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You don’t have to have a boring Xmas dinner just because your diet is limited! Suitable for Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, low sugar, low carb, GAPS, SCD, or other whole food diets.

When Christmas is in the middle of summer – or this year in New Zealand, when summer might perhaps be about to happen – we need some different traditions for Christmas Day. Although we can still enjoy a turkey or a roast leg of lamb, there is a place for some simpler summer dishes. So these menu ideas include some traditional ideas and some new ones.

Image (and feet) by @sift666

Don’t think you have to make everything! Choose 1-2 dishes from each group and you’ve got a nice range of Xmas fare. Choose 2-3 from each group and you've got a feast.

Some of these are my Steemit recipes that I’ve already shared with you, some are from other Steemians, some are from my recipe website and some are ones I’ve found that look nice but may not have been tried out.

There should be variety enough for even the fussiest amongst us, and those with the most limited diets.


If your main meal is at lunchtime, you'll want something light, but still sustaining, such as:

A Festive smoothie
Orange Cranberry Xmas Breakfast Muffins
Fig & Almond Cinnamon Loaf by @woman-on the-wing
Fluffy Paleo Pancakes by @rebeccaryan
• This gingerbread soufflé looks fun

If your main Christmas meal is in the evening, you may want a more substantial breakfast, so you're not as tempted by the "treats" your family and friends lay out in front of you.

• I like smoked salmon & cheesy scrambled eggs PLUS some berries and maybe yoghurt or cream
• This chicken apple hash looks interesting (though personally I would use thighs and might omit the maple syrup). For GAPS or starch free, serve on pumpkin instead of sweet potato.
• Or here is an Apple Bacon Pecan Butternut hash

The Main Meal


Chilled soup
Xmas tree shaped cheese board
Avocado devilled eggs

A trio of dips:
Guacamole (for the green)
Beetroot dip (for the red)
• Or maybe some Red Pepper Hummus by @rebeccaryan
Chicken liver pate

To go with the dips:
• Raw veges sticks or chunks, eg: carrot, capsicum, celery, cauli
Crisp & crunchy Xmas cheese stars
• Crackers of your choice
• Chippies, crisps or whatever they are called in your country – if you must! (and my family must…)


Meaty Mains

• If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you might go for a Roast leg of lamb
• Or maybe turkey. This Roast turkey has a millet and cranberry stuffing, so gluten free, but not starch free
• For starch free, or if you can't be faffed making stuffing, make cranberry sauce instead.
Curried chicken or turkey salad - still a meaty dish but much more suitable for a summer Xmas
Marinated fish kebabs – these would be nice if you’re in a very hot place

Vegetarian Mains

If you're catering for a lacto-ovo vegetarian, these dishes are delicious and everybody else will like them too:

Nut roast
Spinach roulade, filled with chopped tomatoes and white cheese
• This recipe for Stuffed Pumpkin with Ginger Tomato Sauce by Nigella is vegetarian, gluten free but not starch free.
• Or go the whole hog (so to speak) and try Nadia Lim's Vegetarian or Vegan Christmas Roast with Cranberry, Sage and Cashew Nut Stuffing Balls and Tomato Onion Gravy

Vegetable sides

• Roast vegetables – any combo of potatoes, kumera, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip
• Or potato / kumera salad if you’re in a hot place
• If you’re starch free, try my Twice baked pumpkin
• This recipe for Roasted Citrus Thyme Carrots looks lovely - especially if you have access to heritage carrots
• Raw vege platter - chunks of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, grated carrot, fresh green pea pods. Serve with a bowl of homemade mayo.
Sauerkraut salad if you’re keen to get some fermented veges in

Christmas Cake and Mince Pies

Best ever boiled Christmas cake
• If you prefer a cake made by creaming the butter & sugar, this cake is GF, low starch (it does have some sugar) and is soaked in brandy!
• Or this Xmas cake is GF, GAPS, Paleo, Raw, vegan
• These homemade Xmas Mince pies are GF, GAPS, Paleo, Raw, vegan. They do use commercial mincemeat though, so you might want to make your own eg. from this recipe (which is uncannily similar to the first step in my Xmas cake recipe above).

Other Desserts

• A Kiwi Christmas isn’t complete without pavlova and my sister in law is superb at making them. There really isn’t any way to make them whole foods though, so here’s a recipe for a classic pavlova. None of this “just spoon berry compote over the top, and decorate with berries” crap though – a pav has to be piled high with whipped cream and topped with strawberries or tinned mandarins, and that’s all there is to it!
• For something chocolate and decadent, try German Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake by @gringalicious or the Paleo, vegan version developed by @rebeccaryan or this Cacao Strawberry Tart

Image source

If you don’t want anything too elaborate, go with a lighter option:

• A fresh fruit platter or rainbow kebabs or fruit Xmas tree or Watermelon cake
Sugar free vanilla ice cream by @woman-on the-wing
Almond flour Xmas star cookies
White Christmas Slice
Chocolate Xmas Bark
• Some of the divine truffle recipes posted by @woman-on the-wing, like Brandy & Hazelnut Truffles. There are more – go over there and show her some love!
• Or these Xmas Bliss Balls by @biglipsmama
• And here are a bunch of Paleo Xmas treats from the Paleo Mom including a grain free (but not starch free) chocolate eclair

Thanks for reading, and I hope some of these are helpful for you.

Unless otherwise stated, pics by @kiwideb or @sift666

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Excelent post, so much to choose from

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