One photo every day: The Box (363/365) + Ninnun metsäretki // Ninnu in the forest

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Hey! :)

We built a box from Ikea! And here are some photos.

Building the box

The box is ready.

Ninnu found the balcony.

Vera basically needed the box to put these things away.

I think the balcony looks a lot spacier now.

Looking down.

Also, when I took Ninnu for her walk today, I also shot a video. :) Uploaded it on D.Tube. I hope this post is formatted well.

The scene from the video. :)

I'm thinking of a possibility of making some streams in the future. Now I haven't had much time to do them before but I guess that when I get my 365-project done, I might be able to allot some of my time to making streams. The themes will likely revolve around photography and also games. (I was encouraged by @vectorabbot, @trumpit and @calimeatwagon to create some retro game streams of my childhood games on the Commodore c64.) Hopefully it'll all work out.

Enjoy the photos and the video! :) See ya!

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I have just seen than Ninnu's cage! I think I need to see more photos to get a clear idea about your home! Coz I was thought it was a ground floor! I think I am wrong!


What a good idea that proposal you made to change the format .. but I really hope to continue in many following opportunities by publishing your photos. I in the project of a photo diaira I go for the day 75/365

Hi gamer. Love it when Ninnu starts to dig. She gets really excited. Looking forward to seeing some of the retro games. Maybe I will recognize some of them.

Cool the box match perfectly with the floor, ninnu seems smaller haha, I remember that several months ago you also talked about wanting to do some podcasts about photography and gaming but Dtube streaming sound interesting too, I guess you'll see with all the free time you'll have.

I’m preparing myself to be building loads of boxes and other sorts of furniture soon after I move..😄

I think he is looking for something in the jungle.

Beautiful box. Is this for Ninu or for so e thing else.

I am really impressed by the love you have for ninnu.

Glad to hear and see 365 Project done today @gamer00.
Ninnu so excited and enjoyed with walking and running inside jungle. For whom build up box ready? Tremendous shot of Ninnu found Balcony finally.

how cutely he is walking, you should set him free ;/


Not he. Ninu is She


Not he. Ninu is She

Not a Ninu. She name's Ninnu....Mistakenly you forget to type "n"

The box is ready.

You forget to told what's reason for above. Hope Ninnu will go for new house. She pretty happy then. Impressive video of Ninnu's walk & run.

@gamer00, You got massive exercise through with Ninnu's walking in the forest. Ha ha finally you run away with Ninnu. :D Best classy Dtube uploading. Also outstanding box ready to Ninnu.

You are privileged to have those little forests in the middle of your city. Having that contact with nature almost every day is priceless

the superb idea of streaming sir anxiously waiting for new project hope it is damn good as previous one..🤩🤗😎

Really nice box , is it for Ninnu?and happy to see Ninnu's video that she is enjoying the forest, this is the first time i saw her video.

Wow its awesome so simple but too effective.

That is really a handy box!

That box is now looking perfect add the elegant look to the surrounding

@gamer00 - Sir did you made that box at home? Nice work Sir... It looks so good... When you need you can use it as a chair too Sir...