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And loving wishes from @sift666 and myself for the holiday season.

I am writing this on the morning of Christmas Eve (but I probably won’t post it till this evening). Although it’s supposed to be summer in New Zealand, it’s been wet and cold the last couple of days. So maybe it’s not too surprising that I thought about soup.

Today we’ll be going out to have Christmas dinner with @sift666’s mum. Sometimes that happens on Boxing Day, but this year it’s Christmas Eve. Then tomorrow, we have the big Christmas Day with my family. Usually there are more than 20 of us, but this year, it’s a smaller group, only 19! In both cases, we’ll be eating mid afternoon, and the meal will be substantial.

So yesterday, before I did the last of the grocery shopping, we thought about what we might need for our own meals. Breakfast both days will be a nourishing smoothie, sustaining enough to last us till mid afternoon lunch. But what could we have in the evening? We won’t want a lot, but will need something light and healthy.


That’s when I remembered we had a pan full of stock left over from some stew. Vegetable soup! So most of what I bought was veges, and last night I whipped up two batches of soup – spicy pumpkin and mushroom, and curried carrot cashew. Both thick enough to stand a spoon up in. We have a lot of empty 500ml coconut jars in our top cupboard, so down they came. We now have 3 jars of each in the fridge, ready for our supper for the next three days.

There are no recipes. I’m sure you all have your own favourite soup recipe. And besides, it doesn’t have to be soup. Just something light, healthy and simple, that you’ve planned ahead and have ready.

And there are no photos as the jars still have the coconut oil labels on, so look awful. This photo of Christo looks much better.

Or this picture of my favourite Xmas ornament

We may both be back online on Boxing Day, which will be Xmas Day for most of you.

Until then, whatever your beliefs, whatever your traditions, whatever your holiday season has in store for you – love, peace and joy to all our Steemit friends.

Image (and feet) by @sift666

Even though it’s supposed to be summer in NZ, I’m feeling festive with the Papa-Pepper Snow Globe I won – thanks @papa-pepper

Badges courtesy of @elyaque and


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Merry xmas from Feilding - up voted & following

Hi John - hope your weather is better up there. Have a great day tomorrow.

Thanks. I'll go and have a look.