First Animal-Eating Plant In North America has been discovered; and It is partial to Salamanders, LOL!

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A new discovery rocks the scientific World, when the first carnivorous plant found in North America. We are all used to politicians being blood suckers, by now we will have to watch the foliage too, LOL!

Image from article:
salamander lunch.jpg

Thus far there has not been a carnivorous plant in North America, until now:
Scientists found a pitcher plant in a bog in Algonquin Park is close to Toronto and Ottowa. Since most pitcher plants are tropical, finding some this far North is a surprise!

Salamanders are attracted by an unknown process , and once inside the pitcher they are absorbed for nutrients in three to nineteen days!

This is a significant find, the first found in North America! Found by a very Observant scientist named
Teskey Baldwin of the University of Guelph.

Once trapped by the plant some salamanders lived as long as 19 days, while others were found to have died within three. The salamander's motivations for entering such dangerous territory is unclear. Perhaps they are fleeing other predators, or think they can snatch the invertebrate prey for themselves.

Another write up on this scientific milestone:
It has caused a stir in the scientific community, new discoveries like this are rare.



Someone with a sense of humor came up with this, because this used to be the only previous example of a meat eating plant, in North Ameeica; in the Rocky horror picture show, LOL!

Here is a video of trapped salamanders:

Image of the actual bog where these hungry plants are found:
bog of horrors.jpg

Article on the science behind this find:
A very practical reason for the plant eating meat is:

He said pitcher plants may have become carnivorous to gain nutrients, especially nitrogen, that are lacking in nutrient-poor bog soil.

One Scientist that couldn't resist came up with this scientific analysis:

Tongue-in-cheek, he added that the find may also prompt park officials to rewrite interpretive materials. "I hope and imagine that one day the bog's interpretive pamphlet for the general public will say, 'Stay on the boardwalk and watch your children. Here be plants that eat vertebrates.'"

THIS guy I like, LOL!

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Hope they never grow big enough to take a human.

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Me too! That would be ugly....not a nice place to swim, LOL!


Is this like the Venus Fly Trap?

Similar function, but it has a reservoir of digestive fluid the victim just falls into. The victim is then dissolved in the fluid. So it doesn't move like the Venus fly trap, but it is a carnivore.


In other words, it is not really the first plant to do a thing like that, just a new one that takes in animals and stuff.

It is new for North America, most cousins are tropical. This one is in Canada, so it is unusually cold tolerant.

But Pitcher plants are common in rain forests, so in that type, it is known. Just not here....



Yes, moving up to where there is real snow, is a nice trick for a tropical plant! It could live anywhere south of there, and do well


I did not know.

Nobody else did either. This was a real surprise, to the scientists too, LOL!


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