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Maybe you have already seen Wallet Addresses from other crypto currencies.
An address for a Bitcoin Wallet for example looks like this: 17HYBSkRmSaR4U6ZaopsDSNwZJhkoodCJq

On Steemit in contrary it is just your user name. In my case, it is Steempowerwhale.

But just your user name is not enough if you would like to send Steem from outside of your Steemit account such as from any of
the crypto currencies exchanges where you can buy Steem or from a Steem Faucet (

Besides your Wallet Address you need to use your Memo Key.

In the following I will show you how to make a deposit to your Steem Wallet.
In this guide I use Poloniex a crypto exchange as an example.

Before you transfer any Steem from Poloniex you need to get your Memo key on Steemit.

Go to your wallet.

Click on Permissions.

On this page copy the MEMO key. Because it is private I covered mine with a blue line in this screen shot.

Go to Poloniex and navigate to your Balances, Deposits & Withdrawals page. All of the currencies you hold on Poloniex are listed there.

Go to your Steem holdings and click on Withdraw in the same line. Then enter your Steemit username, paste your Steemit Memo key in the Memo line and enter the amount of Steem you want to transfer to your Steemit wallet. Once done click on the Withdraw button.

Poloniex will send you an email. You need to open the email and click on the confirmation link to activate your withdrawal request.

Poloniex will display a withdrawal confirmation once successful.

It will take some time (approximately less than an hour) until the Steem amount will show up in your Steemit Wallet.

I am on steemit because I have a mission
@steempowerwhale 🐳
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Very helpful info. Worked for Livecoin too....Thanks

What is Livecoin

Livecoin is a platform for cryptocurrency trading, like Poloniex, HitBTC or Bittrex. Link is here:

New to Steemit. Worked perfectly for transfer from Bittrex. Steem was in my account before I could log out of Bittrex and reopen Steem wallet. Thanks steempowerwhale

Steem temporarily disabled on poloniex 2018.01.29

This is a VERY useful article

Super useful, thank you!

Thank you so much for this post. Helped me move STEEM i had hostage in freewallet!

Thank you this really helped me.

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.

This was perfect. I have done transfers before for other currencies but not for STEEM yet. This was exactly what I needed.


Just used this, THANKS!

Another Very Valuable and helpful post especially for me. Thanks a lot @steempowerwhale

thanks @steempowerwhale you done noble


Watched 3 vids until yours came across clearly and understood. thanks

New to Steemit - came in very handy... thanks

How about sending steem from your @Steemit wallet to exchanges account? I think this is very key too? Could you mind showing us how this works?

Cheers for the super helpful info

Thanks for that! Almost missed the memo part !

Great article. Very helpful. Now I need to find out what it means to power up your Steem. Thank you.

Very helpful and well laid out!

thank you bro,the explanation was very helpful for me ,i myself trading at poloniex and well know about cryptocurrencies,but the steem transaction was a bit complex

Amazing article, SUPER helpful! Thanks!!

Just what I was looking for.

Quite helpful, thanks

As i see you have a public and a private Memo Key. It has a button "Show Private Key".
Which one do i use for transactions?
I assume the private key?

That's what I was wondering! I assumed it was public because cryptos usually have a public address, but the author wanted to hide his, which makes me think it's private. Now I'm confused...

Yeah! Which one is it??? LOL

Which key is use?

I'd like confirmation on this as well, but I would assume that it's the private key because that would be required for any wallet to enable the outbound transfer of an asset.

As it seems it is in fact the public key.
But i noticed that the memo usually doesn't even matter, at least not on and (when you buy steem and transfer, memo can be random)

I tried the private key and it didn't work... gotta use the public key for transfers of Steem

I feel the same way, why does he not specify which key to use? He does mention that the Memo key he used was private and that's why he covered it in the image but he did not include "Show Private Key" in the instructions. I am sending 1 Steem to test before I make my full deposit...

