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2019-09-20 - Friday

Published - 2019-09-20 - Friday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Steven Crowder

11:00 PM - #548 TIME FOR BLACKFACE... | Gavin McInnes Guests | Louder with Crowder | Maybe better than the Weird Al Parody version of that Nirvana song.

Infocomms Joey

12:31 AM - IWA

Zor is Bingozee. That is what life is all about. People can choose to ignore or not to ignore, and that goes without saying. That is common sense. Sadly, when I talk to people, some things go over their heads. They miss the point. Zor is an example of that. Zor might not even get what I'm trying to say. That is why I copy and paste everything to Steemit. It is a long story and I will continue to try my best to explain what I mean. In other words, I have not said it yet. I am trying to say some things. But I did not really say those things yet. That is why some people may not get what I am trying to say, because I have not said those things yet. I have not said all of those things yet.

Troll Farms

12:34 AM - I really thought all the troll accounts were owned by Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

Not America America

12:44 AM - Steemit

I love the second amendment. I love politicians as well. One of the problems is that globalists infiltrated America. In other words, America is not America. But if America was America, that would be awesome.

Lovely Black Hole

12:47 AM - Steemit

Holes are worth remembering. Big holes in the sky. Like a black hole, it pulls you in.

Agenda 2030

12:53 AM - Not to say we can't do better, but of course most of the pollution comes from China.


01:31 AM - Hello Anna. Oh, what should we do on Friday night? Let's do something. Oh, we could go to Homecoming.

Joey Bots

01:33 AM - Bingozee is right that the Griff Account are actually my accounts, the only original green Oatmeal Joey Arnold.



10:31 AM - Steemit | @Thoughts-in-time (63) | @joeyarnoldvn (57)

Joey Arnold

Do you like the United Nations or do you prefer nationalism?


The more decentralized the better. Ideally, this would one day be taken down to the level of the individual. Realistically speaking though, this may never happen in our lifetime, and this is because the world is abundant with people who are all too ready to force their will upon others. The lesser of two evils in that scenario is Nationalism. It is in no way perfect, but it is by far less broken and more optimal than globalism.

Joey Arnold

How could it ever happen? You expect people to change someday when they had not for thousands of years?


10:44 AM - Twitter

I see white lines in the sky. Who put them there? It's called geoengineering. Yes, really. A lot of people are talking about it and you can follow the planes that spray the stuff out into the sky and follow those planes to see where they come from


10:56 AM - Steemit

Laura Loomer is suing as they said they are a publisher the other day, like this week, they admitted, and yet they were getting black contract money from governments, liability protection, etc.

Storming Area 51

10:58 AM - Steemit

Facebook shut down the Storm The Feds Event within minutes. So, hold Facebook responsible as a publisher.

Cloud Flare

11:30 AM - IWA

@FlagDUDE08, but do you trust Cloud Flare, assuming the allegations concerning actions taken against possibly websites like Gab, etc?


11:39 AM - IWA

That 1976 movie was called Logan's Run and it is all about a future (2274 AD) Smart Google Bubble City (over two hundred years in the future). It starred Michael York who was in Austin Powers and he also played the Beast, the King of the World, the Anti-Christ, in the Omega Code and Megiddo. Somebody sent me a link to Logan's Run in order to tell me that capitalism is bad or something. However, I disagree. I love free markets. I should write more about Logan's Run.


11:44 AM - IWA

Kabbalah is the same as Mormonism?

Everything is a Lie?

11:53 AM - IWA

Deception can be more convincing when mixed with truth. That means there can be some reality buried within the propaganda. That's why it's critical to develop an ability to analyze, compare, contrast. It's fundamental to have a memory, to have some wisdom, some common sense. Follow your gut.

Two Big Problems

Here are two problems worth mentioning:

  1. Some people choose to reject everything because they have been lied to so much.
  2. Other people, however, tend to believe the people they respect, the people they depend on, that is family, school, the main stream media, employers, etc.


One of the things you can do is focus on the bit of truth that they may agree with and start with that. Ask questions and be patient. So, it's critical to find out where they are. Believe it or not, some people can learn how to reason. Some people may not have a lot practice thinking, problem solving, but that doesn't mean they cannot do it at all.

