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Kanye West Sermon | Annex the Moon as the 51st state | Incredible Green Brexit Boris Hulk vs Panic Lawyer 1 Billion $$$ given by Microsoft for Elon Musk's human brain with A.I??? | House Vacuum | Dishes | Pea Soup | Area 51 | September 2016 | Eddie Bravo | Alex Jones


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2019-09-19 - Thursday

Published - 2019-09-19 - Thursday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Joey Video

infowarrior of the month of september - Oatmeal Joey Arnold - by Mischief With Griff Critical | He edited the video and added a Joey Scream at the end of the video | In the past, Mind Bender episodes were removed. You can see a pattern. | So, Hate Speech must be very bad because Hate Speech hurts people. Oh, Racist Justin in Black Face, oh my God. | You hurt my feelings. Now, you have to go kill yourself because you are hurting my Soy Boy Emotions. Cancel Culture. Kanye West Jesus, Atlanta, Georgia.


I'm watching

Steven Crowder

10:37 AM - DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: Dave Rubin vs. Skyler Turden Debate Cancel Culture! | Louder with Crowder

Behind The Scene Fiction

10:48 AM - Cocoon (Trailer)

Answers In Genesis

10:52 AM - Is It Time to Panic About Climate Change? - Creation Museum Live! | September 19, 2019

The Alex Jones Show

12:50 PM

Baked Blunts

Eddie Bravo Invades Infowars Chokes Out Alex Jones

Kanye West Specials

07:45 PM - Full Stream: Kanye West Sunday Service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Atlanta 2019 - September 15th of 2019 | Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant

The Resistance 1776

08:47 PM - 🔥◄ FirePower (Full Show) 🎙️ Thur • September 19th, 2019 ►🔥

The Rubin Report

08:54 PM - What Should Happen to Justin Trudeau? | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Bradon Tatum

11:18 PM - Candace Owens Got DESTROYED By TI?


12:04 AM - IWA

The Real ID thing violates the constitution.

Words War

12:05 AM - It should be illegal to accuse people of psychologically damaging others because that is a subjective slippery slope that could be worse than leftist SJW chaos.


12:06 AM - The one thing that really hurt the constitution was 1871.


12:11 AM - Will you become a god when you die?

Many Christians are not Christians. That's the problem. A real Christian is very grounded in family first but without being consumed by the fear of rejection.

Getting Hired

01:03 AM - FB

Maybe you could be a cameraman for Infowars. What? No experience you say? Qualification is founded on passion, ability. Plus, amateur experience. It mostly depends on the employers. You're thinking of the old fashion way of how things have worked in the past, the normal way of how retarded bosses hire NPC slaves.

Tenth Amendment

10:52 AM - Go Home Now

Joey World

11:17 AM - A man on Fox News has a show called his world. What was his name again? I could be like that guy.

Countering Revelations

11:24 AM - IWA

The alternative to monopolism is free market competition, supply and demand, individualism, community first, family first, nationalism over globalism, private property rights, the bill of rights which stems from the Bible, western civilization, the ten commandments, morality, education, training, philosophy, science, objectivity, common sense, wisdom, grace, justice, conservatism, liberalism, choices.

Opening Attachments

11:28 AM - @Memeart, why are you afraid to open an attachment? That means your computer sucks.

Retarded Trump Supporters

11:33 AM - IWA | Washington DC | Joey Arnold | FreeThinkingPatriot


I actually agreed with @OwenShroyer on that Rant where people don’t question a certain person like trump, Trust the Plan… sorry, but if I can’t question anything then I’m not being what I say I am. Hell, I’m CRIT1KAL of Owen and His gang of Turd Burglers. :rofl:

Washington DC

There’s no such thing as Retarted Trump Supporters, theres only Retarted DEMONcrats. Some of you will believe anything you read!

Joey Arnold

@Washington_DC, Trump sometimes said nice things about Paul Ryan during Trump Rallies, etc. How many and how loudly did the crowds boo at the mention of Paul Ryan? Better yet, when Trump mentioned going after mental health, how did the audience react? I can do this all day. We can go down a list of hundreds of things. I could show you videos. We could listen to the audio. We can take the time to analyze each part, step by step, if you want. Many people are talking about this in articles, videos, etc.

Infowarrior of the Month

11:41 AM - IWA | Zor | Banned Video

Joey Arnold

Did Griff delete his video on me already?


No, it is still there.

@zor, why did you lie? Look at this:

Infowarrior of the month - September of 2019

United States of Moon

12:02 PM - Steemit | IWA | Petition

Tell Trump to turn the Moon and Antarctica and Greenland into new states of America.


12:04 PM - Are stroop wafels some kind of wafel or weisal? Is it like an animal or some kind of food? Is that cake pie above a stroop wafel?

