One photo every day: Saab JAS 39 Gripen (357/365)

in onephotoeveryday •  5 months ago

Hello again!

Here's the first shot I processed from today's set of over 1500 photos! :)

Saab JAS 39 Gripen

Camera body:
Canon EOS 550D
EF 75-300mm
ƒ/4-5.6 III
300 mm

I'll get some sleep now, but I'll let the computer crunch all the rest of those files into editable photos while I sleep. When I get back from gym today I'll be doing some editing and post more!

See you tomorrow then!

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beautiful❤️❤️looking forward for more ❤️

Really worth sharing, just like those ones I used to see while watching TV. How are you going to show us the remaining 1490pictures sir


Shot by shot, for the remaining 1499 days. ;)


Uhm, I will be waiting patiently for it, I can't afford to miss one entry of it. But sharing might take up to three years and even more.


I was just kidding. I might post some of them, but not all. Only the best ones.


Ah, you actually kept me in suspense, thought you intend to go by the initial plan of sharing it everyday, it would have been fun.


Haha, I very much doubt that. I think that might have been a nice mock project to complement my current 365 project, but I'm not sure if it would actually work.

People might get bored if it's the same thing over and over each day. ;)


It will surely work, you will just make it like a memorial picture, for example day 1 to any day you wish.
It won't be bored since there is always reward, once that is in place, then people are fine.

That is the official aircraft of the Finnish air forces? Here after making some suspicious deals with Russia they bought some Sukhoi Su-30MK2 as if we really needed that and suspects because part of the deal was to establish Kalashnikov factories, which were never made but but they were paid, anyway really cool shot @gamer00 it could not be very high when you took that picture.


The JAS 39 Gripen came to visit from the Swedish flygvapnet along with two other of its kind. The Finnish Air Force doesn't have any Gripens though. What we have are F/A-18 Hornets.

nice click. @gamer00 Wow you have huge collection of air show photo. So let's hope we have 1500 days with photos of amazing jet planes. By the way which camera you use for taking photo. Result is amazing:). keep sharaing @gamer00

Very nice man, really good shot. Looking forward to more

Wow that really great!

Beautiful and lovely jet photo, the photo looks really clear and sharp

Great photo! Perfect timing to capture the fast moving jet.

Perfect click of jet fighter

Awesome capture of fighter jet

Good choice to be the first photo of thousands!

fanatisc shot of airshow. Looking great.

sharp photography of this quick movement. impressive capture. @gamer00


@gamer00, Omg...I see your next post just now. You early uploaded Air show click of Jet Fighter.

When I get back from gym today I'll be doing some editing and post more!

Woot...It means lot. I'll see more clicks of Jets and Helicopters from the flight mode. Good night & see ya.

Now, if only I could get a Saab that could do that. My commute would become a breeze. Actually, I would create the breeze! Ha ha. That could sound bad. ;)

Lot of sharpness capture took @gamer00. You've another 1499 captures for next 1499 blogs :D
Saab JAS 39 so clear on the sky.

That's most powerful shot like as these jet liner...Nice speedy recovery and on-time you took clear shot. Amazing effort Jaro.
Good night & sweet dreams!

It did not take long to upload the first photo, this is amazing ships, good capture

Great Shot @gamer00 , thanks for sharing

Brightness and sharpness cleverly deserved above photo shot. Great shot. Saab JAS 39 Gripen seems best fighter Jet module.

You did end up going! :) I went crazy with the photos too, haven't yet gone through them on camera, have to delete a lot of them before putting anything on to the computer!

This is really awesome sir,thank you.

Wow! What a cool photography of Saab JAS 39 Gripen!

Incredible photograph of the aircraft, I hope you sleep well

you capture the fast moving jet. The picture is good even though the speed is very fast. it's really nice job.

Thank you so much for sharing with us

Wow'The plane's image is very beautiful.
thanks for sharing

What power, these machines can fly at incredible speeds, it is impressive that you could capture a precise and precise photograph

How did you capture it! I think it might be a quick shot! Coz those are too fast to capture in Camera eye! Great photography Jaro!


you really captured that well its not that easy shot but you made it look easy that's perfection :)

Just out of curiosity look on the internet to know a little more about this hunting plane.
wait for the next publications of these aircraft, or of the presentation

Achievement, take pictures from the ground to these parked planes.

The Saab 39 Gripen, designated JAS 39 Gripen by the Swedish Air Force, is a light, single-engine, multi-purpose fighter developed in the 1980s by the Swedish consortium of companies IG-JAS, led by the aerospace company Saab.

I will be attentive to your photographic deliveries

Gripen are some of the best planes. And the picture is great.

Hi gamer. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Look forward to the rest of the shots.

That is a cool pic!