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2019-09-22 - Sunday

Published - 2019-09-22 - Sunday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Whistle Meme

12:28 AM - Love the whistle meme. We gotta lock up the criminals. Biden. Obama. Bush. Clinton. So many crime families.

Troll Heaven

12:30 AM - There's an app for that. Wait, I mean, there's a thread for that.

Child Porn

12:34 AM - IWA

When Alex Jones talked about the child porn (specifically), he asked the audience for help, @Memeart, which may include @FreeThinkingPatriot, @WTFA, and others to the extent that they do in fact help or try to help, assuming they are helping, assuming they are trying to help with things like that, etc.

Alex Jones said what he said. I'm the messenger. You're literally shooting the messenger. You asked if Alex Jones ever asked them to help. Alex Jones did. You're going to cry like a soy boy. So, the only thing you can do is yell at me.

Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

12:38 AM - IWA

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, Pastor Sam is Joshua, and Oatmeal Joey Arnold is Austin Powers.

The Amazing Lucas

08:20 AM - Revolt Summit Breakdown | I would not have mentioned Trump. If they asked me about Trump, I would try to focus on asking questions about Trump and say that if Trump this and if Trump that, then maybe maybe you know, things are getting better. I would say Obama did this and Trump did that.

Prager U

08:47 AM - The Candace Owens Show: Vice President Mike Pence

Child Porn

08:55 AM - IWA

@Memeart, a television does not speak for people and yet it does. I am a television. You are mocking technology. You are insulting the messenger. That is insanity. That is deception. That is terrorism. You are living in a world consumed by an ideology that blinds you. I'm telling you 1+1=2. You yell "I DID NOT ASK YOU THAT MATH PROBLEM. I WAS ONLY ASKING GRIFF. YOU CANNOT ANSWER THAT MATH PROBLEM. ONLY GRIFF IS ALLOWED."

False Accusations

08:58 AM - IWA

When you say that Pastor Sam is not Pastor Sam is like saying a kitty is not a kitty because it looks like a chick.


Led Sunday School. Talked about 2 disciples of Christ who were missionaries and church planters in the early church. The culture then was the same as it is now as people were into themselves, into subjectivity, lust, pleasure, relativity, post modernism. There is a difference between worry and agonizing in prayer. THere are differences between emotions and other emotions, feelings, moods. Feelings are like the wind. You can fly with them. Soar like a bird. You can also crash and burn. There is a good and bad people. The sermon was focused on that. Hitler might have done some good. Well, actually universal health care is a bad idea. Kindergarten, preschool, day care, etc, can be a bad idea. That's besides the point. Bob Dylan became a Christian. Vietnam might be improving. There are yellow, green, and black Vietnamese police. Vietnam might be two governments or states. Younger people try to change the Vietnamese laws. Keyboard. New one there. Old one dropped off at the store. Fred Meyers. Small cart. Card. Rain. Errors. Fixed. Taxi around the 80's. She was there at the homeschool club around the 1980's. Now, here. Didn't remember me. Peeled corn on the cobs at home. Expensive violin. Being normal. Suppressing emotions. Ocean time. Her sister.

Amusing Amoosing

02:58 PM - IWA | Facebook | Gab | Minds | Twitter | Steemit

What does the amused moose say? That's amoosing. Amusing.

Oatmeal English

03:35 PM - IWA

As an English Teacher, don't even get me started talking about slogans, grammar, phrasal verbs, idioms, the history of the etymology of vocabulary, terminology, and especially the roots, the stems, to the words themselves.

Who is Pastor Sam?

03:49 PM - IWA

Real Pastors?

A typical rift. A not so typical question. Brilliant question. Another question could be concerning Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Was Oatmeal really an English Teacher in Vietnam? Likewise, is and/or was Pastor Sam a real pastor?

Real Teachers?

Was I never really a teacher only because I didn't have teaching certificate, degrees, qualifications, documents, diplomas, papers, approval, verification, officially, actually, authentically, for the record, legally, technically, specifically, virtually, according to laws, according to perception?

Who is Pastor Sam?

06:36 PM - IWA

@MITCHELL, so, there is a guy named Pastor Sam @PastorSam. He calls into The Alex Jones Show sometimes. @AtypicalRift, so, are you saying that Vietnamese live in caves and cannot access computers just like Osama Bin Laden who was by extension or directly a terrorist? Wait a minute, are you calling me a terrorist? @Pippydop, so, am I a Fake Teacher or what would my alleged students claim? Can pastors have students as well?


