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Welcome to another episode of Hiddenblade: The Master Procrastinator. In this episode you will see some of my unfinished works in the past few years. Damn, I just realized 80% of my works are actually unfinished. :p

So this one was drawn with charcoal in 2014. I was exploring techniques in using charcoal and at the same time practicing my drawing skills. I am not a fan of hyperrealistic/photorealistic drawings because it made no sense to me. Why would I spend days to finish a drawing that looks like a photo when I could just spend 1 hour to capture a photograph? That is of course if I want to add another element to the subject which can't be possibly captured by a camera but if it will just look like plain photograph then what's the sense?

The unfinished eye because hiddenblade is lazy..jpg


I did that because I wanted to test my drawing skills but as you can see after I did the eye and some details on the hair, I got bored and abandoned it. I think I have already proven I could draw at this point so bye. xD

flowers hihi.jpg

This one is an oil on canvas. There are probably 10 paintings that I made with flowers as a subject in this flower-phase of my life. This one was copied from a book which contains lots of flowers LOL so not an original work of mine. We were just executing different techniques back then (art school) so it was fine.

van gogh wanna be.jpg

This one so cute yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
This is the San Pedro street in Davao City and I decided to be Van Gogh-ish so I could put this in my room. I was also trying out the new paint medium that I bought. That medium is mainly for impasto and it makes your paint thicc, without you wasting a lot of pure oil paint. Still unfinished probably because I had other things to do at that time.

depressed piece of shit.jpg

This was me right after I got a panic attack at school. In front of the class. While presenting a painting. Cos I had a flashback and it was like someone had projected a screen right in front of your eyes and there you got some crazy visuals about your past. Again, abandoned because I lost interest and I am inconsistent AF. :p

Abandoning paintings might not be a good habit cos the original plan isn't followed but I guess it's one of the traits that makes me unique as an artist because it says a lot about me.

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That eye has a lot to say, It seems it has seen many things. <3

They are all so wonderful, hiddi! You are amazing with your versatility ! I love the van gogh one very much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~

You got me with the first pic.
Resteemed because art has to be spread out to the world!!!!
Compliments to you, you did an awesome work.

Aww, thanks for your support! :D



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This was me right after I got a panic attack at school.

Happened to me too once in 7th grade when I was having a presentation. Didn't get flashbacks though, I was just awkward as fuck. That shit ain't fun.

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My favorite drawing here is the one of the city, mostly because I like the sky, the spinning thing. Like maybe the sky will suck up the city. I kind of feel like things try to suck up my life lol. My second favorite is the last painting of you. Beautiful. Sorry to hear about panic attacks and I understand it can be tough as my mom talked about getting panic attacks.

Most of my things have been unfinished, too, like 90% of the things I draw and videos and things I write and many different things all of my life. I was born in 1985 in America. Some of our neighbors were from the Philippines, beautiful people like you and I love them and you know I was in Vietnam. So, I've been making videos and drawing and many things all my life. It is like therapy and it is fun and it can help people too. Keep up the good work. I shared your post here because it is good work. Beautiful as always, like you. I'm following you now. You're amazing.

Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.

I love ❤️ that first drawing .... I truly believe you can learn a lot about a person thru their eyes ..... someone taught me years ago .... that the way someone looks at you .... can truly show you how they feel about you .... now if I can read that properly is a another story ... lol

Dang... I hate it when someone's unfinished pieces look better than my finished stuff :) -- Great work.