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Where's my tail! Oh no it's not there :D Ah I just found it :D Nice video Jaro! She is pretty cool!


I don't know, but it feels like Ninnu project is about to come to life, but I still can't figure out how it will be.

Ninnu is the cutest spinny-puppy

Yep..sure...Ninnu turn around same place :D Impressive video finally Ninnu want to shown his face and tongue to steemians. :P

I give 100 marks to Ninnu. You know why I told it. She already touched my mind. If I have ability to stolen her, definitely will do. I know theft is totally worst thing. But.......If Ninnu so cute.
If you get upset apologize to me. I just kidding Jaro

I also like it when puppies try and catch their tails. I take it you are the favorite as you spend so much time with Ninnu. Dogs normally have one they go to all the time. My wife gets the Bull mastiff and I have the Labrador following me everywhere.

Really Ninnu is so cute but what happened to her , why is she spinning so fast? Think she wants to go jungle again. At first i didn't recognise Ninnu, when i watched her supper spin video, then recognised her.

I see that you are very fond of Ninnu, of truth she is a coquette, and she knows that. LOL
Because it lends itself to be photographed and recorded.

Congratulations to you also for being on the list of No. 23, TOP 200 effective Steemit сurators that encourage discussion for the last week (2018.06.11-2018.06.17), it is an honor to be part of those friends of yours and Markku He was the one who informed us of that great news.


That's good news indeed. Thanks :)

Ninnu is a god-sent, as I couldn't get as much exercise as I now do with her around. :)

She’s super cute! Funny how dogs always do these weird things.. like chasing their tails for a minute.. 😄

Woot she's spin dancing; great for our eyes see her smart reaction.
Ninnu seriously so cute and attractive puppy I've ever seen.

Hahaha very cute video. I love ninnu's color. Glad to see her finally in a video

that just made my day haha never seen something like this :D

She is quite busy for now as it seems catching the tails for now ;)

She sure is the cutest :)

Very happy to see Ninnu everyday! She is the star!
I think you ought to get her some toys!!
She’s playing catching her own tail!

Ha ha She's spinning very faster like as fast & furious.
Finally she's tray to theft your cam jumping up. So cute baby Ninnu.

wow. so cute. she is mistress in spinning:) such a cute Ninnu

Nice video of ninnu

he is one of the cutest Puppy i have ever seen sir.


Indeed! he is one
Of the cutest Puppy i
Have ever seen sir.

                 - abdulmanan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

hahahaha looks like he is trying to spin dance ;) congrats he invented the new dance .

I think something on his tale were disturbing him and he tried his best to keep that thing away from his tale.

Cute puppy I enjoyed and I brought this video

Newfoundlands are great swimmers because of their webbed feet.

Cute puppy. The hair make it adorable...

@gamer00 - Sir I think she went crazy, because she is the only person who got a tail... So, I think she is trying to remove it from the body... Nice video Sir...


So cute Ninnu !!