@tipU Curate Project Update: Recharging Curation Mana

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As a @tipU curator I often find myself out of mana - just as I used my daily ration there's this one more post that I really feel needs to be curated. So far the only solution was to wait for mana reset but now we have new option - mana recharge.


Now, recharging mana is not free of cost as then every curator would have basically infinite curation mana. Instead I've added a mechanic for burning @tipU tokens (sending them to @null) which instantly recharges one vote for the curartor. Let's see how it works.

@tipU profit sharing tokens, or TPUs, are giving share of @tipU profits to its holder. They exist on the steem-engine platform and users are free to trade and transfer them - no staking is needed.

To buy TPUs:

  1. Go to steem-engine and login.
  2. Go to market and find TPUs - you can also just click here: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=TPU
  3. From the market window use deposit feature and deposit STEEM tokens.
    Screenshot_2019-11-14 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png
  4. Now you can buy TPUs - make a buy order by clicking on the "lowest ask" price and entering how many TPUs you want to buy.
    Screenshot_2019-11-14 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain(1).png
  5. Confirm the transaction and you're good to go!

Now let's go to the wallet section and transfer some TPUs to @null

  1. Go to your steem-engine wallet.
  2. Click on the transfer button
    Screenshot_2019-11-14 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain(3).png
  3. Send TPUs to: null
    Each TPU sent recharges you one vote so there's no need to send more than the amount of votes you can send daily (this depends on your level).
    Screenshot_2019-11-14 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain(4).png
    You can leave the memo empty but if you enter there name of a different curator: his mana will be recharged instead of yours (useful if you want to recharge different curator).

And that's it! Whole operation should take no longer than 1 minute if you have used steem-engine before. I imagine that this feature might be not super popular as curators are used to send free upvotes but please remember this is optional. Also I know I will be using it ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or reach me on the discord channel. Cheers!

PS. Nominations are paused currently as @tipU is burning voting power to quick. Need to find equilibrium point.


Why You stop pay me for my delegated money ? Should I transer it back ? Or what ? 3 weeks without anything ?

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You are receiving daily payouts:

@tipu @cardboard please nominate me as a curator.

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Yesterday 1000.0 STEEM POWER delegated or invested gave payout of:
0.004 SBD + 0.248 STEEM (0.04 USD), APR: 9.77% .

Delegation link: steemconnect 1000.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

Please note that your profit can be slightly different (depending on the payout time).

Check out https://www.steemprofit.info to compare @tipU with other services.

I'm already spending a lot of time on this project. I am so happy to do it, and help others, but when the votes are done, my tipu is done for the day. If I see a good post, I hold it open. If it still needs a nice vote after I recharge, then it goes first.

hi @fitinfun

Could you please tell me a bit about @tipu? How does this bot function and what does it do?

I bumped into this page a moment ago and I just got curious.


Seems great! It offers users so many possibilities. Btw, there is a spelling mistake in your post, which is below the picture you used. "source "not "scource"😝.

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Hi - I get the occasional tipu vote and just transferred 10 Steem thinking I'd like to try it out, but how does it work.

Also what are tipu curators, are they the only guys that can 'call' tipu to curate?

Are all the answers basically not accessible on Steem but available on discord, like everything else on Steem?

Does the Mana still recharge everyday or it can now only be recharged by burning TPU tokens? Or is this TPU burning option meant for those who can't wait for the Mana to recharge?

Does the Mana still recharge everyday


TPU burning option meant for those who can't wait for the Mana to recharge?


Cool! Thanks for the clarification

I'm seeing this pretty close to bedtime, so I'm not even going to try to understand this now...LOL! I'll shout out tomorrow if I have any questions after I read it properly, but I wanted to make sure I said, "thanks for the update!" 😊

Świetne posunięcie!

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Hello guys
I just wonder about my status on Tipu project. For now basic on tipu's comment always said "0/3" it means I still a curator but why I didn't recieve daily payout?

Great initiative then.

You need to have efficiency above 100% to receive the curators payout.

Great update, really. You're awesome guys. ☺

HI Clixmoney,I have seen that you supporting a lot of new people and promoting steem,and in one video you mentioned you are also using tipu,can you nominate me or invite me I also want to become a curator

I think they already have enough curators. But, you still can ask @cardboard , maybe he will be able to add you in case they are still adding people.

Thanks for dropping this note and explanatory reason @tipu

Thanks @tipu curate project sharing update.

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Resteemed :-)

Is there still some free space as a new curator? @cardboard?

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Currently not but remind me on discord in a week :)

Holding your tokens has been wonderful. :)

I enjoy seeing the tokens grow (When there's some in stock. lol) or seeing the payouts in my wallet at the set interval. I also take comfort in knowing that my delegated power as well as my investment into the tokens, is a solid one that is sure to be well used.

Thank you for your service, it's been very enjoyable using it and watching it/my investment grow!

