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Grain and sugar free menu ideas for GAPS, Paleo, Whole 30, Clean Eating, SCD, low carb and gluten free eating plans.

If you’re changing to any kind of new eating plan, there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle with breakfast. This is because in western culture, breakfast is often some combination of toast, cereal and juice, and when those options are taken away, it can be disorienting.

4 tips for new thinking about breakfast

The first thing I’m here to tell you – breakfast is just another meal, there’s nothing special about it. Anything you can have for lunch, or dinner, or a midnight snack – guess what? You can have it for breakfast too.

The second is that we want to get away from the whole high carb paradigm, especially first thing in the morning (or whenever you choose to have your breakfast). Eating too much carbohydrate, and not balancing it with protein and fat, is a first class way to unbalance your blood sugar levels. So start thinking of how you can make sure you’ve also got some protein and some good fats into your breakfast.

Thirdly, if you’re doing any of the eating plans above, or just trying out a few new recipes to see how you feel – food cooked yourself from real, preferably fresh and organic, ingredients is always going to nourish you better than something processed.

Fourth – plan. You know the saying “Fail to plan is planning to fail”. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do know that having a weekly meal plan has got me out of many a hole. You don’t have to go with the plan if something else appeals, but at the end of a long day, being able to just eat what you planned, instead of having to think about it, helps a lot.

Let’s look at some actual recipes now

The recipe ideas are coming from a variety of sources:

• My recipes that I’ve already posted on Steemit
• Recipes from my recipe website
• Recipes from some of my favourite Paleo and GAPS bloggers
• Other Steemit members’ recipes, and
• In some cases, I have assumed a basic level of knowledge eg that you know how to boil an egg.

The recipes are separated into a few different types, so pick what appeals.

These are just a handful of the possibilities. If you want more info or recipes, go to the breakfast page on my recipe website or my Pinterest breakfast page.

Drinks & Smoothies

• Choc Blackcurrant Smoothie ~ my Steemit recipe here
• Feijoa Pear Smoothie ~ my Steemit recipe here
• Banana Ginger Smoothie ~ Steemit recipe from @laskoff here
• Other Smoothie combinations (fruit, vegetable or chocolate options) ~ recipe on my website here
• Hot Egg “nog” ~ recipe on my website here
• Fresh juice - made from fruit and veges compatible with your chosen diet, preferably mostly veges
• Or even better, make the juice into a smoothie with avocado or yoghurt ~ for example, here @b0y2k shows juices and juice smoothies he used on a juice fast
• Warming winter vege soup ~ my Steemit recipe here

Fruit or Cereal style (but grain free alternatives)

• Any kind of fresh fruit, or a fresh fruit salad, with Greek yoghurt, coconut or homemade nut milk, whipped cream or something savoury like cheese or eggs
• Grain free “Nut muesli” ~ recipe on my website here
• Homemade nut milk (to go with your muesli) ~ recipe on my website here
• Berry (coconut flour) sponge pudding ~ recipe on my website here

Grain free breads / toast / muffins / pancakes

• Almond coconut bread or toast ~ recipe on my website here
• Easy no-starch, dairy free Pumpkin & Cashew Bread ~ my Steemit recipe here
• Carrot Walnut Bread ~ recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple website here
• Cheese muffins ~ recipe on my website here
• Banana Cashew muffins ~ my Steemit recipe here
• Two ingredients pancakes ~ I have also baked these to make a flatbread. Since @randyclemens had already posted a recipe for them, here it is
• No Grain Pancakes ~ recipe on my website here

Toppings for toast or pancakes:

• Butter or Ghee ~ recipe for making ghee on my website here
• Nut butter (good quality bought nut butter is fine)
• Sugar free “Jam” – soak some dates till soft, then zizz up with some berries. Or gently defrost frozen berries in a pan on the stove. Lift them out of the resulting juice and smush them on some bread.
• Avocado OR Avocado mashed up with soft boiled egg, sea salt & (optional) ghee or butter
• Salmon, sardines or mackerel (tinned in water)
• Salmon dip (tinned wild Alaskan salmon mixed with navy bean hummus, mayonnaise or sour cream)
• Chicken liver pate ~ recipe on my website here

Vegetable dishes - to go with eggs or meat

• Cooked vegetables eg: onions, mushrooms, greens, tomatoes sautéed in butter, ghee or animal fat
• Homemade baked beans ~ recipe on my website here
• Pumpkin souffle ~ recipe on my website here


The important thing with eggs is to choose free range, pastured eggs. Cook them any way you fancy (and I’m going to assume you know how to cook eggs). Add some veges, grain free toast or some fruit to balance out the meal.

• Boiled egg(s)
• Poached egg(s)
• Fried eggs(s)
• Scrambled eggs
• Omelet – My omelets often end up being turned into scrambled eggs, but @sibels-kitchen knows how to do it right
• Frittata – kinda like a baked omelette, so is easier to do. Plus you can make up one frittata and it will last you for a few days ~ You can use any kind of cooked veges you like, and can include cheese, ham or bacon. Here’s a recipe from our very own Steemit heroes @gardenofeden

Meat or fish

If you know you’re someone who needs protein at breakfast, there’s no reason why you can’t have any kind of meat and vege dish.

• Fast salmon “dip” (tinned salmon mixed with hummus or homemade mayo) with vege sticks
• Homemade turkey or chicken “sausage” eg this Spicy Sausage from Kerry Ann Foster
• Leftover meatloaf, sliced and fried in butter, ghee, duck or chicken fat, or coconut oil ~ here’s a recipe for a Paleo grain-free meatloaf
• Savoury mince (ground beef with veges) ~ recipe on my website here
• Bacon with pan fried veges
• Chicken liver pate with vege sticks ~ Recipe on my website here
• Kidneys on toast ~ These might appeal to our UK members. Recipe on my website here

More meal idea soon, so stay tuned... Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions, or share other ideas.

Photos are my own, or from Pixabay

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Thank you, kiwideb, for your distribution to my constest. I see you could find some wales; congratulations! Nutrition is a topic very interesting for me.
My breakfast still contains cereals, but no wheat. And in addition nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seed and some other worthful ingredients.
Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks, I was thrilled to see the response to it.
Although I didn't include breakfasts with grains, because I wanted to show how there was a huge range of other options, there are other wheat free options I could have included, and I'll list a handful here:

  • Oat porridge, preferably soaked overnight, and with nuts or seeds added
  • Bircher meusli - oats, nuts & seeds soaked overnight in yoghurt
  • Brown rice with veges and whatever protein you fancy
  • Gluten free grains such as quinoa, buckwheat or amaranth soaked overnight and cooked up as a porridge

looks healthy and yummy!

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Buona petito.... nice

Thank you for sharing, upvoted, any sugar free, sweetener free cake hiding anywhere /me looks around

Do you have any ideas for what to replace both sugar and artificial sweeteners with?

My recipe for banana cashew muffins posted the other day has no sugar. The sweetness is just from the bananas. Some recipes, you can substitute something like mashed dates. Some you could use carob to replace some of the flour. It takes a bit of trial and error to get things completely sugar free. I will probably post some more suitable recipes as time goes on. Tonight I;ll be posting one for a sugar free chocolate / fudge.

thank you :) I have followed so I don't miss things :)

This gives me something to think about :)

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