Its good to keep your public keys also private if possible. Thats why bitcoin changed it’s adresses from public keys to hashed public keys a long time ago.

thanks a lot, it's hard to start and understand fully the basics on this platform. Thank you a lot.

The part with the memo is indeed very confusing, especially, because you can check a box on some exchanges saying "no memo", whereafter you don't have to provide it.

Watch out guys, as I understand it the Memo is PUBLIC:
DO NOT put any private keys in there.

(See in your wallet at the bottom)
Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos. Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

Excellent article.

Just what I needed - but EOBot wont work till 10 STEEM are in the account

Thanks for the well laid out post. I sent some steem to the memo address last night and it still hasnt arrived. How long does the transfer normally take to do?

upvoted & resteemed.
I was at a bitcoin & blockchain meetup in bangkok yesterday and inteoduced steemit there to all noobies. yout tutorial sure helps them ;)

Thanks so much for letting me know how valuable this post is for new steemians and thanks so much for sharing. This is very motivating.

sure. We can do this in our sleep now, but for noobs all a bit overwhelming. So keep it up ;)

actually can't "resteem" -.- probably because the post is 5month old?

very helpful for newbies like me..great work..

I'm trying to transfer BTC from Eobot and I keep on getting the following message when following your instructions:

"Error: Invalid address for BTC"

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

The post is about transferring Steem. In your case you would like to transfer BTC?

Thank you for the reference article. I will check it out and try it out. This is my first time. (Popping my BTC/crypto cherry!) :D

Thanks for the info. Just what I needed to withdraw my Steem balance from Eobot

Thanks an absolute bunch, I was having some newbie struggles here haha ^-^

Thanks, it helped me.

I believe that the Memo key that is visible is your public Memo Key so you really don't have to hide it... You would have to click on 'Show Private Key' in order for that to be displayed.

All due respect to SteamPowerWhale for putting this together! Awesome share (it helped me out)!

There is one thing I thought should be clarified though.

I'm not a master Steemer yet but... I work with private and public keys very often for my line of work.

Please don't use your private key for this. It's private, so it is best kept private. Public keys are used for encrypting information that is meant to go to the holder of the private key. The private key is used for decryption.

Decryption is how you (or the bad guys) unlock information that was meant only for you to see. Give someone else your private key and you have given them the ability to decrypt things that were encrypted with the public key.

Please use the public key for public things. From your Steemit account's perspective anywhere that isn't is public. So please don't share your private keys with public sites like Poloniex.

Here is another article on this same topic (that tells you the correct key you're supposed to use):

Here is another article on public and private keys (complete with great animations that illustrate what each kind of key does):

Also, I just moved some of my STEEM from Poloniex to using the public memo key. I did not need to reveal any private keys to Poloniex for this transaction to complete. The transfer went through in under a minute.

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!

Wow! Thanks! I was almost gonna use the show private key number.. Phew! Luckily i read Ur comment..

Thanks for this.
Trying it out.

Thank you! I lost money because I used the private memo key as suggested in the post... Kinda mad about that :( @steempowerwhale

Thank you for posting this. But I notice there's a private memo key and (I assume) a public memo key. Which one is used in your example? Also, did you find anything about cold storage?

It is the private memo key. I am not using cold storage therefore I will not be able to answer this question.

To withdraw from Poloniex your should use your public memo key not the private one.
Otherwise your security is compromised. If you give your private memo key to Poloniex they could have full access to your Steem wallet.

I agree. The Public Memo Key or provided QR Code Symbol should be used where applicable. Cheers guys!

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Are there any alternatives for cold storage offline?

I am not using cold storage myself therefore I hope someone else could answer your question.

Thank you so much for the reply. I will look into it.