Relationship Advice

11:59 AM - IWA

It should be long-term minded. You should try to take it a day at a time in developing long-term relationships, friendships, with men and women, and some people do end up marrying their friends. Some people rush and force relationships while others procrastinate way too much. Candace Owens married in 2019 and said she met her husband at an event and they clicked. They connected. They quickly engaged. My mom did the same thing. So, you may not know what will happen. It is valuable to be open-minded as anything can happen.

Flat Earth

12:02 PM - IWA

Some pilots, astronauts, etc, would have leaked the Flat Earth by now, right?

Rudeness partly stems from a lack of time.

Me too. I just me too myself. Talk about a violation. I follow my gut and spewl oatmeal out of my guts onto people. Thank you. Yes, you are welcomed, with honey on top.

Cave Man Force

01:03 PM - IWA

I interrupt people all the time. Because it is radio. Limited time. We don't have enough time to listen.

Leftists teach us the greatest commandment, "Thou shalt not interrupt soy boys. Thou shalt wait and apologize before man-explaining."

Stop Talking About Me (Oatmeal)

01:08 PM - Please stop talking about me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

Tech Talk

01:11 PM - Why are people using Windows and Apple?


01:19 PM - They should have called the movie Facebook.

Military Daily

01:22 PM - That is a fairly big overlap between the people working for America and for England, AKA treason, espionage, etc, it seems.

Alex Jones

01:32 PM - ALEX JONES (3rd HOUR) Friday 9/20/19: Flat Earth Debate With Dave Weiss, Eddie Bravo & Sam Tripoli

They show a video of people fighting. People watch like they did in an episode of Black Mirror where they tortured inmates while letting people watch it.

Truman Man Show Movie - Flat Earth Edition

02:40 PM - IWA

What if we are either in a simulation and/or in some kind of Truman Show Dome like seen in the Truman Show film, regardless of the shape of our planet, the land of the universe, the earth, this world, this globe, this flat earth, round earth, hollow earth, cube earth, circle earth, oval earth, rectangle earth, triangle earth, square earth, etc?

Lighting Power

02:49 PM - Is it like tapping into potential static electricity, lightning, etc?

Dating Deception

02:58 PM - Leftists want you to have a GF.

You don't have to be a BF to take a girl out.

Girls can say they are never ready for relationships. However, that can generally be irrelevant, misleading, counterproductive, in the greater scheme of things within the realm of long-term perspective and gut quest.

Fighting Owen Shroyer?

03:21 PM - IWA


Some people might be attacking Owen Shroyer. I've been following some of that on this website, the Infocomms, since 2018. So, it can be a long story. I'm still looking more into the details. So, I'm not going to say that I know everything.

Out of Context

However, some of what people say might be false accusations. So, some of it might be inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, out of context, etc. Plus, a small percentage of it might be minor mistakes, etc, made by maybe Owen, Pastor Sam, etc. People are not perfect. Trump, Alex Jones, etc, are not perfect. But we are patriots. We are trying to drain the swamp. We are trying to promote family first values, nationalism, the first amendment, the second amendment, the fourth amendment, private property rights, walls, individualism, free markets, freedom over safety, etc.

Censorship Debate

Some people may have accused Infocomms of censorship, etc, the things that Facebook and other tech cartels do. However, that would only be true to the extent that Infowars were to receive governmental black contract money, liability protection, etc, like Google, etc, does/do.

Violating Contracts?

If the Infowars Army (IWA) forum here claimed that they would never remove content that violated guidelines, the policy, the Terms of Service, the rules, laws, codes, acts, etc, and then IWA violated that contract, then some people could try to maybe sue Infowars, allegedly. However, I don't think IWA is Facebook. It's different as far as I can tell. Again, long story. This debate has been going on since like 2018, if not longer. So, it might be complex. But I think, some people are missing the point. Again, long story. I still need to investigate some of this more.


Some people might be attacking Owen Shroyer, Pastor Sam, etc, and they should be attacking Soros, Obama, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Google, etc.

But some of the Owen Bashers may have good intent. Some of them may be the same people that tell Alex Jones to stop interrupting his guests, etc. So, I guess it depends on the type of Owen Basher that you run into.

