365. and this is one of the best.


I need to pick up a challenge of a sort to make me more active.. haven’t posted in ages.

I love every photo that you always upload, they are all well defined and with a very personal style, keep it up!

Quite an interesting week you had great flashback of the week :D

Wonderful week! So painful I missed all days of it... Just been too busy attending classes and I've got lesser time to spend on the steem blockchain...

Photography of snake is amazing. Yes steemit is a community which give you liberty to share what do you want. one day one photo is a nice way to express yourself in this amazing community. Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Your life seems to be very busy with lots of activities nowadays! I hope the gym training is making you much stronger and healthier!
Hope you could catch up with your sleep.

fantabulous weeks :) good night sweet dreams :)

Your one photo everyday project comes to an end . It's good and memorable project

These all images so adorable. I most prefer to see Miro and the long-wave transmitter. There's Miro seems king of the kingdoms looks. Great shots of 39th week.

A lot of dedication here... almost too much to contemplate!

The idea of ​​the channel is good!

You are the guy who makes everything possible,i am glad of your work.

good way to play with light and directions in your images I like it, greetings

Nice Picture gamer00 ! :D
We would love to invite you to our Discord server.
In here we have more artists for you to connect to and
the ability to promote yourself and your blogs. Keep on Steemin my friend !

Keep on going buddy with the project of yours .

It sure is going great without a doubt .

Another great week just past ;)

What do you think about repeating the photo of Miro near the radio towers but now that it is summer.

@gamer00 - Sir that creamed creativity photography is so beautiful... Nice weekly photo collection Sir... Nice you decided to share it...


So Miro transmitted that you had a three quarter full idea that created a vitamin filled cream creation that shook things up on Palm Sunday while you had something up your sleeve. Hmm, busy busy busy.