Thank you!

Most excellent, @tipu! I just gave it a go, and it worked like a charm! I might not do this on a frequent basis, but it's good to know the option is there. 😊

!giphy you're+awesome

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!


I still think the community curation is something more whales should think about, it's really been a great addition. Cool update!

@tipu curate

cool feature! but then, you are likely to re-issue what's been burned and re-distribute. right?

You need to be @tipu curator to do this ;)

i thought i've been a curator. now i see myself doesn't exist in the list anymore.
i'm pretty sure i was one of the high rank curator. what's the reason for the drop? (i don't mean the ranking drop but complete drop out)

If you're inactive for longer than a week, you are removed from the curators week (so inactive curators don't receive the daily payout).

that means i need to be re-nominated? i thought nominations are now 0/0.
is this an infinite limit for nomination? or zero possibility?

Currently nominations are disabled.

alright, fine. let me know when it gets re-activated. I kinda suspect you have cooler idea to make it even greater. ;)

@tipu nominate

토닥~ 토닥~ 토닥~ 💙

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If I issue new tokens, I always add more steem power backing it up. So the end results of burning is always more steem power backing up each token, even after issuing new tokens (which I haven't done in a long time, need to keep that supply limited :)

so, even if those tokens burned(or held at @null) you still count that as already "an issued in the past" and do not re-issue what's been burned?

maybe an example would make it easy for us to understand what i mean.


  1. Total SP at tipu is 100.
  2. Thus, 100 TPUs were issued already and distributed.
  3. 1 year later SP grew up to 110.
  4. During the one year, 20 tokens were sent to @null.
  5. You will still only issue 10 TPU more as SP grew by 10.

or will you issue 30 TPUs (10 + 20 that were sent to null) ?

The amount of SP does not determinate how much TPUs are issued.
Instead every time I issue new TPUs I manually set how much SP are backing them up - making sure that the ratio does not go lower.

So in this example after a year we have 80 tokens backed by 110 SP (1 TPU = 1.375 SP).
If I issue 10 new tokens, I need to add at least 13.75 SP to the pool backing the TPUs (to keep the previous ratio). If I issue 20 new tokens it needs to be 27.5 SP and so on.

cool, i get it now!

I want nominate as a tipu curator.can you add me

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This is super. I really need this. Though I don't have much idea about Steem engine but will figure it out.
Do we need to do this process daily to recharge? Or it's an one time process if I send more tpu at once?

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Your mana will recharge automatically every day but if you want to send those extra votes - you need to send TPUs to @null and it's a one-time effect. If you recharge today and tomorrow will be out of mana, you need to recharge again for additional votes.

I got it. Thanks :)

Hmmmm... I was Curated by Tipu few times now and I'm interested in the project. Is there an announcement post somewhere?

This post has been upvoted by witness @untersatz. You've done a great job!
The @untersatz witness and manual curation is under the guidance of @contrabourdon and @organduo.
Current VP: 87.56%

Hi @cardboard! You can now monitor your investment at https://tipu.online
Here is your @tipU service user data:

  • deposit: 4.118 STEEM and 0.0 SBD
  • delegation: 35373.208 STEEM POWER | auto-reinvested: 0 STEEM POWER
  • 579.89693 @tipU Tokens -> 675.502 STEEM POWER invested from tokens
  • pending payout: 0.001 SBD + 0.385 STEEM, next scheduled payout in: 5.0 hours
  • total @tipU STEEM POWER: 2011839 | Your share: 1.791829% | Your reinvest ratio: 0%
  • Your payouts are send in SBD every 6 hours
  • voting status: active, profit will be increased with each vote :)
  • profitability yesterday: 0.001 SBD + 0.274 STEEM (0.03 USD) per 1k SP delegated or invested, APR: 10.17% | average profitability last month

Can you tell me how that call to cure works, some publication that explains how to be a curator, that explains the mechanism, thank you!

I was just thinking that removing curators from this project after one week of inactivity might be a bit harsh, e.g. if I'm panning to travel, I'm out... Perhaps raising it to 2 weeks or the ability to set oneself as inactive for a while would be a solution?

Tbh I don't understand, won't curator be just losing his tipu tokens?

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Yep, sending tokens to @null means that you no longer have them. In return you can send more curation votes.

Hello is there anyone who can also nominate me ?I want to become a curator as well

Hello is there anyone who can also nominate me ?I want to become a curator as well!
Me too!

delegate 1000 sp to @tipu

Hi @cnfund! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 1000.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

Hi @tipu Hi @cardboard

Would like to ask, the tipu vote function can it be done with steem deposit instead of SBD?

I want to become a tipU curator. Please how do I start?

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Please help @tipu

I filed 10 steem,paid out I got 6.8 steem

Zaslonska slika 2019-12-25 09-52-25.png

Zaslonska slika 2019-12-25 09-53-01.png

i want to delegate 300 SP