The Daily Curie (6th Dec to 7th Dec 2016)

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Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help discover and reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto, @berniesanders, @val, @silversteem, @pharesim, @clayop and @kushed, Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and more.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors. We invite curators to submit hidden gems at #curie on

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also! You can follow @curie's outgoing votes to see our curation in real time and donate your votes.

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 06/12 12:00 UTC and 07/12 12:00 UTC. Curie voted on a total of 89 posts. SBD 1,987 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 22 per post. These are the highest SBD numbers we have seen in over a month.

@anarchrysalisOpen Mic Week 10 - "Lost Cause" - an original song by Andy Loughney94.233 SBD
@etcmikeCitizen Science: Project FeederWatch -- Count #04 Report w/Original Photos74.092 SBD
@radioactivitiesSymbolism in Westworld: The Archetypal in Dolores and Maeve69.230 SBD
@littlemozart3D Drawing - A Ladder Inside The Hole54.479 SBD
@smolalitFractal « Through the Looking Glass» (creation lesson inside) (my own work)32.079 SBD
@kiwidebSinging carols with the NZ Symphony Orchestra PLUS my favourite Xmas music30.597 SBD
@sunscapeItalian “Cucidati” Fig Cookie Recipe A Christmas Tradition28.522 SBD
@artguruBlogging is an art! Improving your website content:27.063 SBD
@schattenjaegerWhat the Marshmallow Test Can Teach Us About Society27.313 SBD
@sofi-mFairy Dance – original sculpture by @sofi-m [entry for cover art design contest by @rubenalexander]26.978 SBD
@griffMalaise of Youth (Original Short Fiction)26.879 SBD
@guineapigAnime Review: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress25.238 SBD
@themagusA change of diet and mindset25.541 SBD
@technovedantaIs Intelligence an Algorithm? Part 7: Artificial Intelligence Pathologies25.544 SBD
@iyuta[ENG&JPN] Winter Came to Warsaw//ワルシャワに冬が25.627 SBD
@richristowZhang Quanhai 张泉海 and Art Under a Magnifying Glass24.241 SBD
@starrkravenmafBee Tree and Cave Cliff Park24.572 SBD
@alisawonderlandBackstage of my short film "Hate" . Part 223.191 SBD
@writingamigoBecoming a writer through traveling (10) – Last treat from Costa Rica – empty Barrigona beach. Writingamigo falls in love with reality.23.739 SBD
@sstefan[Imperial Struggle] Chapter 15: Grand Council22.292 SBD
@alaqrabOld Barn Wood Dining Table22.399 SBD
@maneco64Will Robots Take Over Our Jobs and the Economy?22.154 SBD
@remlapsTen Rules For Development of Biological Databases22.664 SBD
@emperatrixGreat swindlers in the History22.535 SBD
@katharsisdrillPhill from GCHQ - page 1022.476 SBD
@cmp2020The Art of War by: Sun Tzu Review Part 6b: Weak Points and Strong22.895 SBD
@saturnmeThe Perpetual Traveler Christmas Tree22.325 SBD
@jaybirdOpenMic Week 10 - jaybird - Original Song Demo "Headlights"21.529 SBD
@mrfluidWeighing the Year - thoughts on approaching 201721.719 SBD
@surfermarlyDreaming big: Outlines of a citylight campaign idea for steemit.21.899 SBD
@profitgeneratorHow to Recover Deleted Files21.941 SBD
@xyanthonHigh Wire Act - Adventurer, Conqueror, KIing Art21.363 SBD
@bloodycritiqueMerlin (TV Series) Review21.017 SBD
@titaniusFaith is the Key21.104 SBD
@kyushoKeystone of Medicine21.249 SBD
@skypalIntroducemydog: Degrees of predictability and LSD21.224 SBD
@safar01Exploring the jungle of Gayo Lues, Aceh-Sumatra20.882 SBD
@rainchenRenovations update - building my space - 100% Done-20.117 SBD
@tee-emPump Up Your Bench With Me (Instructional Plan to add 30 lbs minimum onto your bench, no matter where you are at!)20.703 SBD
@awakeningartistIn the end we are all just dreamers in this endless universe,Original Artwork!20.402 SBD
@itsgintaOriginal Glorious Meat with Yogurt and Olives20.205 SBD
@alanfreestoneLive Frugally & Stack The Cash20.108 SBD
@funnytaleMy own creation of paint brush holder from empty tissue roll20.138 SBD
@nadversion56Innermost Merkabah20.343 SBD
@valthHow the Greater honeyguide bird lead humans to find honey (Amazing Animal Adaptations #5)19.973 SBD
