White Farmers Slaughtered in South Africa | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

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Lauren Southern is an independent journalist and the author of "Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration and Islam Screwed My Generation." Order "Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration and Islam Screwed My Generation" now: http://www.fdrurl.com/lauren-southern

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South Africa's Farm Murders: Jeanine's Story

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Land or Death: Mandela's Failed Rainbow Nation

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I correspond on occasion with a (white man) marine biologist who got his ass OUT of there. He'd been born a SouthAfrican but he was somewhat literate (he's a writer) and he could read the writing on the wall.

He left.

Sold everything he had..what he could sell or take with him he gave away.
and moved to a small Island in the SouthPacific...belongs to Austrailia (or new Zealand?) I think.
He's alive.....unlike some who stayed behind.

When the natives are restless...violence ensues..

Sometimes it really become obvious that it's time to go.

For South African farmers, it's time.

We knew this day was coming. Barring the door isn't enough. ADT security isn't enough.

It's time to leave.


If I remember right, the white West has made it extremely difficult for white S. Africans to immigrate to their nations. Instead they've thrown open the gate to brown people who hate them.

Its shameful how the white West has continually fucked over whites in S. Africa & Rhodesia for decades.

As a bi-lingual Mexican-American libertarian, the stupidity of Western whites (who've destroyed themselves) is truly appalling.

So are you saying you are a dual citizen of both Mexico and USA or are you saying you are an American of Hispanic Ancestry?
It makes a big difference. Because Mexican or American are neither one "Races" they are both Nationalities.

3rd generation American (grandpa fought in WWII, dad in Vietnam). Saying "Mexican-American" is my shorthand for "American of Hispanic Ancestry".

What is " white West" shorthand for?

interesting take on history and current events.
totally wrong..but interesting..

Interesting way to say nothing.

I take that as a compliment from a master of the genre...
I stand (sit) in awe of your skill.
I labor to be JUST like you.

The other day you were looking for a better name for the wholly owned media.

Well, @wentong-syhhae has the answer for you:


Imma use it from now on.

I used to use that myself...years ago.
it's accurate but I think I like FUDcurrs better.

It's much more than time to go. It's to point out the left wing agenda. It has been advancing for decades, but people in the west are only now slowly waking up to the evil which is deliberately concealed by the fake news media.

Getting visas for Afrikaners to emigrate to western countries is a problem. Linguistically, the Netherlands is the single most appropriate place for them to go, but the Dutch government seems more interested in virtue signaling by admitting immigrants who hate western society. The rest of the EU doesn't seem very eager, either. President Trump could grant all Afrikaners free entry to the US, but the enemedia would be sure to attack him for "racial discrimination". DJT would have a lot of political juggling to do.


"...the enemedia..."

Man, that's good!


Thanks for the compliment, but I cannot accept credit for this clever word. I picked it up by reading Pamela Geller's website (I believe she coined it):


Odd how the whole world seems to hate . the United States.
at the same time they want our money
and want to come live here.

Of course: the criminal USA can only make amends by providing the full benefits of citizenship (but none of those unpleasant obligations, such as paying taxes) to anybody from the Third World who even asks.

Oh, almost forgot! Refugees get tired of seeing so many pasty-faced whiteys day in and day out. Yearly paid vacations back to the homeland should be offered to ALL refugees.

/sarc off

As a speaker of the language, I can tell you that Afrikaans is, curiously, more similar to Flemish than to Dutch...

This is some of best journalism that Lauren Southern has done and the most important. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. It looks like South Africa is destined to follow Zimbabwe's path to hell. The only hope is to get the word out and apply political pressure on the SA government. Unfortunately, as the vast majority of the mainstream media are only interested in seeing blacks as victims, this is unlikely to happen.

Thanks for adding Lauren's videos too.
We need to resteem them!
Let's make it popular!

Looks good to view.

Of course, killing experienced farmers and running them off their land because of their skin color is not the reason for the food crisis in S Africa. No the shortage is caused by El Nino.

The HIGH food prices in South Africa are as you asid from farmers being hunted, and because of that other farmers are selling farms. Our government also is corrupted that they rather import foods to make money out of the agreement rather than to support and help local farmers. Another example of this fraudulent behavior is the petrol price. In South Africa we pay R13 per liter. In our neighboring country, they pay R6 for their petrol per liter, the joke is that they buy their petrol from South Africa. That and our great president stealing 250mil from the country for his personal residence to house his 11 wives.(if not more by now)

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