My Advent Calendar – 12 Dec – Marinated chicken wings for our choir Xmas party

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Yes, there was one more choir activity for the year – our Xmas party! Then there really is nothing till February. I’ve been in the choir for four years and have managed to miss all the other Xmas parties, but this year I’m going!


We are always instructed to bring musical instruments, whatever we want to drink and food to share. But this year, for the first time, we are also going to take food donations for the City Mission. Every year at this time, they give out food parcels to those in need, but currently their pantry shelves are a bit bare. So I have a few tins in a bag ready to take.

I don’t have a musical instrument, so can cross that off the list, but what food can I take to share?

Then I remembered I had a kilo of organic chicken wings in the freezer. I’ve never marinated chicken wings before, I just usually cook them up plain. But, in the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson, how hard can it be?


Ok, off to visit Mr Google. After comparing a few recipes, I got the gist of what they had in common, and then selected what we had that would work, without me having to go to the supermarket.

Here’s what I decided to use:

• 2 Tablespoons avocado oil – I didn’t have sesame and avocado is a stable cooking oil
• 2 Tablespoons wheat free tamari – for some savoury flavour
• 2 Tablespoons honey – for a bit of sweet
• 2 Tablespoons orange juice – a bit more sweet
• 2 Tablespoons lemon juice – and a bit of sour
• Pinch salt
• 1/2-inch piece fresh ginger, grated – for a bit of spice

But then I didn’t have any ginger root and used ¼ teaspoon ground, which is apparently about equivalent to 1 Tablespoon fresh. And I forgot the salt, but it seemed savoury enough when I had a little taste, so probably all good.


All whisked together, and in go the chicken pieces. I cut each wing into 3 bits, with kitchen scissors. The tips went into a separate bowl, for our cat.


The other two bits went into the bowl for a good stir.


Into the fridge for four hours, then onto a lined roasting pan. Drizzled some of the marinade over the top and into the oven at 180C.


After 30 minutes, I turned them over and drizzled a bit more marinade on top, and cooked them for another 20 minutes.


They look pretty good, but how do they taste? I have to test them before I give them to other people, and yes, they have passed the taste test!

Right, off to the party for eating, drinking (more sparkling mineral water), chatting and of course singing…

Five hours later

Home again after a lovely night out in a beautiful home in Kelburn. It was great to have more time to get to know some of my fellow choir members a little better. And have a bit of a sing and a dance.


Day 1 – Carol singing with the NZ Symphony Orchestra
Day 2 – Kilbirnie Santa Parade
Day 3 – Posting overseas Xmas cards & a Xmas themed exercise class
Day 4 – Last minute book buying
Day 5 – Last choir rehearsal for the year
Day 6 – Choosing gifts for the Xmas game
Day 7 – Xmas lunch with my exercise class
Day 8 – Xmas spiced nuts
Day 9 – Xmas tree time
Day 10 – Last arthritis class for the year, and a sugar free brownie recipe
Day 11 – A choir performance

Tomorrow I better get down to some of the serious business of Xmas tasks…

Thanks for reading

Photos by me.

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Great to bring homemade food to a party. :-)

Going back to the days of "ladies a plate" - once upon a time, that would be considered normal.

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Glad you had an enjoyable evening, Deb. The wings look really good. I like your marinade, nice & simple with most ingredients already on hand.

Nice and simple, that's me ;-) But seriously, I do like simple recipes, that anyone can make.

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it's 6 am where i am right now...but i still want those chicken wings!! yum!

Nothing wrong with chicken wings for breakfast.

So, was it a winning marinade?? I have a beer-based on in the fridge right now. We'll see if that passes the test as well!

It was a nice, simple starting recipe, and a great improvement on non-marinated. Maybe I'll be more adventurous another time. But otherwise, I;ll be happy to use it again.