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Are you sick of throwing away shrivelled up ginger root? Freeze it instead.

I came across this tip a couple of years ago, and it transformed my use of ginger.

I used to buy fresh ginger for recipes, and then later throw away the remains in a very sad state. I also always found it difficult to grate up in the fresh state as it’s rather stringy.

There are a bunch of websites out there talking about freezing ginger, but none seem to do it exactly like I do. If you prefer their methods though, go for it!

Since I started doing this, I use ginger a lot more, as it’s always there ready to use.

Freezing the ginger:

• Cut the ginger into large chunks that are reasonably straight and peelable

• Peel the ginger with a vegetable peeler.

• Put the chunks into a small snaplock bag

• Squeeze out the air, seal it and throw it into the freezer

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Using the ginger:

• Take a chunk out of the freezer

• Grate off however much you need

• I like a microplane grater, but a regular grater will do

• Put the rest back into the freezer

Why am I telling you this today?

Because tomorrow I want to share a recipe using ginger, and I want this tip to be handy for you!

See you then!

PS - the same process works just as well for fresh turmeric, so my bag in the freezer usually has a bit of each.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the information!

This is Awesome Advice!
Steem On!

Great information! I use ginger almost every day, but the root almost always goes bad before I can use it all. So, I end up using ginger extract or ginger juice instead. This is a cool tip. My ginger can now join all the frozen bananas in my freezer (I always keep frozen bananas around to use as the base for smoothies).

Yes, I sometimes have frozen bananas in the freezer too. Though I go through them so quickly, I don't usually need to freeze them. I used to freeze them sliced, but now I just peel them and straight into a snaplock bag, and they slice up easily even from frozen.
The same tip works for fresh turmeric, which I forgot about till now, so might add that above too.

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