Zor, can we get an official statement from you concerning Owen Shroyer?


Is there only one kind of platform out there that all websites, forums, social networks, etc, have to comply to following, to being, in regards to this platform vs publisher debate, specifically speaking, what is a platform, are there different kinds of platforms, and if so, then, even more specifically, what kind of platform and/or publisher and/or whatever, etc, etc, might the Infocomms be from your perspective; or better yet, what should it be?

Bingozee Book

04:23 PM - IWA

Bingozee is a hypocrite as he does what he accuses other people of doing.

Bingozee is lying as we all can go on mainstream social networks to some extent.

@Zor, just click on the pencil to see the removed comment:


04:25 PM - IWA

But on private property, the property owners should have some say or complete say concerning potential dress codes.

Leave Britney Alone

04:33 PM - IWA


Stop going to my secret Steemit website. Stop plugging me. Nobody wants to look at my ugly Green Oatmeal Face.

Free Masonry

04:34 PM - IWA

You mean Free Mason? I don't know. There may be good and bad kinds of masons out there. I might be related to some.

Why You Should Never Eat Green Original Oatmeal

05:02 PM - Good to the last drop.

Infocommer of the Month

05:03 PM - IWA

I just checked my notifications.

People call me a liar yet they don’t think I got the data

Hello Bingozee, AKA Leviticus.

Joey World

05:07 PM - IWA

Why are you always reading my boring retarded blog?

Never Oatmeal My Joey

Stop Talking About Me. Ignore Me. Please.

Please ignore me. Pretend I’m not even here.

I confused @John with @MITCHELL. Sorry. John is the older guy. Mitchell is the younger guy.

People have freewill to some extent regardless of the parenting or lack therein.

@Rob_Roy, if you screenshot me one more time, I’m going to get you.

As long as your grandpa can't Google me in Hell.

Bingozee World

05:13 PM - IWA

I am glad you are never banned.

Owen's Tooth

05:23 PM - IWA

But is everything a free speech debate?

Did you know that my IP Address is banned?

Two Debates

  1. What can be said?
  2. What should be said?

What about private property rights?

If you are standing in my yard, do I have to pay you money?

Are there different types of platforms?

We can contrast this debate with the DMCA, etc.

Is the Internet private property?

Depends on whether the Internet is private property or not.

How many different debates are we conflating?

He made a video. He removed that video. He edited that video. He reuploaded that video. I saw the video. Then I saw no video. Then I saw the updated video. I talked about it as I saw the old video, the no video, and then the new video.

I assumed you took them down like you took down some of your Mind Bender videos. Yes, my assumption was inaccurate.

The fluoride keeps me pretty retarded.

Debate Party

Here are some of the different things we are debating:

  1. Is Infocomms (IWA) violating their own guidelines, excessively speaking?
  2. Was Owen Shroyer arrested, ever?
  3. Is the Internet private property?
  4. Is IWA a platform and/or publisher and/or etc?
  5. Is IWA getting money from the government like Facebook does?
  6. Are there different kinds of platforms?
  7. Is a platform not allowed to remove content, ever, for violating guidelines, terms of service, rules, etc?
  8. Can a platform be private property?
  9. Can we compare some of this to how copyrights work, the DMCA, etc?
  10. What should IWA do if a user were to maybe violate the rules?
  11. Can IWA enforce their rules?
  12. Can IWA have rules?
  13. Is it censorship or rule enforcement?
  14. Is the first amendment about private property and privacy invasion, violation, dependency, on the government, or is the first amendment all about keeping government from banning speech, etc?
  15. Isn't the first amendment all about separating the government from deciding what we do with our stuff?
  16. Who owns a website?
  17. If a website is being hosted on different computers, servers, owned by different people, then is it owned collectively by those different people in the name of communism or what?


Long story. There are more questions I can ask. This can go on for days. For crying out oatmeal, it has been going on forever. There are more debates that can be added to this list. It is like the song that will not end from Lamp Chop Play-Along.

Can we start a thread for each debate we have here?

Meaning to Life

The meaning to life involves freewill, meaning people can choose to make it all about themselves, selfishly, and Americana encourages citizens to make those types of choices.

Elections 2020 & 2024

06:19 PM - IWA

Many different people should try to run in 2020 and 2024 in order to elevate the competition.

