srsly. Stop Spamming

This shall be the top comment for the eternal glory of Lucifer

bwahahah ..... you're too much @nameless-berk go read my comment below to @kurodevs, i'm talking about you too!

you guys really need to come join @comedyopenmic!

Looks like the devil won this round.

I too nominate you to join us in laughter by submitting a @comedyopenmic entry

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

thanks for the spam

There is no way you are in any way shape or form affiliated with "".

honestly.... did you see the top comment.... fcuking lucky door prize worthy.... lets get these minor mind fcukers into COM!

Stop spamming. You idiot

You are destroying steemit ! Loosers like you should not be on here

Hi, so you may have noticed you have a very low reputation score. You may also notice that you are not making any money on your posts.

1st, stop copy/pasting your stuff on other people's posts. It's annoying, it's spam, and it gets people to flag your posts.

2nd, the only way to recover your score is to write genuinely decent ORIGINAL content on your own blog. Also write decent, well thought out comments on people's blogs. They may see it and upvote you.

Good luck. Stop spamming.

Thank you for a request for an upvote... right now, I am saving my votes until I get a hang of this...

Don't ever upvote some shmuck that begs for an upvote. I'm pretty sure he never upvoted you. Upvote begging is considered spam.


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