03:58 PM - IWA

You can type in the URL directly into your address bar (on your web browser) and skip the search engines altogether. You don’t need to use Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go. Just type in the URL into the address bar and click enter. After that, CTRL+D (or whatever the shortcut is for your computer) to bookmark the page. Then you can customize your web browser in order to add a link to the top of your web browser like this:

The Alex Jones Show

Google vs Bitcoin

04:19 PM - IWA | Natural News | Fortune

BREAKING: NO MORE SECRETS – Google achieves “quantum supremacy” that will soon render all cryptocurrency breakable, all military secrets revealed

Quantum Cryptocurrencies

If they are not already, people need to really try to create quantum cryptocurrency systems, encryption systems, etc, etc, things that can compete with the elevated hacking power of the Google Eye of Sauron and other such super computers.

Mega Man Computers

Wait, not super computers but mega computers, AKA quantum computers.

Qubit vs Binary

Traditional computers would use binary. So, that is where data is stored in a 0 or a 1. So, you would see the numbers like this for example: 1010111000010110101011110000.

Beyond the 32-Bit Architecture

A qubit can go way beyond that binary limit of on or off. Somehow, it has the ability to store many values, many things at the same time, simultaneously.

Catch Up

So, the rest of us have to counter by catching up. Also, we need to go after Google and others before and after they rob us of money, secrets, etc.

Government vs Technocracy

I favor smaller government. However, we might as well take advantage of the size of our government in order to hold Google, etc, accountable, transparent, competitive as opposed to too excessively a tyrannical monopoly and tech cartel.

See You in Court (Hell)

Legally, we must continue going after Google, etc, for many different things, and potentially, in light of this, even more.

Prevention & Correction

We must continue to look at prevention and correction. We must have robots, quantum computers, etc, etc, ourselves as well.

Invest in Gold

People must invest in gold, salt, water, dirt, rock, etc, and not only in cryptocurrencies, etc, especially as Google and others can hack into banks, wallets, etc, and steal money, etc, etc. They do steal secrets, etc. I will try to write more about these things in the future.

Finding People

05:01 PM - IWA | Facebook

Facebook does not delete. You are from Virginia. I used to live in West Virginia. I think I can out hack @DarkAlley01x. Facebook may have had an option to disable accounts which can later be resurrected by the users later on. On Facebook, there might be a difference between terminating and disabling accounts. Generally, people disable their accounts. It might be possible to actually delete accounts as well. But technically, even if Facebook has a Delete Account button, that may actually only be a disable button. It might be harder to permanently Bleach-Bit or Acid-Wash or destroy an account completely. Long story. But, bottom line is that there are differences between the two terms, that is disable and delete. Sadly, they may trick the users with the terminology that they sometimes use. I don't remember if you are Griff or maybe you are me lol. @AtypicalRift, do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea? What should I do, continue investigating Rick or Bob?

Facebook Disabled

Your account may been disabled for a period of time. So, in other words, after that period of time, your account may have reactivated itself automatically. I should try to terminate one of my accounts in order to see how it works.

Dishes. Singing.

Secret Joey

06:07 PM - IWA](https://community.infowarsarmy.com/t/post-a-meme-image-or-video/70/2066)

I'm glad my life is a complete secret. You guys don't even know one thing about me. How much you wanna bet you don't even know my last name? You don't even know what I like to eat. Now, that's called Secret Agent Man.

Vietnam Joey

06:08 PM - IWA

There is no documented evidence to support your silly accusation. It's not like anybody ever wrote about it ever. It simple does not exist. I know you were stuck on Mars for 33 years. Talk about overstaying a visa.

Sponge Bob Joey Oatmeal

06:11 PM - IWA

Who lives in a pineapBowl under your fridge?

Grammar Kenobi

06:39 PM - IWA

Is it possible that you guys are both right depending on your, as Kenobi put it in Star Wars, your point of view?

Brexit Texit

06:57 PM - IWA

Like Brexit, a Texit could be a bargaining chip, as in leverage, a threat, to negotiate with America like England is trying to negotiate with the EU. Well, I know the EU is worse than the swamp within the United States.

Shower. Nap.

Teacher vs Pastor

08:13 PM - IWA

How can you say you don't know if a person was a fake teacher and yet you do in fact know if a person was a fake pastor?

Pastor vs Filmmaker

08:24 PM - IWA

If he is not a pastor, then you are not a filmmaker.

Is Benny Hinn a fake pastor, @Pippydop, @AtypicalRift? Did you know Benny was called pastor of this big local church that he would preach at for many years. So, is Benny Hinn a real pastor? His church was real. The people inside the church were real people.

