One photo every day: Ninnu in a raincoat (359/365)

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It was raining when we took Ninnu out, I just had to snap a photo of her in her raincoat.

20180619_133351 - crop.jpg

Sorry about the abysmal quality of the photo. I just thought she's so cute. :)

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How much temperature in Finnish now? It's hard to take hold cold to Ninnu. Finally you decide to wear rain coat to her. So fabulous.


It's about 13-14 C right now here in Lahti. It's raining and the temperature has dropped by a few degrees.

Definitely she is so sweet but I think she doesn't like this new dress :D


Ninnubacca in a raincoat. That is so cute. Do they sell raincoats like that for dogs or did you make it yourself?


Yes they do, we bought it from Kärkkäinen. The only problem is it didn't fit, as her front legs kept coming out through the collar opening and then she would stumble on the thing. Vera had to add a few stitches to make it tighter from the neck so that Ninnu would have easier to walking in it.

Nevermind the pic, she does not look impressed hey.


She's just annoyed at me calling her name just so I could get a photo. ;)



Hi gamer. Still worn out from searching for your wild pink raspberries. The only reason why I didn't get it is because I thought it was only native to your area in Northern Europe. the article with it is mentioned California and the Appalachian mountains lol.
Can't believe Ninnu has a rain coat and a high visibility one at that.

@gamer00 - Yes Sir... She is so lovely & cute to that raincoat... Nice you decided to share this photography Sir... <3


She is always looking cute as always

She is looking so cute! You are so caring and loving to her.

Ninnu is such a cute puppy even a rain coat suits a lot on little ninnu. nice click @gamer00

Beautiful Ninnu, always beautiful

My Ninnu is such a cutipie I was not even aware of, becoz for the first time I can see Ninnu with a raincoat.

Ninnu so cute and sweety looking with her new kit :)
Definitely she need kit in under Finnish cool weather condition.

She is indeed looking great in the rain coat ;)

Beautiful yellow raincoat for Ninnu! She asked why you pointed that boxy thing st her again!
She has a very big head! She’s very clever!
She needs a rain hat too!

She is a cutie.

That's a great shot of Ninnu ... looking lovely in that raincoat :D

Ninnu is so cute little puppy. After wearing raincoat increase she's pretty beauty looks. Brown & yellow awesome color combination.

The puppy looks so cute and innocent. I like puppy. Thanks sir @gamer00 to introduce us with your lovely puppy.

Hi ninnu .
This is so cute .
Beautiful photography .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

He is looking damn cute, and this yellow clothes are suiting him.


"She" and "her", Ninnu is female.


Oh sorry :p

@gamer, Yellow kit very deserve to Ninnu. She looks impressive with her coloring kit.
Just excellent shot indeed.

awsome photo:) thanks @gamer00 for sharing

She is very nice with a raincoat.
And one eye was seen.

How beautiful Ninnu is, that raincoat looks good, always ready for every occasion

haha Ninnu with afro, she really look super cool, love to take a walk with a humid environment like just after the rain.

Wow, i can not see her eye. I like it.
Have a good day @gamer00

Wow so sweet to see Ninnu with rain coat but her head is not covered, i think she needs this type of rain coat....

images (12).jpeg

She is pretty and would be more pretty with this rain coat. Thanks to share


That sure could keep her a bit more dry. We'll try finding her a better raincoat when she grows up.


That's great! Sorry i had no idea about this rain coat that when needs to wear and don't know how old is Ninnu.


Next sunday she'll be 14 weeks old.

Nice and beautiful outfit for Ninnu , the raincoat is well fitted on Ninnu

One female dog and her female children could produce 4,372 puppies in seven years.

She is absolutely loaded with too much cuteness!