@wilmaballsdropI had the most wonderful nap after eating this hearty breakfast and the most unproductive day19.054 SBD
@teukumukhlisFull Moon Man (Ending Part)19.510 SBD
@ballinconsciousOpen mic night week 10 - Norweigen wood cover by The Beatles19.762 SBD
@bonvivan/ Seine- live session /19.870 SBD
@sarahewaringMy Christmas by Ivan the cat19.513 SBD
@finpunkPrivate Health Care Dominates Free Public Version in Rural India19.234 SBD
@samstonehillCaptain Fantastic & my thoughts as a father with no faith in today's education system19.892 SBD
@dixonloveartChinese Traditional Disappearing Artifact- Carving Art19.166 SBD
@drewsteadmanartThe most amazing steemit post to ever been posted "My newest painting "Cut Above""19.713 SBD
@doodlemanThe insect with the antenna19.543 SBD
@mochisakuracakeToday's Crochet.19.706 SBD
@olga.maslievichFood in travel. Moldavian cuisine in Sergeevka.19.185 SBD
@batanamatampuhinMy Tree Watercolor Painting Using Cotton Buds18.497 SBD
@drac59Cake for chocolate lovers "Pigtail chocolate with banana, prunes and nuts." Пирог для любителей шоколада "Косичка с шоколадом с бананом,черносливом и орехам".18.096 SBD
@steempowerwhaleFor Newbies: What is My Steemit Wallet Address and How Can I Make a Deposit? Visual Step by Step Help Guide 🐳 A 100% Steem Power Up Post18.344 SBD
@lloyddavisVlog 161205 : Missing the Centre for Creative Collaboration18.402 SBD
@food-creatorHow to make a vegetarian pizza18.989 SBD
@brandon-rosanoPhiladelphia Bitcoin Group, Steemit Page, & More18.741 SBD
@paper-pecadoMy original draw - Malicious spell - Hechizo maligno18.825 SBD
@brandonpPart III Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered SnD Map Walkthrough - Bog18.537 SBD
@irawandedyGreen Apple Health Benefits For Body17.267 SBD
@rmachUseless information #19 – How to hide two Nobel Prize medals (from the Nazis)17.453 SBD
@k-syusteemHistory of Carving in Aceh17.562 SBD
@gordiedavisRebuilding the Pool ~ Pt. 417.797 SBD
@alexanderkroegerWhy social networks are helping to build fake news, and why is not gonna end.17.155 SBD
@iamforgivenMy poster color painting using cotton buds 'a christmas tree'17.110 SBD
@densmirnov🔗 Blockchain & Internet of Everything — Prospects of Decentralized Apps Development17.035 SBD
@ashlynsThe History of Christmas17.506 SBD
@bernardjanNot Just a Boy17.301 SBD
@jacobcardsMany Things (An Original Poem)16.955 SBD
@ozzy-vegaHow to make a delicious and Healty Mango Smoothie!16.258 SBD
@jesukeMy drawing of a Dark Sorcerer Mi dibujo de un Hechicero oscuro16.122 SBD
@billykeedHustling Words - An Original Poem16.261 SBD
@saltythekid30 Poems in 30 Days #17 - The Dust Settles16.320 SBD
@gregmA Brief Cigar Review – Tatuaje The "Whore"15.792 SBD
@hammeravgudyour sweater15.238 SBD
@keepdoodlingWrong pipe [my doodle]15.285 SBD
@lifeworshipScience Fiction: Sometimes There Is Only A Little.15.509 SBD
@elias15gThe draw of my friend Maria14.459 SBD
@dreemitThe shop, the shop, the shop is on FIRE! How I lost everything to fire…3X (the charm) Part One-The House13.791 SBD
@unlonely-soulQuilled CD Decor [Original Work]13.757 SBD

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
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Can't tell you how much I appreciate getting some of my music out there like this. Thanks for your support and it's always a great list to go through and find some great new content and creators.

These daily posts are just fantastic. A huge help to the community! STEEM ON!!

🙌 yes.. well said . I vote

Thanks for these great posts!

As always, much appreciate the coverage!

Another great list curie-ators!

Thank you very much for your support guys! It´s much appreciated. I have just voted for your as witnesses, so good luck for that as well.

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Thank you for including my post!
Steem on , @curie!


Is there a place to submit your work as a Content Creator/Artist?

Sure, join us in channel #curie on

Congratulations to all the authors and a special high-five to the musicians that entered Open Mic getting picked up by Project Curie.

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