To EAT CARBS or NOT TO EAT CARBS, that is the question…

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I’ve sent off my DNA test kit and I’m one step closer to knowing!

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Read my previous post about DNA testing here

So… I’ve completed the training and can now arrange DNA testing for my clients for the AMY1 gene. My first client is – Me! I took a cheek swab, have couriered the kit and will have the results in 2-3 weeks.

Why is it so important to know the answer?

For decades, the prevailing nutritional wisdom was that dietary fat was bad, and saturated fat especially was evil. The result was that anyone who was health conscious ended up on a low fat, high carb diet. This caused a bunch of problems, including higher rates of obesity, diabetes and other health conditons.

In response to that, the last decade or two has seen an increase in the popularity in low carb / Paleo diets. This has been more successful than the low fat regime, but we are starting to see a bounce back from that too.

More about that in this article

But in both cases, we are making some assumptions. That’s why I’m excited about this particular gene test. It tells us how much salivary amylase we are genetically programmed to produce.

Amylase is the enzyme that digests carbohydrate. Although there are things we can do to increase our amylase production, knowing our genetic predisposition immediately tells us the level of carbs we are most suited for.

We can of course choose to ignore the info, when we’re at a friend’s house and our favourite pasta dish is being served.

But it gives us a template for our ideal diet, which we can come back after any digressions.

If we choose to go low carb for a while to lose weight (for example), we will know whether we need to stay low carb. Or whether we can increase carbs again, once we reach our goal.

On a personal level, I’ve spent the last 20 years mostly eating reasonably low carb, even going a year eating only animal foods. A few months ago, I started eating carbs again, with some good results and some not so good. So my test result will tell me whether I should:

  1. Stay off the grains and legumes – only fruit, low starch veg and nuts for you, my girl!
  2. Eat a few whole grains and legumes, but still favour fruit, veg, nuts
  3. Ideally avoid processed carbs but I can digest starches fine

I know I’m not a 3. I think I’m a 1. But hey, if I was a 2, wouldn’t that be good to know?

To find out more about this type of gene testing, read my previous post about DNA testing here


We live in the information age; so no matter what study or expert you find generally someone else can find other experts to counter-act these experts.

The courts of law realized this this " catch 22 " ' paradox ' decades ago. Now ethically an " officer of the court "; technically an Officer of the Court is ANYONE ' Licensed to practice Law ' = lawyer cannot produce any expert unless that experts official testimony is accepted generally by the wider scientific community.

This means that you can Albert Einstein as your expert witness on Relativity, but he cannot testify unless he can explain and have other scientists accept his opinions. This is intended to simplify the legal process and give the public confidence in the legal system . . .

Regardless of whatever the scientific community agrees or disagrees about proteins versus fats versus carbohydrates something is seriously wrong with the information and messages modern people are getting.

In todays modern world we now have teenagers dying of heart disease and other crazy unhealthy lifestyle events. There is so much misinformation today people almost need a life coach to find quality information on how to life a quality life in the new age modern world.

Hopefully the Steemit system of Posting and Commenting will become a quality source of relevant information on what is practical and outline what is just hypothetical relating to good health . . .

Me; after years and years of " smoke and mirrors " if anyone tells me it is ' daytime ' I find a window and check for myself : )

/ hugs ; )

Yes, that's why my first health posts were about coming back to the common denominator of eating real food vs processed chemicals, and more on that to come. But the other vital part of the picture is biochemical individuality, there simply is no rule that works for everybody.

exactly; age, gender, health status, environment, culture, society, race even religious beliefs come into play about what to eat or not eat.

People who live in the Forest are not lively to have seafood as a major dietary component and those on the seashore are unlikely to rely heavily upon mushrooms.

Regardless; in todays new age most people are going to need someone to try and tell them the truth from all the fear, propaganda and marketing surrounding health messages . . .

I am glad I mainly try to avoid fads and apply common sense : )

/ hugz ; )

This general principle usually works either up until my third wine or until I see a pretty body trying to convince me of something else . . .

Oh; just in case you missed the Memo, SEX Sells ! ! !

I literally cannot eat potatoes. And that's weird because I'm Irish and Scottish, mostly. But the longer sugar chains create havoc in my gut, I don't digest them well, and when I don't eat potatoes I feel much better when I wake up in the morning. I have some candida issues, and it's been suggested that maybe the potatoes might actually be fermented by the yeast, giving me a slight hangover in the mornings. Regardless, I stay away from them. :)

I can't eat potatoes either and I'm not sure if it's the starch or the nightshade issue. We don't have them at home as my partner can't eat any nightshades, but I had some about 18 months ago while away with some friends. OMG, the pain and stiffness! So no more spuds for me even if my AMY1 count is good. If the issue was candida, I'd think all starches would create the same problem, not just potato. My ancestry is English and Jersey Islands, but I don't know if there's Scottish and Irish in there as well.
BTW, I saw you mention your fiction on someone else I'm following - @markrmorrisjr I think - so have opened up your latest post to read. Looks like just the sort of thing I like, so keen to read it soon.

The nightshade thing is also there... I notice my lower back doesn't hurt nearly as much now that I don't eat potatoes. I'm hoping there's a link there. Thank you, I hope you like the story - I'm really enjoying the serial fiction here on Steemit. @markmorrisjr, @jamielefay, @georgedonnelly, and @ericvancewalton all have my attention right now!

Have you tried cutting out the other nightshades - tomato, eggplant, bell peppers, chilli, goji?
I'm following 3 of them already but will check out @georgedonnelly too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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