So, is McDonald’s fake food?

Is an unborn baby a fake human?

Quantum Crypto

08:28 PM - IWA

Watch out for the rise of Quantum Cryptocurrencies.

Emmy Awards Tonight

08:41 PM - Twitter

Google can hack into your banks using Quantum Computers.

Steemit Hell

08:44 PM - IWA

Google can hack into your Bitcoin wallet using Quantum Computers. This means war. We must develop quantum cryptocurrencies. The Steem World must be on high alert as they can edit your Steemit blogs, posts, and replace the content with nothing.

Dying Europe

08:46 PM - Steemit

No-Go Zones are expanding. Sharia Law has been expanding. Crime is up.

Quantum Cryptocurrencies

08:50 PM - Cool but Google can hack into Bitcoin using Quantum Computers. We must develop Quantum Cryptocurrencies.

Lack of Color

08:55 PM - Steemit

I'm not sure if I have any lady fingers. Can I borrow yours? Also, I love coffee. Yum yum.

Jesus Philosophy

08:58 PM - I love your hat and smile and Jesus is the best philosophy in the whole wide world.


08:59 PM - I love Israel. Awesome waterfall in your picture. Love it.

Finding Noah's Ark

09:30 PM - Steemit | IWA

I was born in 1985. So, in the 1990's in Oregon, we had this 1980's VHS tape of a guy who was in like Noah's Ark. Now, that was probably not the real ark. However, this probably is. So, are they going to dig this thing out of the ground? I have heard that the local government were not letting people into the area at all for many years. What country is this?

Tech Wars

09:39 PM - IWA

Buy some gold. Print out things that you don't want to lose as they can come in and delete anything you write on the Internet, on phones, computers, devices, etc. Yes, keep copies on external hard drives, on DVDs, thumb drives, etc, etc, and keep them inside Faraday Cages buried in the ground and in walls and everywhere. Always be ready. You can always lose stuff.

Stopping Leaks

09:42 PM - IWA | RT

Please tell him that Google might delete all of that before he can leak it. People need to hurry up before Google and others stop the leaks.

Benny Hinn

09:45 PM - IWA

Is Benny Hinn a fake pastor, @Pippydop, @AtypicalRift? Did you know Benny was called pastor of this big local church that he would preach at for many years. So, is Benny Hinn a real pastor? His church was real. The people inside the church were real people.

Teenage Mutant Snapping Turtles

10:05 PM - I wonder if the ninja turtles are based on snapping turtles. Also, do they make noises when they up their mouths? Are they laughing or screaming or what?

I'm Fake Oatmeal

10:28 PM - I'm not really an oatmeal.

72 or 53?

10:37 PM - IWA | Fortune

Google’s quantum computer, dubbed “Sycamore,” contained 53-qubits, or “quantum bits,” a measure of the machine’s potential power. The team scaled back from a 72-qubit device, dubbed “Bristlecone,” it had previously designed.

Bingozee Book

10:51 PM - IWA

All questions can be Googled meaning we could do without Infocomms altogether according to Bingozee Book Logic. I'm copying and pasting this to Steemit. This will be on Steem until Google nukes it.

Ignoring King

Why are you not ignoring me after saying you were ignoring me?

Pastor Joey

10:57 PM - IWA

Pippy may agree that he might be a missionary but does not seem to want to grant Anakin Skywalker the rank of master in Star Wars.

Tom MySpace Foolery with the jewellery.

Llama Joey

11:31 PM - I told my mom to delete that picture of me.

Mama Bingozee

11:33 PM - Mommy Bingozee, am I going off topic in my own thread?

I'm sorry Mamma Bingozee, I never met to hurt you. I never met to make you cry, but tonight, I'm cleaning out my original oatmeal closet, oh baby yeah.

Mother Bingozee, if I change the Title to this thread to Momma Bingozee, would that make the former or latter parts of this thread then therefore off-topic?

@AtypicalRift, she just admitted that she failed me.

Auntie Bingozee, can you read me a bed time story all about how I knocked over a 7Eleven and suddenly started making trouble in my neighborhood with my BF, @AtypicalRift, and I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, and somehow I ended up the Fresh Prince of your Underpants.

Momma Potato Goose

11:43 PM - Is it past my bedtime, Momma Potato Goose Bingozee?

Multiple Joeys

11:48 PM - Well, that's easy, one web browser per account. So, Bingozee is in Chromium. Joey is in Firefox. A typical rift is logged into Safari. As easy as pie.

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