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There are all kinds of Christmas stress, and here's some help for a few of them.

An email arrived in my Inbox this morning from The Tapping Solution, featuring one of Jessica Ortner’s guided tapping sessions. It got me thinking again about the people who find Christmas difficult for various reasons, and how tapping along with a recorded EFT session would be helpful.

So I've visited YouTube and dug a few out that might be relevant for this time of year.

This first one is by Brad Yates. I've long been a fan of his work, so who better to take you through a general Xmas tapping routine?

This routine by Rod Sherwin is for sadness, grief, and loneliness from missing someone at Christmas.

On the other hand, our stress is sometimes from being with family at Christmas and Sally Thibault shares some insights on dealing with that.

Scott Davis takes us through tapping for Peace at Christmas.

And finally, the routine that came into my Inbox today. This one is for any time of the year. It's a morning mini-meditation for releasing and clearing stress. For this one you will need to be familiar with the tapping points. That's why it's last - after the others, you will probably be more comfortable with the points.

There are hundreds of tapping routines on YouTube. Whatever your issue, there’s bound to be something that can get you started on your own issues. At some stage, you will need to get a bit more specific. You can then tap yourself using your own words, or see a practitioner.

Happy holidays and thanks for reading. x

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thanks :-)

Merry Christmas to you and your family @kiwideb!

Thanks @kiwideb... definitely strikes a chord. Will revisit daily...

Great post @kiwideb. Happy holidays! I am also sitting with my feet in the

Sounds like you're having a good relax. Excellent, that's what I like to hear!