Thank you very much
I'll be using this when converting my mining rewards and receiving STEEM

This is a dangerous post with a dangerous inaccuracy. Primarily the insinuation that the Memo key is private. It is not! @SteemPowerWhale's Public Memo key is "STM7i2ZKwuyzGj4mUkJnnkMwcwpKEwVevTGSmd69r4he2nrwWk3az" which I can easily find here:

DO NOT CLICK "Show Private Key" in your wallet and use that Memo in your Bittrex/Poloniex transfers. I believe that may reveal your private key to the world, which is NOT what you want to do! Please, please, please use your public key, not your private key.

This post distressed me so much, I wrote and posted the following up-to-date guide (this one's screenshots are out of date) which does not make the critical mistake of this post:

This explains further the issue of public and private keys:

BE CAREFUL, don't put your memo key on memos, otherwise anyone could read your (not anymore) private messages on wallet (memos). I don't know if on some exchanges it is required.

On binance was a fault for me to set my memo key on MEMO field.

To fix it, you should change your master/backup password to change all your keys. Please, upvote so this can be seen by others.
I would like to thank @noblebot for his/her kind warning.

Does this still apply today? I have 6 STEEM elsewhere I'd like to send over. For some reason, the site I'm sending from combines the private key with my account name. Maybe that's the true address they send to?

I have a question. My post is said to be worth 44$ but my account 1$ and my wallet is empty. How does the article money go to the wallet?

Thanks for this post

Thank you very much! This is reply is before reading it, but I searched and found! Thanks a ton! Reading now!

great article! used it to transfer from Bittrex to stem!! THanks you!

Did you put the memo address in the tag field and the address as your account name?

very informative! thanks!

Thank you SO MUCH~~ I have been afraid to try this because I couldn't find instructions and I know that if you make a mistake it cannot be fixed!!

Just what I needed

Great! You'd saved my day, that was my question. Thank you!

Hmm i was thinking i have to user teh privat key? as it says "The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market.."?

Fi-fucking-nally the real answer to my biggest trouble since joining Steemit! They should have make this part the most front page of any "beginner guide" officially seriously. I would love to upvote this post 10 times if i could!

Great post thats made me understand it loads better.. Thanks

Thanks so much for this! Made my life easier! Is steemit wallet safe though? I was looking into the steem iOS wallet on my iPhone but the app never works properly?

may i know if there are steem wallet address in here in steemit


Upvoted! You rock, man! Way to go getting a newbie started.

I was looking for this thanks @steempowerwhale

you are a whale bro! Upvoted newbie here!

Really helpful @steempowerwhale. I can say with some certainty that the sharing Steemit 'help-based' posts are a real niche subject that is worth so much to newer users such as myself. Thank you. Upvoted and followed.

I have resteemed

Hello, does it work the same way for bittrex exchange?

Super explain

Thanks for posting this tutorial! It's super helpful -- I probably would have messed up my transfer if not for you.

thanks boss

Thanks for the article. Especially the different keys can be very confusing for a newbie!

Thanks. I will try it if have anythings wrong will get your advice

This article is great, form some time I was trying to find out how to transfer by steem from bittrex and this post help me to find it out.Thanks

Thanks for the guide, I'm going to try it now from Bittrex. It's a bit different to Poloniex and asks for the MEMO address and Registered account which I assume is my steemit name. Hope it works.

Please which one do you select. the public or the private key?

Thanks! very helpful

Useful articles

straight to the point thanks

thanks for this info it helped me a lot...

Very useful post. Thanks.

Just what I was looking for.

Thank you, it was very helpful and on the spot! All the best :)

It solved my problem. ;)
I transferred STEEM from Binance successfully.

This is the message I retrieved , from E Bot on 07/21/2020 = Terminating Support for US Customers/Residents If you live in the United States, Eobot will stop new USA account sign ups and existing USA customers need to move their existing funds off of the platform. If you reside in the USA, please withdraw your coins by December 15, 2019.

We regret that we must cease serving customers that live in the United States of America. We are founded and located in the USA, and much of our team resides in the USA. However, the existing laws and regulations make it too burdensome to continue to serve US residents at this time.

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