Anti-Inflammatory Potion for the Soul!

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Chronic inflammation is a root factor of many diseases, from physical to psychological. Inflammation is at an all time high thanks to many lifestyle habits that have become a part of our culture: sugar, refined carbs, stress, additives, harsh chemicals in skin products, environmental toxicity, and many other factors.

It is then very helpful to be aware of what causes inflammation as well as what prevents and heals it. There are many things you can do to connect with and nourish your body, from diet to exercise to meditation.

A Tea to Heal Inflammation and Grow Brain Cells

A recent discovery I made that has helped greatly with inflammation in my body is a simple "potion" I have found and I would like to share. It is like a tea with two main anti-inflammatory ingredients: turmeric and ginger. I have also added Lion's Mane Extract, a powerful medicine in itself that has proven to help grow new brain cells and stimulate nerve growth. This is a very simple tea to make and to my surprise-has a wonderful flavor as well!


8 oz Hot Filtered Water
1/2 tbs Organic Turmeric Powder
1/2 tbs Organic Ginger Powder
1 tsp Lion's Main Extract (Optional)
(To Taste) Cream or Almond Milk (Optional)


I make it by putting about half a tablespoon of organic turmeric and a half a tablespoon of organic ginger powder in a mug. I myself add a little more than that, as I like the strong flavor and effects it has on my body. I add a serving of Lion's Mane extract as well. After that, simply pour hot filtered water into the mug and mix it together. For extra richness, I also like to add a little bit of cream or almond milk.

The outcome is a peppery, spicy tea that warms the soul, prevents inflammation, and works to create new brain cells and nerve growth! I like to drink this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before I go to bed. I like to think I can feel the effects it has almost immediately (I am a sensitive person!).

Extra tips to try:

To really give it a kick, bless the tea before you drink it with an intention. You can do this by putting your hand over it or simply by focusing on the intention that it will nourish you. As we have seen in many scientific experiments such as Masaru Emoto's water experiment to name just one, our thoughts and feelings do influence the physical realm and the simple act of putting intention in your food and drink can have very beneficial effects on the body and mind by effecting the vibration.

I also tried using this same recipe (without the cream) as a rinse/astringent for my face. Maybe I am a weirdo for trying that-but I wanted to mention it because it really seemed to clear and brighten my skin to a noticeable degree!

More About Inflammation

While acute inflammation is a helpful and natural response from the body to deal with various injury and infection, when it persists for too long or where it is not needed, it can lead to disease, depression, chronic pain, and other negative and potentially avoidable symptoms. From my research I am beginning to believe chronic inflammation is actually the core reasoning for many maladies, both physical and mental. A Harvard Medical School report says “Chronic inflammation plays a central role in some of the most challenging diseases of our time, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.”


While it seems inflammation is running rampant in our world as chronic pain and illness (as well as depression) reach an all time high, by being aware of this information and applying it to our life we can reap amazing benefits. By eating a good diet and participating in healthy lifestyle choices, we can begin to take responsibility for our health and understand our individual path to wellness more than ever.


Thank you for reading, lovely people of Steemit!

Enjoy and let me know how you like your tea! :)


Sounds like a good healthy drink. We can alleviate and even cure so many ailments conditions with a bit of knowledge and so good ingredients. Who needs big Pharma hey?

I'm very into Boabab power at the mo seems to be having positive effect with my overall mood. Heard of Lions Mane might have to look into it more it's been showing up a lot recently 💯🐒

Haha exactly. Let me know if you get the chance to try it.

I've tried Boabob chocolate before and it was really good, I had never heard of it until then. It's interesting you mention in though. I'll have to look more into it. I love experimenting with ancient superfoods.

But yeah, if Lion's Mane is popping up for you more maybe it is a sign :P Are you familiar with Paul Stamets and his work at all? If not it is really worth checking out. He is a genius that studies medicinal mushrooms. You can find some really good videos of him on YouTube. I like to buy Lion's Mane from him as well, definitely a high-quality source.

I will be sure too, definitely a sign I'd say, thanks 😃. I think my food place does it I will have to purchase it next shop! Maybe I'll drop a post on it's effect if I notice any. Boabob chocolate sounds good, will have to look that one up. I just have the powder and mix it into my porridge or cacao. A post here maybe
Yes I have come across Paul Stamets some amazing work although not drop by any of his work for a while, time for a refresh me thinks. Thanks again for the valuable information as always 💯🐒

@LadyOfLiberty Found Your blog from @SteemChiller resteem while I was upvoting him.

You've earned much "wisdom" + have shared it so Freely... that is obvious comes from Your Heart.
and that's a Beautiful act of Intentional LOVE + LIGHT...

Cheers !!

Quick Edit:

Just visited Your website...

Again... Beautiful level of Wisdom/Love/Light You hold + have earned over many, many life times.

A Good Friend of mine worked with Dr. Jerry Tennant for many years... but Your knowledge base extends much further and this is Very impressive...

Again, Thank You for creating + sharing Your Wisdom on Steemit.

~~~   Intention + LIGHT = LOVE   ~~~

~~~   Namaste   ~~~

Thank you @sacred-agent my friend, for your encouraging words of truth! I am glad we can connect. Crazy that your friend worked with him, small world indeed! Much respect, love and light to you! Namaste :)

That's what I need, lol, more brain cells. So, anything to help that or get some back or whatever it takes. I'm sharing this post. I'm following you now. Beautiful. Smart. Very smart. You surprise me sometimes, Lady of Liberty. I like sweet hot tea. Agreed, spices can help. Yes. Inflammation is a problem. Fasting, cleansing, helps. Tea helps. Tea soothes the soul, like you. Keep up the good work.

Thank you @joeyarnoldvn, you're too kind <3 I am glad you found it helpful. Let me know if you get the chance to try it!

You’ve been visited by @trucklife-family on behalf of Natural Medicine!

So true we all need to take responsibility for our health and become more aware about the foods that we consume, being aware of everything we consume. I am a huge fan of mushrooms and have used them very successfully in my life. Thank you for this wonderful tea and information about how we can begin to heal ourselves.

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Thank you very much! Glad it could help. Also I really appreciate you sharing this challenge with me! What a wonderful idea.

I like that you tried it another way besides a tea. Lots of natural medicines work that way, they can help in more ways than just the most common one :)

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Don't forget that a unbalanced Omega3/omega6 ratio also causes high inflammatory markers

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