Logan's Run

12:10 PM - Steemit

What does Logan's Run have to do with free markets? I saw the Matrix in that movie. I saw a tyranny over the bubble city. After that, I saw a retarded old man who had a messy room. They were all weirdos. Everybody in that movie sucked because both sides were nuts. They were all cultists. I love free markets.

Canada Moon

12:15 PM - I never really thought much about the mountains of Canada before. Come to think of it, very mysterious, like the moon. Possibly very unexplored.

Curious George Girl

12:18 PM - That is what I love about curious citizens of the world. I love Curious George. I love travel and I was in Vietnam and loved it there. Oh, Mona Lisa, interesting.

Nerd Alert

12:20 PM - Lucky you met Mario and Luigi. I love pizza and computers as well.

China Janice

12:21 PM - Mothers are the best. I love learning about the history of China.


12:25 PM - It seems that BSV is better than what BTC became.

Microsoft Elon Musk

12:28 PM - Are they trying to create the Terminator Sky Net Matrix of Wall-E?


Pill Boxes. Paramount. Above washer. Computer room. Vacuumed the house.


Pea soup. Watching Alex Jones talk about how Facebook is saying that positive references to the 2nd amendment will be removed. Countries are sending letters to America demanding they take guns from Americans. Social networks continue to ban, censor, etc. How do we get Trump to stop the tyranny, etc?

Gun Debate

01:45 PM - Mexico made gun ownership illegal like fifty years ago and yet so many people are murdered there via guns.

The Spirit of Storming Area 51

01:50 PM - How do we get people to protest other things as well?

Whistle Blowers

01:53 PM - @Fubar, you will die if you live that way. You are missing out. You have to go public right now. Don't expect Alex Jones to find you. Stop pretending that you are hiding.


01:58 PM - ALEX JONES (2nd HOUR) Thursday 9/19/19: Eddie Bravo & Sam Tripoli Off The Rails For Two Hours


02:19 PM - A bigger problem is that those attachments are designed for Microsoft Windows. The problem is not the opening of those attachments but of having a terrible operating system that was designed to compromise the users.

Made in the USA

02:28 PM - Who said that we pay? Are you saying we cannot make things in America? Is that impossible?


04:00 PM - 05:00 PM. Got the mail.

September of 2016


Pea soup.


06:00 PM - 07:20 PM | Around this time.

Home Coming

11:38 PM - IWA

I started going to the homecoming dances and other high school dances in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, 2002-2004, that is my Junior and Senior years. I was already well known by almost everybody, around 800 students. I would dance like a crazy person. Sometimes, I danced with some of the girls and sometimes I would do the Steve Urkel thing. Did I do that? I did. @Rob_Roy, oh no, who let the Joey dog into the house? Kanye West Jesus in the house, back from Atlanta already.

Prepare For Rejection

@MITCHELL, you can accept and expect rejection. That can either depress you or motivate you. Mentally, you can tell yourself that you are going to ask a person out. Prepare yourself mentally to be fine with the no, the rejection. How do you ask?

How-To Ask

Two parts to asking:

  1. First, simply ask: "Do you want to go to homecoming with me?" After asking, read the person. If they no or say nothing, then prepare for part two.
  2. Secondly, in part two, just say: "Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me." Then walk away. If they want to know, they can eventually ask you where they can find you. Well, skip part two if you are thinking about asking other people out as well, perhaps. Just go to the homecoming alone. You can do that. I did that.

Joey Infocomms

11:49 PM - IWA

You are attacking me. You are acting like a drunk. You are blaming me. It seems that you hate my guts. So, you are acting like a leftist.

Behind The Scene Fiction

10:48 AM - Cocoon (Trailer)

Mark Dice

07:30 PM - OWNED!

That Star Wars Girl

08:32 PM - The J.A.C.K Show!

Overlord DVD

09:18 PM - Last Jedi Killed Star Wars! Force Ghosts Destroyed EVERYTHING! | It either took Yoda thirty years to learn Ghost Force Lightning, it was actually Snoke pretending to be Yoda, or maybe the Will or Whill of the force all had a vote and decided burn down the tree through Ghost Yoda. Maybe the living force has to all agree in a consensus before they can actually interact in the real world. I hope it was just Palpatine pretending to be Yoda. | yoda had to learn it from his daddy, kermit the frog

Storming Area 51

10:21 PM - LDG Station - 🔴 Area 51 Live: Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us | live stream the live streams | download the videos before google deletes this | Corrupted Nation - THROW DOWN #65 - iOS 13 Apple - AREA 51 Raid - Titans vs Jaguars | when i came back into america, they required my passport | AREA 51 RAID: Live Facebook Group Participant Count & Updates (Storm Area 51 Meme) | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Are you Ninja Kermit? They could at least try to storm Area 51 and film the military murdering them and stream it LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, etc, just to show how bad the government is, perhaps. | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

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