One photo every day: Clouds (360/365)

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I just noticed the sky, it is very...





Camera body:
Canon EOS 550D
Sigma 50mm
ƒ/1.4 Art

I'm eventually starting to feel the workout @omsoc gave me this morning. Oh, and I lost a couple of games of Go, both to @MarkkuJantunen and Markus. Miro suddenly came to join our games in the club-room, and I played one game against him, winning only by few points on the 9-board with Miro's clever self-placed 9-stone handicap.

Eventually Miro got tired of Go and wanted me to bring down a Mahjong set, so I set him up with a couple of solitaire type formations to solve.

Since Leo is visiting grandparents, I can't read Harry Potter to only Miro. Instead, at his request, I'm reading him Hubert Monteilhet's Profession: Ghost ("Un métier de fantôme") again, he really seems to like that book. :)

Well I hope you like these last minute photos I took just to have something for today's OPED. You probably wouldn't even believe this, but I actually almost forgot to take it. (I'm so close to finishing, just a few days. Now shouldn't be the moment to start forgetting things.)

Public OPED Project Announcement:

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Quite an awesome sky you got there ! During the summer days here in the north it almost feels like time stands still during the long days where the sun crawls to sleep

you got it the right sky is creative, the sky is artistic, colorful. I like the way clouds are combined to make some shape, if you considered it.

This are really cool and colorful pictures depicting nature in its uniqueness and simplicity.

and I played one game against him, winning only by few points on the 9-board with Miro's clever self-placed 9-stone handicap.

I trust you, it might be like this for now but you gonna be the winner sooner enough, just require a lot of commitment. Though this is just a game.

Hi gamer. Nearly completed your challenge 5 days to go. Don't forget now. Are you going to do a new challenge or just have a break.


I'm probably going to take a break on challenges, but I have one nature photo project I started few years ago and never finished. I might want to take up on that if possible. And then there's the video streaming thing. I might try that one too when I get this one off my belt.


Ok. Great sounds like fun.

Beautiful pictures..lovely seems as I am there and enjoying these beautiful scenes.

The color of the sky looks beautiful and unique, the color of the sky is really amazing @gamer00

Thank you for showing us your heaven in your different emotions ... nice photos sir

The first thing I think is to see you losing those two games and looking at the sky ... sorry! .. That gave me grace! ..
Were the photos before or after?


I took the photos after reading to Miro, just before posting them. :)

It is a pity that I do not have a camera or a mobile phone to capture the sunset in my country, now it looks completely the same as the one of the published photo, it is very impressive and beautiful

You guys have beautiful skies this summer over there, haha yes Sir it's not time to be sloppy :D.

Beautiful skyline shots mate, I love a nice colorful sky shot and really enjoy some mayong anytime. Very proud of you for training hard mate, keep at it.

Hello friend Jaro, at this moment I feel like you, after the training that I did in the morning now it is that it hits me a little in the legs and I tend to feel tired, I need a massage, good photos

Now shouldn't be the moment to start forgetting things

Not at all. You really had a good challenge set up. Nice description of the sky in a photo story.

I think it's good to read the children a little before going to sleep, help to relax and start to explore the imagination

i do like Harry Potter. But did not read the book, just saw the movies. Among them i liked the last part. Did you read the Ghost's book at night! :D . When i did so i can bot sleep properly. Because that night almost time i feel something will come out under the bed :D

Nice shot of sky though :)


Profession: Ghost, is not really so much a horror book, but an adventure where a poor young boy ends up in a castle, working as a family ghost of a once rich family of nobility.

@gamer00, Such brilliant clicks you caught on-time of changed maroon color clouds patterns. Those four clicks adorable under change sun light. Finally made impressive blog. Have a great day.

Last week of the challenge! Nice to see the photos are still amazing or even better! The sky really is the most beautiful just before sunset.. or at least I like the look of it the most around this time.

Excellent photos, very beautiful sunset, I think it's perfect to cook a grill hahahaha, in fact I crave to eat that

sir 360/365 just 5 days left 😳🙁 gonna miss this superb #onephotoeveryday initiative🙁

Interesting shots the sky looks perfectly magnificent great day you had :)

your photography reminds me a song of lovers. evening sky is the perfect place to lovers. the time between dark & light hide them from others eyes. this photography reminds that song so well. impressive work @gamer00


Awesome sky and that broken clods making it more beautiful. Thank you.

Lovely photos of the quiet and calm sky!
Good for good night sleep!
You day seems to be packed full of activities!!
It’s great that you still read books for your kids!

We don’t have this culture of reading. The whole family would just sit in front of the TV all evening, then they hi to bed very sleepy!


@gamer00 - Sir it's a beautiful scenery... The sky is at orange color says it's ready for the night... Sir it's nice to hear Miro is reaching your level in that mind game...


Too much awsum the sky is looking so beautiful and the way you capture is amazing.

Your creativity very impressive. Deep heart touching captures and deserve sky to meditate mind. Tremendous job @gamer00

Such a mind blowing photography. I appreciate your great creativity.

The sky looks hot as if it's going to fire.

Very colorful view of sky . Good pics taken dear jaro

Today's photos also express the feelings that men have. Congratulations @ gamer00

That would be nice to hear Miro is becoming a genius in that game! Anyway at the last moment of the day you made a nice photography!


Hmmm you are right sky is so colorful .
I am never see this type of sky .
It's very different .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

I like your photos friends, although they are simple they are special, each one has a value and from what I see you have already taken many

It's awesome view of sky . You take beautiful captures

and which of the favors of your lord would you deny


and which of the favors of your lord would you deny

I don't really understand what you were saying there.

The way you captured these images is perfect, you tried to include Natural photography with this entry.

your sky photography is very beautiful.

Friend, I hope it is not the moment, you are still too young to reach that moment. the photos are great today I commend myself to God when leaving my apartment and when I left I saw my horizon, I also made three shots and published them in my daily photo.
this is one of them at 6:15 a.m.