Using up the summer bounty of FEIJOAS (Smoothie recipe)

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For a few weeks every summer, anyone in New Zealand with a feijoa tree has more of them than they know what to do with, including @sift666’s mother. So he regularly brings home way more than we can eat before they go off.

If you’re following my GAPS posts, this recipe is GAPS friendly.

We’ve found an EASY way to store them for winter. Just throw a bag of them whole into the freezer. Yes, really that simple. You can’t defrost them and eat them like you would a fresh one, as the texture isn’t that great. But they’re excellent for smoothies, or also to spice up an apple crumble or pudding.

Just take a couple of frozen feijoas out of the freezer and put them in a bowl of hot water for about two minutes. The green outer skin can be easily peeled off using a knife or peeler, and the still frozen inner flesh can be chopped up with a sharp knife.

So here’s the basic recipe for a PEAR AND FEIJOA smoothie:

• About a cup of yoghurt, kefir, coconut milk or nut milk *
• One pear, chopped
• Two feijoas, chopped
• ½ avocado

Blend till smooth and it will look like the top picture.

* If your yoghurt is very thick, dilute with some water. If you want to make your own nut milk, see my previous blackcurrant smoothie recipe

But don’t stop there, you can get creative, and make your own favourite variation.

• For protein, add a couple of whole free range eggs (but don’t eat supermarket eggs raw like this) OR some Collagen Hydrolysate (my fav supplemental protein) OR your own favourite protein powder
• For extra greens, add a handful of baby spinach or other favourite greens
• For extra minerals, add some liquid minerals such as CMD Complete mineral drops
• Whatever else you like really

@sift666 likes carob, so the final product today looked like this:

You might notice this is very thick, almost more like a chocolate or caramel pudding. This is due to the avocado. If you prefer a lighter smoothie, just add a little water.

This serves 1-2

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