The Flat Earth Debate

05:59 PM - IWA

05:56 PM - Response to Globebusters - The Earth Still Isn't Flat

Parental Guilt

06:43 PM - IWA

If you're trying your best, then have no guilt. Well, you can feel the guilt as it is just an emotion. You have to believe in whatever you want. You have to make the choice each day and commit to whatever those choices are and cherish those choices, good or bad. Each day is a new day. Each day, different choices can be made. You can learn how to laugh at circumstances and choices from the past, good or bad. Also, natural remedies is Heaven.

David Knight Please Knight

07:44 PM - IWA

I would encourage David Knight to confront Alex Jones, to push Alex to up his game online, in how the websites are run, in the hiring process of the IT staff, in the hardware, the software, assuming David understands some of it more than Alex and assuming Alex and Infowars in general is not and are not trying each day to up their game and games in all of this and more.

Concerning Zack

@FreeThinkingPatriot, I just finished watching that last video about Zach. This video was well made.

Centralization vs Decentralization

One of the vulnerabilities of websites is within the realms of centralization of the website servers, the main gateways and highways into and out of the websites, etc, of Infowars for example, that is assuming Infowars websites are too centralized perhaps, allegedly.


That's why you should have decentralized servers that can remain synchronized and yet also replaceable at any moment.

Fighting DDoS

If a single server is attacked by DDoS, etc, then the system can adapt.


Meaning, if a server goes down, no problem as the systems, the websites, are hosted from many different servers all at the same time.


When you have that kind of setup, it could make things a little bit tougher for hackers, viruses, attacks, Trojan Horses, bugs, etc. I did NOT say it makes it impossible for hackers. Just maybe a little bit more challenging, perhaps, hypothetically speaking, allegedly, theoretically, potentially, possibly, to some extent, sometimes.

Hollow Earth Debate

07:49 PM - Instead of Storming Area 51, it should have been a cave.

Relativity speaking, it might be better than watching TV all day. It depends on the individual. It might have been a step in the right direction in getting some of people to think outside the box. Yes, extremely dangerous at the same time. If some of them were already doing extremely dangerous activities, drugs, crime, etc, then this is at least a change for them to some extent, a course alteration that might be life changing for them, potentially, eventually.

Cloud Flare

07:55 PM - IWA

I agree with @Trey060 concerning Cloudflare, allegedly, it appears to be that way, and there has to be better alternatives.

Open Borders

08:19 PM - Open Borders is destroying Europe.

The Nobody Thread

Topless Kids

09:06 PM - Parents should not take their children to places like that.

Parents should keep kids safe, not the government.

That Star Wars Girl

01:06 AM - The J.A.C.K Show! | life is better if you save it until after the wedding | it is all about making better choices | experience is not relevant | dating vs courtship | dating is a waste of time | whether it is rebound or not is not relevant | that is the problem with dating | If that was me, it would not be a lie. Tell me about Star Trek. Why finger? Fingering is not a good idea. @TuneDrop The End E.T. , oh, I love tunnels. With strawberries on the side

Star Wars Theory

10:02 AM - Once Upon a Theory: Anakin VS Obi-Wan - Episode 2 | Revenge of the Sith Parody | They talk it out. C3PO Rambo Terminator tries to fight Palpatine but is pushed into the lava. Anakin picks up Palpatine and throws him in the lava and then talks about his empire that he secured because he is the chosen one and better than other people.

Overlord DVD

07:02 PM - Friday Night Frolics! Silver Lining Edition! | @Cardinal Sin, hail Extreme Moderate | CBS murdered some of my previous channels | @hardmaxer , G virus as in Google virus? | @hardmaxer I wonder how that Resident Evil G Virus compare with whatever they got in The Walking Dead. | 1776 vs 1984 | @Insanity Pepper i was born 1985 | Harvey ate Mr. T | dune buggy instead of time travel for Star Trek First Contact film with Picard | @Insanity Pepper , he tries to get some, and then gets some, and then goes away from them | @Insanity Pepper, the Data Robot might have the best or the only story arch that continues from the seven seasons and through the movies until he dies. | I was always hoping for a real Star Trek Next Generation film that reflected the television show.