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All my recipe, nutrition and health posts from 2016 to 2018

This is a continuation of my 2018 recap, so don't upvote it! This is for my own convenience, but hopefully it will also be useful to others.

Choc Blackcurrant Smoothie ~ Feijoa Pear Smoothie ~ Cashew Porridge ~ Other Breakfast ideas
Grain free, dairy free Pumpkin & Cashew Bread ~ Carrot Almond bread ~ Vegetable muffins ~ Grain free cheese muffins ~ Carrot Cashew Blender Bread ~ Stove top grain free bread ~ Cheesy Pumpkin Almond bread – gluten and grain free ~
Grain Free Banana Cashew muffins ~ Birthday cake recipe ~ Grain Free Apple Cashew Walnut Muffins ~ Apple Walnut Coconut Flour muffins ~ Low carb Cream Cheese Cookies ~ Sugar free, paleo, vegan birthday cake recipe (better than it sounds!) ~ Egg free Easter buns & revisiting my orange almond cake ~ Sugar free brownies ~
Warming winter soup ~ Paleo Cottage Pie ~ I judged the Steemit Culinary Challenge: Paleo ~ No potato fries / NZ sweet potatoes ~ “Use up those vegetables that you bought and never used” winter soup ~ “Keep me going till dinnertime” supersized lunch salad ~ Marinated chicken wings
Healthy Chocolate & Fudge ~ Jerky with vegetables ~ Choco-mallow protein bars ~ Grain free Fruit & Nut bar ~ Finger food for a gathering ~ Real food ideas for snacks and road trips ~ Coconut lime chocolate ~ Bedtime Bliss Balls ~ Avocado stuffed eggs ~ A day in the kitchen, prepping for Xmas
Festive smoothies for Xmas morning ~ Orange Cranberry Xmas Breakfast Muffins ~ Crisp & crunchy Xmas cheese stars ~ Best ever (and easiest) Christmas cake ~ Xmas menu ideas ~ Planning your holiday eating to be a bit more balanced ~ Paleo Easter Buns (coconut-almond flours, gluten and starch free, lowish carb) ~ Even yummier Paleo Easter Buns ~ Christmas treats for GAPS, Paleo and other whole food or therapeutic diets ~ Xmas spiced nuts ~ Chocolate Mousse ~ Gluten & sugar free Xmas cakes ~ Cranberry smoothie & other Festive breakfasts ~ Gingerbread men ~ Looking back at Xmas, with recipes & photos
Tip for storing ginger & tumeric ~ Equipment for the real food kitchen ~ Hang out in my kitchen this weekend - help me cook and listen to some music! ~ How many different meals can I cram into the oven in one go? ~ What’s been happening in my kitchen this week? ~ Enjoying the bounty of feijoas (pineapple guavas) – muffins, smoothies and more


The wide variety of healthy diets out and what they have in common
The travels of Weston A Price and his discoveries about healthy diets
Good fats vs bad fats
DNA testing for better Health & Fitness
DNA testing part 2: How Well Do I Digest Carbs?
DNA testing Part 3: I can’t eat Carbs & How to Manage that
About the Gut & Psychology syndrome (GAPS) diet Part 1 – Can it help autism?
GAPS diet Part 2: Foods we can’t have
GAPS diet Part 3: Foods we CAN have
GAPS diet Part 4: What if I can’t eat some animal foods
Salicylate intolerances
Introduction to the Paleo diet
How to get started on a Real Food diet Part 1
Why use Real Food diets for healing
How to get started on a Real Food diet Part 2
We did a three day water fast
Comparison of different diets – which is for you?
Should you eat Dairy? Part 1: Pasteurisation
Cashews and the Paleo diet
Should you eat Dairy? Part 2: Quality
Is salt good or bad for you?
Should you eat Dairy? Part 3: Is it food for humans?
Real food for babies – Part 1
Real food for babies – Part 2
Why is my child chronically ill? What can I do about it?
If a ketogenic diet can prevent seizures, could other diet styles cause them?


Sleep like a kitten Part 1 – 3 tips
Sleep Well Part 2 – What’s your sleeping style?
Sleep Well Part 3 – Resetting your body clock
Thoughts about Breast Health
I’ve got a cold & how to handle it
Overcoming my fears
Positivity Challenge 4 – Emotional Freedom Technique Part 1
EFT Part 2 – Getting started
Six days training in a new natural therapy
Quick & Easy calming tip
EFT Tapping videos for Xmas stress
Seated exercise – legs
Seated exercise – head & shoulders
Ways to boost my winter immunity
How to beat the stress of Xmas (or the stress of playing the crypto currency game)
Started my water fast and Day 4 of Gratitude challenge
Gratitude Day 5 and Water Fast Day 2
1000 followers, Gratitude Day 6 and Water Fast Day 3
Gratitude Day 7 and Fasting Day 4 – moving off the water to other liquids
Gratitude day 9 / Fasting days 5 & 6 - transitioning back onto solid food
If we open ourselves up to be connected, can we still protect our own energy?
Do you have allergies / sensitivities and how can you fix them?
Do depression and anxiety always need medical treatment? I say NO! Part 1.
Do depression and anxiety always need medical treatment? I say NO! Part 2.
Finding a space where vegans and meat eaters can agree to differ, and still be friends
Trouble sleeping? Try my Bedtime Bliss Ball recipe.
TIL heaps more about fasting, keto eating, and how ANYONE can use them for health, weight loss
Keto & fasting 2 – being metabolically flexible, and how this ties in with what our ancestors ate
Keto & fasting 3 – Introduction to meal spacing and fasting
Keto & fasting 4 – How to switch to being a fat burner more easily
Keto & fasting 5 – First step in changing from a standard diet to a keto diet – just eat real food



Thanks for sharing your catalog. Will sure make out time to try out some of your baking recipes.

I hope you find something you like.

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